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August 30 [Thu], 2012, 19:01

Xiao Lei Meng and Moose easy to make it clear, then they are ready to hit the road together, that serious injury is just such a short period of time to rest, has been largely without prejudice to the action, only abdomen that heavy two claws, there is dragon wing of Xiao Leimeng injury, a short time is really some depressing things Hsiao Leimeng could not help but the nostalgic directly with flew into the mountains of Warcraft, some regret, said you caught signed on to become a Dragon Knight and dragon claws which, no, absolutely not possible on the dragon's back, dragon, Moose easy mercilessly against Xiao Leimeng say, but Moose easy very miss fly, at this time, one step at a deep footprints, he stepped into the snow inside, stuck to a full half a meter more than walking quite difficult, he is still the envy Xiao Leimeng floating like the Xiao Lei Meng did not expect the first to want to save effort, Moose easy naturally he is more unhappy than good in such a hurry, suitable such as Xiao Leimeng herbs of Moose easy side, only need a little release the Longwei, Xiao Leimeng, only need swaggered into the go to pick it than before ways much more rapid, efficient multi Xiao Lei Meng space although the distance is filled with many, many out worse, but also enriched when Jalice only took Xiao Lei Meng took less than a day, but go, in case they stop and go, ten days yet to go out that day, the two came to a devastated hills, the Xiao Leimeng see overjoyed Ultra Short UGG, because here it is and when he white elderly hit a place on the ground in addition to their own playing a deep groove, there is a deep hole the rest of the play also are Jalice this person Tyrannosaurus, here, that is to say from Yaluo Di ground that the valley not far in front of a few days he is to herbs delay, in fact, to go two or three days, they lost, Moose easy here to Dragon Fighter, but his past out back are flying in the sky, the ground the way he also unfamiliar, and then walked a few times going back, finally, away from the destination far to see hope, Xiao Leimeng mood all of a sudden a lot better physically and mentally fatigued he suddenly seems to glow with vitality, feel the pace brisk, faster many Moose easy far left behind Fortunately Hsiao Leimeng also not really pull Taxuewuhen follow shallow footprints, Moos easy touches did not lose might not be long, Xiao Lei Meng on routes in the memory back to a small valley, the fog is still here but also difficult to live Xiao Lei Meng and out several times, but he's footsteps or abruptly stopped, because there is have his back to him in a figure UGG Brookfield Tall Boots, looking around with Xiao Lei Meng a warm heart stopped stature instantaneous acceleration and rushed to the back of the figure was and a Lanzhu her waist and turn in place Qiquan to attracted to woman issued waves screaming but just a few times after screaming disappeared woman tightly against Xiao Lei suddenly breathed deeply in the chest above the from the, Xiao Leimeng body taste as if intoxicated general Xiao Lei Meng stopped itself to woman places himself hold in the arms of his head resting on the woman on the ground shoulder sniffing her outgoing manner between the body and the hair fresh taste murmured: do not know more clothes chill watching Cher red with cold tip of the nose and face Xiao Lei Meng distressed to rub her some Although chill faded Xiao Lei Meng rub image totally original neat hair to breathe some messy Cher some shortness wife to identity Xiao Lei Meng Xiao Lei Meng naturally Cher brief but contains affectionate words to impress to be added but just two are you Lennon Lennon when opening the eyes guy rush over to face Moose easy although Xiao Leimeng brush open but they to speed gap can not say how much Xiao Lei Meng stop to such a point of time Moose easily re-hurry up with the boss, the boss, and so I do not run so fast. , Moose easy roared came, suddenly, what mood are not, Cher also shy pushed the Xiao Lei Meng, straightened himself, hurriedly finishing he was Xiao Leimeng messed attire Xiao Lei Meng did not polite, smiled Moose easy to catch up Juquan is all of a sudden, Moose easy defense is far less than that as a