I'll move to another blog! 

May 03 [Mon], 2010, 15:45
I'm sorry, I have another yaplog account, so it's a bit hassle to keep on this blog for me.
I've decided to move to another blog!


See you on my new blog!!!
¡Hasta luego!

La catarata 

April 12 [Mon], 2010, 19:03

Mi estudiantes y mi amiga y yo fuimos a Mino y vimos la catarata famosa.
Pero me ha sorprendido que no haya ningún monos en Mino.
Cuando era niña, vi muchos monos.
Vi muchos perros en lugar de monos.
Estoy contenta porque vi muchos perros bonitos.

Mi estudiante nos dio este arce frito.
Muchas gracias.

猫舌(cat tongue) 

April 07 [Wed], 2010, 21:09

猫舌(NEKO-JITA) literally means ' cat tongue', but usually means a person who can't eat hot food.(this hot means high tempreture, doesn't mean spicy. hot means high tempreture, doesn't mean spicy.)

When Japanese eat hot( high-tempreture) food, we usually say 'I'm NEKO-JITA, so I have to wait until the food gets cool.'

I'm not NEKO-JIITA, so I can eat hot food!
But I like this word 猫舌!

Suicide bombing? 

March 16 [Tue], 2010, 18:50

I fractures vertebrae. So, I'm working with this brace.
One of my student said I can't go to American Embassy because I look like suicide bombing...
Do I?

In Japanese, this brace is いかつい(ikatsui).
Ikatsui means big, cragged, craggy, hefty, rugged,muscle-bound.
You can use 'Ikatsui' for people and things.
Ikatsui is useful word, but there is no good translation in English.

This brace is so heavy that I feel that I'm always carrying a rucksack...


We don't eat dolphins! 

March 12 [Fri], 2010, 15:31
I heard that the film which features dolphin-hunting in Japan got the Academy Award.
Since it got the award, many people might think that most Japaese hunt dolphinsadn eat them.
I've never eaten dolphins!
I will never eat dolphins!!!
Actually, i didn't know dolphins were hunted since the film got the award.
Even in Japan, the dolphin-hunting is not common.
Many Japanese don't know that dolphins are hunted.
The film put very bad image on Japanese to people from all over the world.
In the world, many people are killing other people because of the difference of relogions or other things.
They had better focus on other things rather than dolphin-hunting.


Thank You Day 

March 09 [Tue], 2010, 16:44
Today(March 9) is Thank you Day in Japan.

The reason we call today 'thank you day' is the sound.

Many of us can't pronunce 'th' sound because we don't have the sound like 'th'.
So, most of us have difficulty to distinguish between 'tha' and 'sa'

For Japanese, 'thank you' sounds like 'san-kyuu'.

In Japanese, 3 is 'san' and 9 is 'kyuu'.

We often write the date 'month-date'

'Thank You Day' is '3 9 Day'

Did you get it?

For this simple reason, we call today 'Thank You Day' .
We express appreciation for everything.

It's nice custom to feel grateful for everything.
We have to realize that we are living in very happy world.
We don't need to worry about food, clothes for living.

Young generation forgets the appreciation for living in such a happy world.

'Thank you day' is neccesary for those who forget the appreciation.
(Not many Japanese know the day. I hope this day will become more popular.)

I had been hospitalized. 

March 08 [Mon], 2010, 16:17
I had been in the hospital for 5 days because of bronchitis.
actually, i'm getting used to being in the hospital because this was my 11th time to be admitted to the hospital.

By the way, my dictionary says 入院する(be admitted to the hospital) in English is "be hospitalized".
So, I used this frase "I was hospitalized" to my co-workers.
They understood, but they said this isn't natural English.
My Canadian co-worker said, "Be admitted to the hospital" is better.

I sometimes experience this.
We must not depend on dictionaries completely.

I've studied English by myself.
I felt limit to study English when I experienced this kind of thing.

Kim Yuna and Mao Asada 

March 08 [Mon], 2010, 11:58
Daily Yomiuri march8

In Korea, a nationalist fervor

reading 7m27s


Kim Yuna got a gold medal despite a lot of pressure. She represents South Korea and she has been a superstar.
Since South Korea used to be Japane's colony, this figure skating competition was not only sports event but also a fight between South Korea and Japan. Mao Asada who is also a superstar in Japan got a silver medal. Mao and Yuna had a good relationship to inspire each other.

10m 55s
Japanese people were very excited to see figure skating in the Vancouver Olmpics. I was excited, too.
I was looking forward to seeing their skating performances, not the result.
Actually, I didn't care about which one won the gold medal.
As for Japanese, of course, I wanted Mao to get a gold medal, but Yuna's performance was worth a gold medal.
I don't like the idea that think this figure skating as the fight between South Korea and Japan.
The conservative people in Japan hate South Korea.
The same can be said of South Korea. The conservative people in South Korea hate Japan.
The time has changed.
Let's discard the idea.
As Yuna and Mao have a good relationship even though they are rivals, Japan and South Korea should have a good relationship.
However, we still have a lot of problems to solve.

Princess Aiko had been absent from school 

March 07 [Sun], 2010, 15:14
It was anounced that Princess Aiko had been absent from primary school because of other boys who are violent.
It it a pity that everyone in Japan knows that Princess had been absent from school.
The Imperial Household Agency shouldn't have annouced such a thing.
The school is famous as the school for rich people.
Time has changed.
The school refused that Princess Aiko was bullied.
But was she absent just because she scared of other students?
I wonder what is the truth...

7m 4s

Agency proposes staggering Golden Week by region 

March 05 [Fri], 2010, 12:19
Daily Yomiuri 3/5

reading 2m53s

The agency is considering that Golden Week should be separated by region because of traffic jam. But observers think that it will be difficult to realize the plan.

stagger よろめかせる、ふらつかせる、呆然とさせる、(勤務時間などを)ずらす、(スタートライン、時間を)ずらす
balmy さわやかな、温和な、おだやかな
tailback (英)交通渋滞の(長い)列

I think it's an interesting idea, but it's difficult to realize considering the convenience.
There are a lot of people from countryside work or study in big cities in Japan.
As for me, I am not influenced by this plan, so actually I don't care.