Online shopping♪ 

March 10 [Mon], 2008, 16:55

I'm addicted to STAR I like denim dress and check dress

I like these jewely


March 09 [Sun], 2008, 17:21

This is what I want right now

I asked my mom to get this.

Hope they still have this one


March 09 [Sun], 2008, 17:09

I found really cute aprons

There are many kinds of designes but I just post a few of them.

It's hard to pick up one of these..

today's outfit 

February 20 [Wed], 2008, 11:05
today's fashion coordinate

this knit dress was just $6 on sale

my favorite point is the star and off-shoulder line

it was good shopping


February 19 [Tue], 2008, 17:26
I found a cute fashion brand,
Kate Ruber
when I was just browsing in some blogs.
I forgot whose one though..
I was gonna take some pics of items at this website
but it said ''our images are copyrighted''...

check it out

One more thing.
I've just been looking for a soap for washing my face.
This is made by nano tech sounds like so good

check it out


February 19 [Tue], 2008, 17:01

I redo my blog

I'll try to keep doing everyday as much as I can

I want to record my college life with my friends, studying, boyfriend, everthing

I forget somthing to record. 

September 18 [Tue], 2007, 10:10
Jay said,

"I respect another guy(bf) can take care of you more than me.
ちょっとむかつくだけど、80% it's ture.."

He said love is the most important for a couple.

Yeah, it's not wrong. I agree with that.

but it's not enough for me.

Everyone can say 'I love you' even just from mouth.

I need action that he takes care of me with his love.

I think it makes sense.

If he can't take care of me because of busyness,
he dosen't have a right as a boyfriend of me.

Yes... i think so...


September 18 [Tue], 2007, 9:31
Jay came to my place to eat something in this afternoon.

We discussed again...

I asked him, "Can I take me to grocery"

Answer was NO.

He said before he can take me after test, but even though now after test was done, he can't do anything for me even now.

After all, he doesn't have any time for me..future too..

We paused our relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

That mean We are not couple right now...

Of course I'm sad too.

I often look at my phone, and expect his some response a little bit though...

Even though I try to not think about him, naturally I do..

More I try to forget him, more I can't do that...

but hopefully...

Time takes care of this.

Okay, I need study!

So sad... 

September 17 [Mon], 2007, 15:51
Jay and me discussed each other a lot tonight..

We cried so much both two of us..

I couldn't stop crying...

Tears fell fast...

cry cry cry..

because Jay was so kind of me..

He pressed me and held me with caressing my head..

Tears overflew when he said
'We'll become couple again when I live in here'

with tears in his eyes...

Jay told me,

" You are perfect for me.
You aren't wrong at all.
I don't wanna lose you.
You are a girl who I have loved ever

Im so happy


Im so sad...


September 17 [Mon], 2007, 1:49
I dunno what I wanna do..

I think.. he'd better dislike me..

Im painful because I can't forget him as long as he loves me..

I love him...

I wish I'm with him always.

If I can be with him all the time, how happy I am.

Especially, weekend.. I wanna have a date..

just like, go shopping together, watch movie, or go to the bar at nightsometime..

We can't do what is just normal for a couple.



if he hates me seriously, Im probably sad...

It's a paladox..

How complicated...
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