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January 06 [Fri], 2012, 15:40

So, I suggest, should give gold vice dong alleviate some burden, the entertainment industry, then thank dong is responsible for the???? Thank director currently only responsible for the financial and human group two departments, add a burden, and should not be a problem? The board of directors of the chapter 0283 on change XieGuangBo as the third largest shareholder group, is also remove ChuPeng exhibition and gold at the most powerful shareholders born outside, ChuPeng exhibition by his proposal to take over the company of the entertainment industry, want to should not have other shareholders' opposition Raise your hand against ChuPeng exhibition the proposal, is can please GuBang gold, but together against ChuPeng exhibition and XieGuangBo two big shareholders, such business, believe that the shareholders in the heart can have the choice. This is also ChuPeng exhibition walk of clever move, will power transfer to another big ugg sunburst tall shareholders, let the gold GuBang and other shareholders have nothing to say, to the nines But, although it is clever move, but ChuPeng exhibition or mistake Gold GuBang listened to ChuPeng exhibition after the proposal of the first one leng and immediately in the mind noodles dole opened spent ChuPeng exhibition ah ChuPeng exhibition, you a fox ah, deliberate want to weaken the power of my hands, but now? If you really tough eat my power to be returned to them, believe that the board also can pass, after all, you are the chairman, other shareholder is bad also to refute your face, big deal to someone else a strong impression of it but now, that you will give the entertainment industry XieGuangBo? Ha ha, ha ha gold GuBang sent some joy out of the voice and the XieGuangBo, is his side of the lasting killer, the last stand In fact, get the final number, completely is a lucky accident and, if ChuPeng show a few days early to threaten, gold GuBang really no countermeasures, because when he and XieGuangBo haven't fellowship.

But now, XieGuangBo demands, if less their help, he don't want his son XieGuangBo a son in foreign countries, food and drink piao wager sampling sample taste, owed the high gambling debt don't say, it with the drug problem, the results owe them the tens of millions of dollars in usury XieGuangBo although as a third big shareholders, but cash on hand but also not much, his hand assets most have a price stock and real estate, so let him take out a $debt to son, is almost impossible But this money, and have to return his son people in a foreign country, be in the hands of local control gang, if a months is not way to raise money to pay off the debts of words, the somebody else will break the son's hands XieGuangBo in helpless under, can use the position of the finance department of the management of the company, they want to divert a sum of money, such as well in hand again back. Though he is just the finance management, to use such a large sum of money, not the ugg sundance chairman of the board or the signature of the vice President is no good. He can't and ChuPeng exhibition said, can only hope for the vice DongJin GuBang's body. Of course, he would not dare the TiaoMing directly, it's just the and gold GuBang've made about the affair, but didn't think two people hit it off GuBang gold no other requirements, just hope XieGuangBo in their own need to help themselves XieGuangBo know, this is the so-called: there, the average company's three big shareholders are relatively independent, no matter which two shareholders go too close, another a shareholder is threat. But XieGuangBo have no choice, because, in contrast, is the most important son or life, if son died, what all over, earning his own enough money to have a fart to use? His lived a lifetime, the rest of the day can also spend? Don't leave it to children? Son didn't, let alone grandchildren So XieGuangBo made a tough decision, and that is completely backward gold GuBang, what this means, XieGuangBo very clear now that gold GuBang out: the demand, that is clear tell XieGuangBo, he is going to and ChuPeng exhibition topple the.......

Today's board of directors, XieGuangBo also have never thought, so fast ChuPeng exhibition will GuBang gold to threaten, that benefit from the object, but if change becomes do before, have the good things XieGuangBo of course not TuiRang, but now, he dare not to want He has a strategic alliance and gold GuBang, that is about to attend to the interests of the GuBang gold moment.......Looking up at the gold GuBang one eye, see gold GuBang also look at him, XieGuangBo be hidden nodded once, said he understood. Gold GuBang just smile is strong and ChuPeng exhibition of the thread of conversation said: ha ha, chu's chairman said that does make sense to me, however, things related to me, and I will not open his mouth published what. Listen to the words of GuBang gold, ChuPeng show a slight ash, the thought that gold GuBang would be the first to jump out to oppose, but didn't expect him to keep silent, chose the waiver that this attitude is somewhat ambiguous Don't, GuBang gold in the entertainment industry over there, no one left handles, are not afraid to take his small plait? ChuPeng exhibition frowned and feel of the board of directors today there surely out some problems. But the specific where there are problems, ChuPeng show also think impassability. Since gold GuBang personal no opposition, the other ugg men's classic short directors of course nobody against the proposal of the ChuPeng exhibition again you are not against it, others could not because you to sin against ChuPeng exhibition. So, there is no doubt that the board of directors on the development of the ChuPeng through gold GuBang burden advice. Ha ha, now that everybody is not against the company, then later entertainment industry, hand over to thank dong is responsible for it. ChuPeng show also didn't think today's board of directors should be so well, though my heart feel strange, but weakened the power of the GuBang gold to be a good thing. Chu chairman, it, I this party or a little advice published? XieGuangBo but light out. Oh? ChuPeng show a slight ash, the heart in a jump: thank dong have what words, that will just say it. Ha ha, I think, the entertainment industry, gold by management thoroughly, vice no need to hand over to me?

