I am what What kind

May 17 [Tue], 2011, 20:27
He Qingqing good mood that day on behalf of departments for the morning of praise followed by Ms Wong issued a notice to pay 20% of the fortunate things happen again and again
He holds a mirror hung according to their own people laugh often do things that will face smooth after another. Look in the mirror and a smile can be arrested and face very satisfied. Then turn pink eyes stopped at his lips run last night she thought of what happened unconsciously and red face up
"Tomorrow we have dinner together after work I will come and take you!" This is his last night before leaving to say to her
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"I am what What kind of relationship with him?" He Qingqing mirror up to himself start from square
Then suddenly the door was pushed down the mirror to see her always turned out to be Chen Yuanzhi
"Journal of ignorance you'd better give me a good reason to impolite intrusion"
Hey why Well Well Well! Chen Yuanzhi pout
I just wanted to tell you just the Ministry of Personnel at 7 tonight at short notice of the vice president left a meeting of various departments, "she said innocently
Open what will? Strange, hey what a meeting or a deputy to attend and to 19:00?
Chen Yuanzhi wonder what look to her I know? Anyway, notice of the Ministry of Personnel is so
Having Chen Yuanzhi and leaned her, "I came looking for you there are other things more than it
What? She asked
"Even the Asahi ... birthday evening to give his girlfriend has invited us ..." she said, to heed the clear expression
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"So for you to notice me!" The clear finish for her
He Qingqing thought: how are so in love with birthday birthday birthday it? Was his last birthday and this time his girlfriend birthday ------
"Wait," she suddenly thought of something like, "he Which girlfriend?" She asked
Chen Yuanzhi mention of this problem began listless "Chen Su last time you've ever seen!"
To break the little girl who looks less narrow-minded see you last saw her gas and I drink two glasses of wine with Asahi old she is not willing to continue to issue the chatter ... Chen Yuanzhi show so helpless He Qingqing shook his head

Chen Yuanzhi gone Heqing Qing Chen You have been thinking about the problem that day she saw her clearly and Shen Luo intimacy two people so the government now appears in the Long Xu Youyi boyfriend even as their relationship to her birthday so complicated Oh!
She suddenly thought of this evening's meeting that a good thing she excuses not much else to see Chen Su embarrassed you?
Then her cell phone rang a bunch of strange numbers
"Open?" Call came over the deep and the charm of pleasant sound is the Yin Zhehao
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