He in the thunder Yaotian left

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultCharges section (12 points ) 639th chapter this heresy good !( a ) the thunder Yaotian stretching arms ,then and to swing down .
A strong wind is formed of a two transparent huge fist against the mysterious people air max shoes,propped up by nine words large array mask smashed .Energy compaction ,density three million ,the strength of three million ,no power leakage .
When ray Yaotian display supernatural powers ,the nine syllable mantra large array mask within the mysterious leader Air Max 87 Mens,eyes flashing Huaguang ,then tell the stereotype cold words . ,other energy compression is very strong, the array may resist .
An outer yellow skin and dark hair in women ,this time on the mysterious man head . ,the enemy is very strong ,we try to be .As God warriors ,we be fearless boom two huge transparent fist ,solid with the broken wind sound bombardment in mask .
Nine golden ancient seal ,the two transparent and huge fist bombardment ,concussion .Even produced a virtual image ,almost by the powerful bombardment force went broken .Kara although the thunder Yaotian attack was turned down ,but the nine syllable mantra light cover is not so good, in a pale gold mask outside ,appeared the spidery carze carck .
This is not a good phenomenon .Bucket that this situation, that mysterious chief, an opening ,a shout .Om floating in the void on the golden bucket word ancient seal ,Explosive Shot bright golden light, then stormed out of the mask .
You guys on the mask ,I the opponent mysterious leader legs dance, leapt up in midair, to Yaotian to thunder .While the thunder Yiu day put up a posture ,is ready to start his second strike .
The mysterious leader flees into the sky ,to own and come, ray Yaotian indifferent face without the slightest fluctuation . Out of the turtle shell you damn guy thumping at ray Yaotian behind, he smiled grimly to the mysterious leader at .
Goodnight ,retired .He gave me to deal with ,you or other people out of the shell in the shot . Then ,the thunder Yaotian flash in the sky line ,leaving a ghost ,then rushed out .
Thumping of smell ,the expression is like eating shit like ugly . ,master is to know their own happy ,never thought about how I feel .I have waited for so long time ,should let me move .
He in the thunder Yaotian left, constant nagging . Goodnight ,you say things behind it Monica ,from a carcass from behind ,was thumping a shiver .He looked back ,is really Monica and Feng Qingyang two individuals ,has arrived at his death .
Thumping of face the grievance faces come and go ,replace sb. is a face a smile . Hey ,sister, I can not say bad words . Goodnight ,began to act dumb .But Monica is not buying it.
Knock ,a thumping of forehead .Monica face serious , now you really can ah ,dare talk behind your own master ,you must be daring becomes larger . Monica said ,while continuing the fingers on his forehead ,a straight Knock Pumbaa sound, which sounded in the Monica side standing Feng Qingyang ears ,just feel a sore tooth oscillator .
It must use much force Oh ,this guy is too strong . In fact, thumping of taste also painful, after all, Monica beat yourself, hand but really hard .Monica practiced nine mysterious power ,although only four strength ,but does not control the power of words ,struck his forehead was in pain .
Hum ,don knock .I know I was wrong ,anego . It can the thumping ,finally only the mouth beg for mercy . Humph Monica turned up her eyes , said the master later heard behind you ill ,I will not knock on your forehead .
North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets, said Monica side against the thumping out his fist .Thumping of his trembling ,busy incessantly nod at . It is ,I will never do it again . Monica then withdrew his hand , do not fight for three days ,the real expose tile .
.Feng Qingyang looked at two men ,it was funny . You still look at the front ,in the event of a worthy son-in-law falls into the wind ,we may want the first time out . Feng Qingyang ,remind two .
The other numbers but than we much more . Listen to Feng Qingyang reminder ,Monica will not talk to a carcass ,but his attention on the thunder Yaotian body .But Monica turned his attention ,also let the thumping of relief .
Oh my God ,anego managed to ignore me .Today I really is a reminder of luck Air Max Ultra 365 Shoes,you say that I am fine what about it . Now ,if not Feng Qingyang standing here ,estimate the thumping with will cry out .
You know, Monica, when it is not a small .The thumping of forehead ,red over a large area ,and also some swelling . Toot toot ,anego murderers goodnight ,in his heart .But it is in his own mind about it ,he can not really Monica so I say it, he is not crazy or stupid .
