Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy [3D]

July 23 [Sat], 2011, 22:18

The highly anticipated
"Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy [3D]"
is now available on

Yes, surprisingly youtube allowed it to be uploaded in the first place. Although its not sure how long before they will request for them to be removed, but for those who are interested (like many other people) to find out about the story line, to get yourself aroused or to "see" how "3D" was the "3D" effect, the links are below. It's in Cantonese with Thai subtitle and missing Part 1 & 2.

PART 3 -
PART 4 -
PART 5 -
PART 6 -
PART 7 -
PART 8 -

I apologize and i take back my words that if anybody could not get aroused by a porn movie is pretty much stone cold dead! i amend my statement that "IF anybody can get aroused by this movie, you seriously need more education than that!!"

This was the first full length theater porn movie that i had ever watched and i was seriously expecting better!! I just didnt expect it to be so PHONY! TACKY! CHEEZY! and OUT OF THIS WORLD LAME SHIT!!!!

Holy Mother of God Crap!! The entire movie revolves around HUGE GIGANTIC DICKS and "unsurprising"Asian size boobs women getting fucked! i'm not sure is it becos they had censored away too many scenes but there was practically NO DICK shown throughout. All you see were shadows, animation or concealed by clothing etc. BUT the women bare it all! What kinda porn was that!? (-_-") Even the sex action was such a flop! Pretty OBVIOUS the actors were using camera angles to do the deed!! and WORST of all, aint these women suppose to be"professional" AV stars!? i swear any armature could do better! Their expression and moaning were all so FAKE!!! it's a BLOODY waste of time to even watch!!!

The director even attempted to include some "amusing" scenes to lighten the movie but the ideas were all so corny, one can NOT laugh at them at all. and like many people who were wondering "SOUTH" at how "3D" could the "3D" be!? Well i'm telling your right now you'll definitely get MORE satisfaction looking at your GF & BF real parts!! They can't be more realistic than that!!

DIY Home Gycolic (AHA) Acid Peel

July 23 [Sat], 2011, 13:26
Ok, when doing home DIY AHA peel, you really have gotto be super careful!! No kidding! You could really hurt yourself, or worst BLIND yourself in the process!

As a cheapskate, I thought to save BIG BUCKS and bought myself a home peel solution [ASDM] from ebay instead of visiting the GP and pay them $150 per session. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I did a bit of review online before I hit the ‘BUY’ button. The only thing was, I’m not even sure if it’s authentic ASDM that the seller was selling, so actually it was kinda risky. I paid US $15.75 + US $8.00 shipping fee and looks like it can definitely last me at least 6-8 times. I think I’m actually only suppose to use this once or twice a mth, but I’m so sick of my pimple marks, I’d decided to go ahead with once a week instead. I know, I know, dun worry, I’ll monitor and if things aint right, I’d absolutely reduce the usage too.

Anyway, the instruction on the box said to use a cotton ball as the applicator and apply the solution all over the face. That was what I did 1st time (last Sunday), but I realized dat all the goodness were already soaked up by that darn ball, hardly anything was transferred onto my face! (what a waste of money -_-“) Thus when I had my second peel today, I bought a brush to make sure every single drop was applied onto my face.

The result!? The brush picked up too much and some of the solution starts rolling off like water droplets and hit my lips!! And because the skins on our lips are really delicate, it burnt immediately and tore a little hole on the surface!!
It aint serious, nor did it look as horrifying as I meant for it to sound, but I really couldn’t imagine had it hit my eyes instead! Those are ACID! I’ll most definitely be hospitalized! There’s no way I could wash it off as easily with the soap like those that hit my lips!

So people!! If you really wanna try DIY AHA peel yourself

Well, basically, I’m no GP so I can’t be sure. Base on my prior experience, I’d say that if you have never done AHA peel before or if you have super sensitive skin then it’s better to start with 10-20%. (doesn’t worry me since my skin is elephant thick~) Although my highest record was 50% done by a professional GP, but since I’m doing it myself, I opted for 30% instead.

Serva Me. ServaBote

July 22 [Fri], 2011, 23:36

My Marc Jacob ring arrived today! XD yeahhh!! I’ve always wanted this ring cos I loved the phase “Serva Me. ServaBote” which means “Save Me and I’ll Save You”. Isn’t that just the most sadistically SWEET phase EVER!!!? Hahaha

I got the smallest size @ size 6 but it was still too big for my slim fingers. So sad~~~ =( Anyway, got this from ebay too and although i'm seriously doubting its authenticity, but who cares! i simply like this ring! hehehe!!

Essential Hair Care

July 20 [Wed], 2011, 0:26
I've been admiring hair like this...

and this...

and they make me wanna get hair texture like them too!!

