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May 02 [Thu], 2013, 1:21
It was in July 1969, he had to go home on leave from the service for 30 days before my departure for abroad. My best friend Allen and I decided on the ocean for a 3 - weekend days to go. We invited his 68 Camaro and began in this unit for 3 hours. Along the road we are talking about getting relaxed inclusion of some girls and drink lots of beer. I told him I was so hot I thought I screwed unless you have better luck and be careful not to turn left. We both laughed at that, and he said you better be careful, otherwise you would have your cock in my ass before I knew what happened.
We arrived at our hotel by 10 am, so I was at the top to get into our room while he parked the car. The lady at the desk informed me that the only room they had left, was one with a king- size bed. I said I was fine and left, do the necessary paperwork. When Allen came to me, asked if everything on the line and told him I had a little problem. heask what it was and told the king -size bed. He laughed and got a big smile on his face and told me that his wish may come, but true. As we move into your car to get our things. I asked him what his wish, he looked around and threw me on my ass and laughed. Although they are about to pick up girls on the way up the beach to speak, I think we both knew what we really wanted to do this weekend.
-the room to enter a small hallway. There was a small refrigerator, sink and microwave oven on the right side. On the left side was the bathroom with a shower that was big enough to hold 3 people with bathroom and double sinks. Pass the end of the wall was just king- size bed with a TV on a dresser. There was a sliding glass door that opened onto a balcony open to the ocean. We were on the third floor, so I had a lovely view of the beach and sun lovers.
I suggested we have our bathing suits and go to the beach to come beforewe lost the sun. We started to undress and were both more than another from the corner of the eyes. This was not the first time that we move toward the front of each other. We had seen many naked, since we were kids and good friends, but those are other stories. Allen was pulling his cock slowly as I see it. Began hacking of their actions. I started to throw up my cock 7 since. Allen 's cock was about 7 ツス long when hard, but not as thick as mine. Pubic hair was very thick and dark. I asked Allen to do what I wanted at first, and he said he wants to suck his cock as he greeted me. We've never had before it all the way but not anymore, I knew I wanted to come in my mouth for the first time.
I looked and I said, you go first, but he smiled and school girl porn told me to go first. As always, the two wanted to be, but we were, who took the first step hesitation. I walk slowly toward him and push mature porn him to bed. As I satJust looked at him and smiled. I knelt between her legs and rub my hands slowly up and down his hairy legs as his cock was standing up. I loved rubbing my hands on her thighs so gently. He complained of my tender touch. I took a deep breath, have a free lesbian porn videos musky scent of their male odors.
I slowly lower my mouth to his hard cock and started to curl a bit my tongue around the tip of his cock pumping slowly while its axis. He was moaning louder now, and gently placed his hand on my head and lowered his head to suck on her wave to me. I started to lick and suck his change of axis. I gently took the ball in his mouth and suck. Allen rushed to breathe, and he asked me not to stop. That brought a big smile on my face as I continue to suck his cock. I knew he was always very near Cuming. I felt his cock begin to swell. I 'm still so hard to suck and pump his shaft.
told Timothy that now cuh oh, shit I was going to run. I continue to suck as hard as I could, I found a one and then two three ropes of cum into my mouth. He was running so fast and hard she could not swallow fast enough, and began to leave the mouth and its axis. This was my first contact with his semen and loved it. I could not get enough, I swallow and suck and lick his sperm from his shaft and my hand.
I was away from his cock. He looked at me and smiled as I lifted my mouth from his cock. Allen told me to stay I had some sperm on her chin and the two began to laugh.
I asked how he knew, and I said I was a little salty, but I like it. He bent down and pulled me toward him slowly lick his cum form my chin. After meeting in lean and mouth, and I put his tongue deep into her mouth. This left me breathless, as both kissed passionately. When we broke our kiss, he said, not bad, and both began to laughours.
I started to get up and my cock came before him. He said, one hand washes the other and was about to grab my ass and my lips. I slid my cock into her mouth and a wonderful feeling. He licked around the head of my cock and he pushed my slit. I slowly pull my cock worked in and out of her sucking mouth. Did not last long, as my balls were already suffering for liberation. Allen was playing my buttocks and slowly working your fingers between them. I hoped he pushed his finger into my hole and I was glad I was not disappointed.
As soon as my finger to find my hole, I felt my legs more open to give better access to it. Slowly began to slide his finger in my ass and I let out a loud groan. I was moaning that I am going to end. First a shot and then two three ropes of cum into her mouth as I suck on hold until you can not take no more. I had to push aFar from my cock. I collapse on the bed next to Allen. I look at him and said, 'Why the hell did we wait so long to go all the way,
More coming from our crazy weekend, if you like.
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