Wang Meiqi attitude is very moderate

May 17 [Tue], 2011, 20:23
chanel handbags wholesale Out of the elevator to the office, and several people heard Chen Yuanzhi twitter raise the issue in the discussion
"Cooling off ... the clear ..." Chen Yuanzhi Hanzhu her
"I have heard the past few days Wang met with our department to pro-" This morning they began to discuss the company's hot
He Qingqing surprisingly did not criticize Chen Yuanzhi accident bitch but only "Oh!" A cry

"Cooling off come here," Wang Meiqi suddenly called out from the office, she came out we did not see Wang Meiqi the movement
"Good" she promised as she walked into the office with the side
"Wang received in our department today, I want to do on your behalf to send you prepare yourself!" chanel handbags clearance

Wang Meiqi attitude is very moderate speech and Amgen since the day she is wreathed in smiles after signing the not often get angry do not know really smooth and fun to work, and Wang Ziming or because of "emotional stability" leaving her "position of stability" The joy

Back to the office to prepare a report about the project took her into the elevator by a number of 80.
Silent heart met with Ms Wong want to wait a while what to say. To tell the truth to the company five years in addition to the annual meeting of the company's annual own eyes can reach the peak far outside Cheung's top leadership is the company's internal network video education and then, or is a weekly magazine.
Everyone knows the company's director of real estate companies in the married Ms Wong was previously Group General Manager of a film star Ruan Tianming plus Ruantian Ming the man himself is also a disturbing things Playboy Entertainment magazine Ms Wong would often be caught Ruantian Ming He Qingqing Xianxing live pictures could have been little attention to those who only reluctantly entertainment magazines have a very bitch around the Shenyuan Zhi.

Eighty layer to say hello she thought of the Secretariat is empty seat that no one actually. He Qingqing decided to wait a while and so informed the Secretary about her to go back.
Can wait a while back that no one is hesitant or how to do all of a sudden I heard the crash and the sound and something vaguely heard cries of a woman ... her voice down the curious to go inside
Curiosity Kills the Cat! He Qingqing committed a very serious error in the workplace. She walked down the corridor came the sound to the general manager of the office door. chanel handbags knockoffs

Door is unlatched with the ...
"Ruan Tianming you go too far What are you looking woman can not actually get hooked on me I really admire your ability secretary!"
A sharp female voice came through the door
"Then I put the tune on her to do my secretary!" Ruantian Ming sitting on the sofa watching the road leisurely wife crazy
"I'm sorry young master Nguyen friends I've just opened the show fox," Ms Wong also refused to yield
He Qingqing standing outside to understand why the Secretary about the empty seats

"It's a secret his father has his son is the father than the son is much dependent on the outside at least one where a woman just like you care! What cargo should be!" People continue war of words inside a woman's voice was triumphant .chanel handbags on sale
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