Xiao Mei looked somewhat constrained

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 18:25
Looking car into a cell after some hesitation Xiao Mei's face up, although now it is already evening, but the whole residential property management, there are other aspects of strict way, this is their simply did not think it not seen, especially after entering the elevator, Xiao Mei more difficult that there is a feeling. (Read the novel to the vertex novel network), etc. They saw Shen is stopped at a door, Xiao Mei even felt my heart has jumped out of his chest, and even he has not entered the living room, which has been at the heart meditation, God bless their father and mother have a rest, do not it, as tomorrow morning is not able to meet them that say good. Xiao Mei looked somewhat constrained, Shen Nan touches her gently pull on the arm, very softly said: "Do not worry, there is no relationship between my mom and dad were very good, and our family will always three this guy is an alternative. "Just two people are talking, and I heard a sudden there came a burst of the ring, and then a burst of footsteps, although very light, but for Xiao Mei is no longer clear enough. Indulge in front of four people saw the first moment, then rub a little child's very own eyes, thought that his eyes spent, and so only after carefully reading a smile, said: "You little guys with friends do not come back to say, is not your mother and I want to give a surprise? "Watching Dad smile, Shen Nan Xiao Mei quickly to entrain walked over, and then lying on his father's body very intimate, said: "Dad, you think of it this is a small wave of students in the school at night, when broke his foot, just the hospital back there, so we came back late, and my mother do?" "Well, you know I do, "a very Resentment sound up. And this time, Shen was also put headlights turned on, Xiao Mei, this time noticed a woman standing in the living room, watching them looked again SHEN Xiao Mei three siblings they themselves have some doubt their own eyes , in accordance with common sense, SHEN they now have to go to twenty, but why they are so young parents, especially his mother, standing in front of their own is like his big sister. But Xiao Mei stunned for a moment to reflect over the future, it is apologetic, said: "Shen uncle, aunt, how are you so late, but also really sorry to bother, I hope you forgive me," said, very sincerely for two people bow. Ma Yunfang looked this child, again turned his eyes look to the intoxicated, two people are dead with a smile full of looked at each other, then put Xiao Mei Ma Yunfang to pull over, still is asked about concerns Xiao Mei's leg, pulling in the living room to sit down after the next SHEN father and mother saw two people very irreverent look at yourself, "small waves, but we were a little hungry, you gave us something to eat things right "After hearing this story, Shen Nan did not make very happy hold back a laugh, while Shen is being looked SHEN face with a smile in his eyes, how much there is some funny, SHEN blink twice his eyes, did not speak just put down his coat off after it directly into the kitchen. So on their own once again came out, I saw my mom was holding Xiao Mei it? SHEN do not understand what happened in the end, that in the end is how it? But he is not asked in the end what happened, but the light, said: "things well, eat." Eaten later, we chatted for a while and small, and this time I saw Mayun Fang and Shen Nan two people busy with something, and later still feeling Xiao Mei out something, is very eager to want to say something, but it all was intoxicated to stop living. However, in their own time to get into the room, I North Face Outerwear Sale saw SHEN from a room inside came out, which took a small bottle, do not know what are some things handed directly to himself, but he expression is still the same cold, until this time come to understand Xiao Mei, SHEN expression is like this, their time in their home although not very long, but they had not seen his own father, brothers and sisters show off a smile , while his relatives seemed accustomed to this is really a weirdo. "This is the topical use, works well, after wiping with a bandage on it." After finished look to his own younger sister, Xiao Mei because tonight is sleeping in her room, while younger sister is sleeping in her brother's room inside, as can only be wronged brother slept in his room inside. 'Younger sister, you help it that we are not appropriate. "Two girls entered the room after Xiao Mei looked almost the entire layout of the room did not open his eyes, than their bedroom this room is too big much too much, almost two bedroom has its own large, plus the layout inside is simply just a dream palace of the same. And that inside the bathroom, with shower, dressing room and small bathroom, there is simply a bounden, watching these arrangements, Xiao Mei gently biting his own mouth. Shen being looked at is the younger brother of undress, thought for a moment before opening said: "Little waves, how Snow Bunting Baby Sale many years we did not sleep in one of the?" SHEN moment, then his face began to loosen up some, side of the mouth but also with a trace of a smile, "forget, if time is really very, very long, but my brother does not seem to want me to carry you to your room." "Well?" Shen was very angry grunted, "Buddy, you this but unfair, it looks like your room in our house is not open to the public and I mention it girl, and even when Dad was also difficult to get into the door, I really is that some do not understand, you are hidden inside the room in the end some of what secret, why has never been reluctant to let us in because even visit them? "SHEN some unexpected looked at his brother, so many years, we can say childhood to everyone that there is no one asked this question, although he knew they might be very curious, but really there is no confirmation about this matter with their own, and today is really the first time. Looked at his brother quirky expression, Shen is also have anything to say, in fact, they really have no other meaning, just simply want to know about. But he still did not wait to speak, and I heard his brother whispered said: "how do you say? Beginning of time there is indeed some alert mean, you know that time age is still relatively small, the idea is also particularly The simple, regardless of their stuff no one can touch, except himself, even his own brother and sister, and even his father does not work. "" What happened? "" And then? "Later some mocking laugh, but This is more like mocking himself, "and later on a lot of reasons, very occasionally I get a chance to photograph a mother, this is where I got it from my aunt, this photo I also inadvertently discovered, I aunt might not want to remember these photos, and otherwise Tremblant Jacket Men UK would not be able to even inside the home is a mother any other photos are not left behind. course, this is only one reason, there is the time when I gather a lot of things, to be honest to say that at the time when I was afraid that other people understand. "Shen was somewhat puzzled look SHEN, but then it came to understand, but also hehe smile," I think I now Around that time, you can understand what is an idea, and you are afraid of me and this girl two people have revealed to you to bring unnecessary trouble it, "is on the Shen positive speculation, SHEN also yes nodded, "Indeed, the idea was really, the reason I let into my room Fan Jun, one is that he does not know much about these things, because at that time when his gaze is limited, this is his The family of the decision, there is I tested his character, but also deliberately told him in this regard. As for your sister and not the same, not to say I do not believe you and the sister's character, this is not only a you and your sister's slander, but also to be an insult to my father and I'm just worried that you will not in the right time or inadvertently put this to revealed. "" Oh, is understood, then it will not let Ouyang Lan into your room, as well as the later Sun Duo, are with the reasons as for Dad, I'm afraid he would have been for your understanding, and you have reached a silent understanding, it should look like it is so. " "Right, Dad will start from that time on I was very indulgent, this is your sister and old to me where the cause of the trouble, you can not not admit it." watching my brother is full of laughter nod, SHEN is a slight smile and then said: "From the beginning of high school, I was almost not been constrained in this respect, because by that time you and your sister already had two people are basically independent of the values , world outlook and outlook on life, things have been for some specific analysis and judgment, I do not need to worry about such things as that. "Shen punctual nodded," I guess now it is not much, basically there is no access. "hesitated a moment before being followed after Shen said:" to say something else to it at night when a girl told me that the things that you buy airplanes, I do not know in the end is how you think, but this is not some play too? "SHEN stunned for a moment, then pulled himself from his computer desk drawer, opening a box of China from the inside, first for his brother handed one, contrary to expectations SHEN , my brother actually took over, and then very skilled in his mouth Diao, SHEN Oh smile, took one for himself after the point after, respectively, SHEN the windows opened a gaps. And other smoked tobacco until after watching his brother Chen Lang, "Originally I did not want to tell you and sister two people to disclose these things, because I do not know where my brother you are not understanding the situation."
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