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September 25 [Wed], 2013, 11:32
Several generals; hearing is very anxious, Deng Xian frowned, outside the city united rebel, how to keep your own that thousands of people live, gripping the handle, and said: all people listen, we immediately evacuated to the inner city, the ten death of nothing, who afraid who don't want to go, now here so, to kneel North Face Hyvent Outlet to the rebels to surrender, otherwise, just follow me to the Lord. To follow the general. All the soldiers screaming, the surrender of the early surrender, the rest is a loyal, they or at home under the reform of Enze, or hate aristocracy, or cherish loyalty of heart of gratitude are loyal to Liu Zhang Weed, liu. Well, with me. Deng Xian cried, in beat back the attack wave, quietly removed walls, ran to the inner city, until a minute after those lacking spirit of cooperation, the chaos army found Yin yuan, furious unceasingly, led the rebels swarmed into town. Deng Xian led the army into the city, the Liu Zhang family here, and Yizhou size officials, Deng Xian retreated into, together with the original Ma, about five thousand people, firmly guarding the city, nearly thirty thousand rebels gathered, such as the mudslides rushed home. The city is a mess, the civil and military officials with fear unceasingly, in the hall like ants on a hot pan be at a loss what to do, Huang Quan Wang Fu are anxious, Huang Yue with Liu Robin sat thematic heavy-hearted. See the little master. Deng Xian came to Liu Xun in full armour, a hasty ceremony: the less powerful Lord pardon, renegade, Deng Xian ability, only dead city, to report to the king his grace. But little Lord must not. Though Timberland Fur Lined the rebels forces, but the lack of training, lacking spirit of cooperation, has not completely encircled, will have fifty Jing soldiers, guards little master out of the city, please master immediately. Deng Xian to prostrate. The rebels into the city, internal and external consistency, has more than thirty thousand people. But morale is Wang, own less than five thousand, even if will not be trained with regularity, hold the inner city, only requested Liu Xun to retreat, in this way, you can calmly to die. The lord. Huang Quan listen to the words of Deng Xian, slightly a ponder, turning to Liu Xundao: master. Deng said the general right. The first lord was killed, the rebels now Chengdu very numerous, master or go to, Hanzhoung Wu Ban, Yong Yang Ren, Fancheng Yan Yan, Jingzhou Huang Yueying Fan Lixiang, Jiangzhou normal Li Hui, Brazil Liu Gui. Fuling Yang Huai, is the first master loyal person, as long as the LORD out of Chengdu, can contact the Zhongliang, kill back to chengdu. Yes, please leave little Lord public moment. Wang Fu is also doing obeisance. Yeah, yeah. The courtiers immediately out, it doesn't help the situation. In the US, with little master went out of town. Yeah, I can't drag Deng checkmate. The ministers have said, more say more stale, only Wang Lei and a few people, no action, Wang Fu turned to look at with angry eyes, surprised. ". The king Huang Quan tired: Wang Shuzuo, can you leave with little master. Joke. Wang Lei: I Leisheng a HMF king king people, death is the soul of the Lord, now first lord has to go, Wang Lei had the hardihood to Timberland Euro Hiker Boots abandon the city, not a big joke. You have heard? Huang Quan turned to other's work: have a look you one by one, you eat the Lord Paul, do the king is, cowardice, like walking the dog, now the situation is critical, retaining little master a people out of the city is difficult, you have "
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