Yao Meng mouth spewed a blood

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 11:38
Shui Mengyao also is one of stay Canada Goose Snowsuit, killing Zhao Xiaoqian in the last moment, she saw a pair of desperate eyes, it is not because of his own death and despair, but rather is a kind of regret, one can not see the sweetheart eternal regret.Her heart that string severely tremble a bit, oneself is it right? What's wrong?God bear eyes as red, Guo Ming gave his mission is to protect Zhao Xiaoqian, and now Zhao Xiaoqian helplessly in their eyes to die, he to blame.He had only one thing in mind, that is the destruction of.Loud growls, he bears a boxing in a daze in water Yao meng.A strong sense of crisis hit, water Yao Meng instant awakened, all true element with their heart, can be brash between where in time.Poof, water Yao Meng mouth spewed a blood, and then to the kite to fly ahead North Face Greenland Clearance.God bear heart full of oppressive feeling, how only the blow?Shui Mengyao flew back from just started gushing out of the ground, and then the nine root thorn, of which there are three broken into her body, water body in the air to stop Yao Meng cut, large tracts of blood to flow down along the soil."Bear's secrets."God bear watching water Yao Meng, a terrible killing eyes.To him, send out a ring of terror by the corrugated corrugated, who come into contact with things all silently into oblivion.Shui Mengyao took control of the body, the body suffered, resulting in her mind is great affected.Hidden in the depths of her mind the girl's soul and occupying the body of the initiative, she also rules the world, did not want to die so not clear.The girl has a more masculine name, called the forest Fenger.She resolutely turned his body, as the soul to distant explosion and shot to."Where to go?"God bear hurried to catch up.Avatar lightning forest Fenger go by like the wind, almost broke the speed of light, several flash turn left here.God bears followed, but because his body was too large, and the speed is not very good at, the final result is a growing gap between.Was speeding in Lin Fenger looked at the void, suddenly produce a palpitation feeling, there seemed to be an unknown presence is empty and cross.It is a kind of veins of the supreme coercion, allow the generation of Xuannu are shudder with fear.Soon she felt strange power falls, and target are themselves.She died like to escape, but the curse of the power of the invisible without quality, do not dodge.The road mark or on her body.Poof, Lin Feng ER spewed a blood, helplessly falling down.Her eyes quickly faded sg.A strange feeling rises, he was going to die?She wants to be, his dormant million years, is to is this feeling.The curse of strength when almost devoid of her soul was weak down, Lin Feng infants was overjoyed, and broke all the soul force to counterbalance, gradually the curse force disappears.Lin Fenger not be relieved, but then her face a change, because God bear attack came, it was a huge mountain to her stung, forest Fenger no suspense to be pressed in.Bang bang, a few hundred meters mountain broke surface, has been down tens of meters deep.God waved its huge paws at Bear Mountain really took a few, until the mountain patted down.God bear from the sky look pleased with oneself to fly down, look carefully at his masterpiece, his nose in the air, first surprised, then fly, fuck, it can run UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah On Sale, than I can?Normal bear more sensitive nose, and he was a god bear?After his distinguish carefully, here was not each other.There is only one possible, each other.God bear reluctant to find again again, eventually had to give up.He tried to contact with Guo Ming once, that no any of his information, tapped his forehead, face and said: "my master also should not hang up?Ah, no, if he hung up, I hung up."Not contact the owner, he rushed to find a bear went, he told this matter to him, after all he is still not completely suppressed by water Yao Meng.This is a beautiful ocean, Guo Ming and joan here as long as I can walk, never come to the end."This is exactly what the fuck, does is a death channel?Guo Ming finally lost patience, crevasse called.
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