Blizzard Will Punish Using WOW Gold For Sale Mounts BUG

March 12 [Tue], 2013, 12:11
"World of Warcraft" expansion pack "Mists of Pandaria" upcoming on-line, 5. 0. 4patch has also released two weeks ago. Players Guild Wars 2 Gold can enjoy such as achievement mounts shared content. However, to this mount welfare, everyone is used to to sell WOW Gold For Sale the copy mounts account for profit, the Blizzard official statement will be released to crack down.

players can enjoy the achievement mounts account sharing content, mounts, pets and achievement role will be shared under the same account, so for players who have more than one account, each role can be a total rare mounts and pets, it is not a small welfare.

However, players broke the news, some players taking advantage of this benefit profit-making the account separation own account trumpet, and then sold, the price of a few hundred dollars of each account, some accounts has a very rare mounts.

The rare pet the mounts has always been a collection of control players pursuit, this account for a lot of players are still very attractive. But bought the account is still in the identity card of the person selling account WOW Gold For Sale, the other can always get back, the risk is very large.

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