Subsequently, thumping also focus their attention on their thunder Yaotian there .Lei Yaotian into three departments, manifest the boundless phantom .The vast universe stars ,first ,a sporadic ancient atmosphere of the ancient star ,spread in the space phantom stars .
While in the manifest universe, Lei Yao head on top of the giant ,but melt into .At the same time the giants behind, there is a big gossip phase North Face Gore Tex Jackets Sale,the gossip to rotate slowly continued to absorb the vast cosmos forces ,then transported to the manifest expression out of the giant body .
The giants got this force ,and transmits a small part to ray Yaotian .If you stare at the giant face have a look carefully the words ,they will find ,the giant looks while dashing star pupil ,but still have the original thunder Yaotian shadow .
But ,the giant is thunder Yaotian thin come down ,can have a look .Unfortunately ,now thunder Yaotian looks after transformation ,even the body are there .Suddenly ,the mysterious leader ,rushed out of the mask ,in the front of Yaotian lei .
Behind him, the golden bucket twinkle golden light ,his body was a golden shine .A mysterious person leader drives bucket character ,control time combat rules ,hard and thunder Yaotian station in a office .
The strong smell of the vast game ,stabs ,rolled up a piece of the . ,eventually a way ,you have any magical powers ,such as ants also struggled in god . The mysterious leader stubbornly resisted Lei Yao days ,face cold watched ray Yaotian opening .
Lei Yaotian hands repeatedly hit ,huge transparent fist or giant hand has been played out . Is the ants and somehow ,as long as live brilliant ,even if only emit moment Guanghua thunder Yaotian bluntly stated his opinion ,he will not be what God to scare the shit .
Lord, the Lord Kijun Go ,God glory will sprinkle in the world, you will be my God speaker . The mysterious leader ,began to persuade ray Yaotian ,let him believe in their god . Ha ha thunder Yaotian laughing out loud ,the left hand with a beat ,the mysterious leader played combat war gas detonation broken helix ,.
Joke ,ray Yaotian suddenly thought of a word, God is called the God ,it is because they did we mortals can not do .But if people do amazing things, but also into God thunder Yaotian two-arm winding black Qi and dark blue thunder ,rapidly spread ,in thunder Yaotian before forming a true composition of the tiger .
Suddenly ,the thunder Yaotian solemn expression ,at the same time flooded shares not anger from Granville momentum . Shinto coercion for the day ,humanitarian coercion for emperor Lei Yaotian with a solemn expression at the mysterious leader ,he slowly began .
Tiger emperor fist thunder roar with Yaotian body rushed in ,his whole person in that mysterious eyes ,had become an open one attack over the evil tiger .The evil tiger Zhang with one ,with sharp fangs ,cruel-eyed attack .
While the thunder Yiu day in that span ,left and right arms is the tiger fangs .At the same time accompanied by thunder Yaotian impact, the whole sky ,is a sound of roaring .At the same time in the surrounding air ,the whistling sound made dozens of circles ,these corrugated visions of twisted up .
The roar of a tiger emperor fist and three departments ,is also from the fantasy series the superweapon level study .This illusion is the martial arts ,once the training to become a state is not a bit than the magic power of small .
What collapse day fracturing backflow ,mountains and rivers ,passing of night ,all star break ,is entirely possible .While the thunder Yaotian body, just practice a lot of such stunts .
After all, Monica was a fortune to send over time, in order to ensure the mine Yaotian survival ,but bring many this superweapon planes cheats .Moreover, the thunder Yaotian was forced to a Millennium trial ,although not a true one thousand years ,but in the system of training, ray Yaotian as obtained very rich experience ,and the real battle little difference .
If you really have what difference, that is to say there on his hands ,can be recovered quickly, without worrying about dying .But in reality, these it is completely impossible .A tiger severely impact up greatly bucket word ancient seal ,hatchback impact generated from a circle of powerful waves spread .
The mystery man bucket character running Ruyi ,no matter what the fist ,it is facile .While the thunder Yiu day by a sense of success , and this mysterious person and a tie . This heresy is really strong ,leader and innumerable world ,no one can ever and he didn on .
The woman dressed in a silver sparkling robe woman ,expressionless look at nether played two light channel .The 639th chapter of this heretical good !The 639th chapter of this heretical
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