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September 26 [Mon], 2011, 13:37
Out of a warm, people see real, it is clearly an experienced rivals the excitement.
Fang Dayong stay, Ouyang mine to look puzzled. Ouyang Lei secretly cursing, this Xuyi Lun, do not think that people related to him, like, ah, do not want to be looked down upon their own though, but playing from the old man's Ark
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Head appeared, he would back off some. Just want to fool with taking a complete count transitions, perpetrated against the interest and then to cause this old man. This time can be Xuyi Lun say this, is again holding its own under

To bully the idea of ??complete count, but it is sure to die. Not that people believe it or not, I'm afraid that Xu Yilun will think that they do not have thinking about this.
Ouyang Lei mind bitterly endless, the surface had to be a smile face, facing Fangda Yong said: "Thank the good intentions of the team side, as it tell you to have come, right when the exchange studied. Xulao

High teacher to see me, I do not know martial art, is Cookin stretch children, huh, huh. A little later, Xu mercy ah happen, if, as just Chen, then a play where the two brother, I'm afraid little brother can
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Was lying in bed on a few months. "
Xu Yilun listen to his words the meaning of modesty, heads flashed a look of approval, not to say, just smiled. Fang Dayong is light sigh, glanced at the father has been quietly silent, eyes
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