The XieGuangBo HaoZhengYiXia said: we can't because this a little accident, is totally negative result and the characteristics of vice gold ability, the entertainment industry company in gold characteristics of management, vice under a year or have close profits well and I dare not say I have a gold vice dong so serious management ability, so I don't recommend the golden vice tung now management to the entertainment industry to I mean bad management, the chairman, my personal ability is limited, I refuse to. The pupil of ChuPeng exhibition with a contract, a log staring at XieGuangBo this guy, when GuBang mix and gold together? How do they stand to the same team? XieGuangBo would actually for gold GuBang talk? Also, this is not the general sense of the help, will have already been come to hand of the entertainment industry and push out, if not two private individuals have reached an agreement to what, who will put the sight of this huge cake don't, and onto others? Chapter 0284 I is ride So, the only possibility is that gold GuBang and XieGuangBo privately had reached what agreement, as what agreement, ChuPeng exhibition don't know, a stream of bad idea in mind surges...... XieGuangBo say that finish this words after, proud of the gold watch GuBang one eye, but ugg roxy short found gold GuBang face was black yes, very dark gold GuBang at this moment is to explode Before, ChuPeng exhibition say will of his staff to XieGuangBo responsible for the entertainment industry, gold GuBang is very happy, but now, XieGuangBo incredibly refused, which let the gold GuBang straight scold XieGuangBo is a fool You refuse to do? You don't have to direct the next? Anyway, in your hand, I can not trust? Now we are a rope on the boat, I also not afraid you dare to rebel, you dare to rebel, also save you son? But, you are so a refused, ChuPeng exhibition is not immediately know the relationship between the za a pair? Originally GuBang don't want the two gold the relationship between the exposure of premature, ready to surprise at key moments of the exhibition to ChuPeng to a fatal blow Now ahead of the relationship between exposure, the so-called surprise also impossible.

ChuPeng exhibition will be a guard, if you want to use this relationship, only the work ahead Gold GuBang really want to call names, very easy to get a number, have never thought so quick to use him now and don't want to and ChuPeng exhibition over face, because even if he became the chairman, as long as ChuPeng exhibition also in, ChuPeng exhibition hands and great majority stake exhibition group, he could be the cool of the group of real estate company will cut away Gold GuBang hate him the XieGuangBo one eye, but it has been done, he also no way, no matter how he again refused to and deny, XieGuangBo and he has a relationship, that is let everyone see come out, explain it. Able men are always busy so according to thank the meaning of dong yourself. ChuPeng exhibition cold to hum 1: the entertainment industry or to gold vice dong responsible for it, and hope that gold by training the vice as soon as possible, don't appear similar accident Stop worrying, the chairman, I will immediately the amusement park gold GuBang nodded, ChuPeng exhibition not great and he is not great, this XieGuangBo how so? Brain damage, the association between two people so be dissected? After the meeting, gold GuBang not directly to go home, but about the XieGuangBo since this relationship exposure, then ugg evera it will have to speed up the speed of action, so just in ChuPeng exhibition unprepared under, complete the chairman's re-election. On Monday, UGG sit f car to go to school, but a little box with fresh shark meat prepared to give KangXiaoBo and TangYun and the hospital little Finn taste. Anyway, a whole commandment, UGG baked a big plate, return leave most sharks fill into the cooler. As for the shark that piece of the womb figure, UGG is to collect into the drawer, since temporarily can't understand, UGG also without spending too much time to study, after waiting, have a chance, research is slowly again. After Saturday's things, three of the relationship, and becomes harmonious some, at least ChuMengYao no longer a straight face, even for the flowers make with UGG grass a little advice, but also not in noises.

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