So i went to bought the Essential Hair Care kit after i saw them on XiaXue's blog. It was said to have an improved formula to prevent tangle hair. I was really skeptical but becos Xiaxue did a live demo and it seems to work well (knowing her hair was more badly bleached than mine) so why not give it a shot?? ;)

I bought this trial package from Watson and the package consist of a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Leave In Hair Essence.

For one hold week i've religiously used the product daily and true enough, IT WORKED!! The shampoo was really TANGLE FREE despite my horrible bleached hair (before the Sunday dye)!! My hair is now more smoothed and tamed and easier to manage!! It just fall into place like the product promised!!

Although it'll still need a lot of work before i can achieve those soft bouncy hair look, but i'm happy with the result and i'll be replacing my current shampoo with Essential Hair Care!! =D

Stacie BLACK

July 17 [Sun], 2011, 23:42
i've started coloring my hair since 13 years old and i could not even remember when i was with black hair. That hair color simply aint Staceilious at all~ i've only been going lighter and lighter shade ever since although not once have i manage to achieve full white blonde successfully. The damage was done and my hair was weak and bitter.

This summer i decided to make a change and allow my hair to take a rest.

As previously i've tried this hair dye (before i started bleaching again etc) by HOYU under the Beauteen series in [French Beige] and not only was the color AWESOME!! , it was also the 1st time a hair dye DID NOT tangle up my hair!! Even after the coloring, my hair remained untangled and smooth! i actually didnt have to use a conditioner at all and that was just FREAKING AMAZING!!

Thus this time, i was determined to only use back this product at an attempt to save my poor bitter hair =)

Yes, my hair is sooooooooo long i needed 3 bottles! haha


TADAAAA~~~~ isn't it amazing how hairstyle & haircolor can change a person's look ENTIRELY!!?

Just compare the hair condition from the 1st picture with this one and you will believe me dat, this hair dye was truly AMAZING!! Both hair was only blow dried without styling and yet the hair with HOYU dye was so tamed and soft!

It’s been a good 15 years staying brown/blonde =) Embracing the Stacie BLACK now *wink* (not sure how long its gonna last thou =P)

BARCOOK Choco Banana Bun

July 01 [Fri], 2011, 13:58


All the buns are sooooooooooooo delicious!!! I'm trying out the rare Choco Banana today for the 1st time and it was Mavelicious!!!!! The choco was not the awfully sweet type but rather the thick and bitter-sweet kind~ With the combination of banana, it was better than the TOKYO BANANAS!!!

Murad Acne Complex

June 30 [Thu], 2011, 1:12
I've been badly troubled by my acne problem for a very long time and when i was younger it was only pimple problem. But lately this year the condition got worst and there were marks all over my face as well as back. I've tried million and one methods but nothing seems to work I'm almost DESPERATE to really do anything just to get a CLEAR skin!!

I stumbled upon Murad Acne Complex online and the review was pretty good. I was convinced it might just be my savior!! Without 2nd thought, i slashed S$160 and purchased the Murad Acne Complex Kit, Body wash and even the supplement pills (which i hated the most).

But after 2 weeks of evaluation, i must say, the result was disappointing... People who had used the product complained about how hash it was but it didnt even affect me in the least bit =( the pimples were still sprouting and the marks were ever unsightly....

This was another flop added to my long list of flopped products/treatments and i'm set off on another journey to find the cure to my skin complex AGAIN *sighhhh~~~* will this journey ever end????

When Love Found You...

June 07 [Tue], 2011, 23:28
Today, i finally understood the differences in

"Finding Love"

and when

"Love Found You"

NEO COSMO DALI & ENCORE Circle Lens Review

May 30 [Mon], 2011, 1:29
Wanted a pair of natural brown lens and after MUCH review, decided on the NEO Dali Extra Size Brown. I bough this pair from @ S$35.

Left Eye - with contact lens | Right Eye - Without lens

Both Eyes with lens + False Lashes

The color was natural indeed and i thought the dia 14.2 was just nice for me (since the other lens i worn were also around 14) but apparently i missed out the description that said "Effect 15.5"!! (-_-") Thus as you can see, i pretty much look like JUON if i didnt STRETCH my eyes big enough for the shoot. It was not a good lens for me at all...

ENCORE Glamorous Circle Lens
Seriously i've never heard of this brand until now but seems to be highly recommended by the optician so i gave it a shot. Only $25 from one of the Queen's town optical shop.

ENCORE Glamorous was indeed pretty! You can really see the BLUE and it doesnt look too fake. BUT again, my problem with the lens diameter. It was too BIG for my eyes width and i'm looking like JUNO again!

Cant these contact lens make spare a thought for small eyes girl like me!!? DUHHHH!!!! X(

Bang Disaster

May 09 [Mon], 2011, 14:04
Remember when you were young and your mom told you not to play with scissors??? Well... she was right!!

i obviously was trying to be "very" funny n cutted my own fringe... disaster was round the corner laughing -_-!!!


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