dragon, half dragon scales have not had time to use, suddenly Xiao Lei Meng smashed a large bag out Moose easy wronged is watching Xiao Leimeng, but see Xiao Leimeng around that stared at his human woman, Xiao Lei Meng in the eyes of poor light, Moose easy rare smooth , did not say anything, but rather the bypassing Xiao Leimeng, took out a huge gem, gave Cher seems to go is Quxianjiuguo strategy, Moose easily move, suddenly Xiao Leimeng to amused but Unfortunately, Moose easily met Cher, is the kind of taste some worldly air of fairy Moose easy to feel some Routeng gem dismissive flatly refused, but Cher gave Moose easy a smiling face, suddenly improved Xiao Leimeng face many Xiao Lei Meng also introduced the two, anyway, for a moment met Yarrow Diaz et al, also introduced simply together laughing, Xiao Leimeng stoop Cher to hold up, and then ran quickly into the fog, fog lock Lost City Moose easy no effect, he did not hesitate to follow the tread in the eyes see the light again, Rosen already standing there waiting to see Xiao Lei Meng uneventful back, this old man has added Xiao Lei Meng appreciate relieved, Xiao Leimeng not things that Cher was seen as the daughter of , will not hurt UGG Amberlee, A few days ago, Cher Some tea does not think Rice did not want to imply a sense of sadness, he never married elderly feel some sadness, Xiao Leimeng back like greeting two Lawson led with three to go into the inner court, direction of Xiao Leimeng Look, still is Cher mother accomplishment yard there in Xiao Leimeng seems, indeed the whole valley UGG Starlit Boots, the most livable location Cher mother's body also has a good effect Rosen brisk walking a few steps into the communications, then came Yarrow Diaz's laughter, He then went on with Cher's mother with welcome out, Rosen told in two behind Yarrow Concordia original idea, of course, does not meet the Xiao Leimeng, but after the ear by his wife's attack, immediately obediently came out, he increasingly felt sad future in the face of this son, he was perhaps will increasingly face to Cher also immediately came to the mother's side, pulled an arm of the mother, she did not feel how much parental care, since the day Xiao Leimeng the mother to cure, Cher addition to cook, sleep, and almost always tired in the mother's side, is sometimes at night, stay in the mother's room, Yarrow Diaz was mercilessly driven out, so the Yarrow Concordia depressed extremely also in both mother and daughter close after some time, Cher slowly began to worry for Xiao Lei Meng, turn all day went to wait outside the valley returned Xiao Leimeng, Yarrow Diaz and Rosen advised several times, she did not listen, also left to her now, to see her daughter happy face smile, the Yarrow Diaz also could not help but to Antan sentence 女大不中留, both husband and wife Cher only Chongni to and guilt say how reluctant, also can not be said, after all, the two of them together is the real level of interest in two for Cher, I am afraid that even Rosen may not catch up with you girl, which erupted after ease? child mothers fingers gently nodded Cher's forehead, it looks like, not so much to blame Cher, as it is the blame the too late Xiao Leimeng back, is also after Since Xiao Leimeng and Jalice leave, and now have two weeks to succeed, even Rosen send Thar out have come back a few days Xiao Lei Meng of the mother-in-law is also some timid head, because she is simply in the campaign for his daughter, adding to Cher in their own reckoning, parents, think about the word, Xiao Lei Meng's eye socket is a bit moist, how much he wanted to reunite with their parents, even if it is just very fine day alor Concordia heart to see to Xiao Leimeng like some strange wife for fear of causing the opposite effect, and hastened to change the subject, asked: with a male, a few people are a bit strange to listen Yarrow Diaz asked a curious mother looked over Cher and Cher is still physically very weak Women Current generation did not feel less than Moose easy body kind of heavy pressure, Yarrow Diaz and Rosen just first saw him, and the hearts of the kind of fear, therefore, has always been Xingaoqiao Yarrow Diaz, asked Moose Yi when word of its discretion, dignified, yet respected

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