Their task of this trip is to take advantage

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; Chapter 179 Chapter 179 baby boy baby boy in the hospital in Shanghai, Yao late autumn tired face look, came out from the operating room, she was anxious to keep out on the Li Zhenhua said with a smile: Congratulations to you, ah, Mrs. give birth to a son. u Point Li Zhenhua has not had pleased, to see Yao late autumn body flash, almost fell down on the ground, took her to live Zhenhua step up, right next to the people and said: fast, quickly come, quickly rescued President Yao. Li Zhenhua heard the shouts, a few staff ran over to the side of the Yao late autumn ambulance room, Li Zhenhua also hurried now over, Li Zhenhua Womens North Face Windstopper Outlet nervously lying in bed late autumn Yao said: This is how the ? Nothing, I was a little tired, sleep enough, you do not here with me, and soon to see what your son and his wife now. While the medical staff also said: You go to see my son a bar, where we do have. Li Zhenhua That came out, and told them to be sure to take care of Dean, he was to see his son and his wife went. Akei original martial arts because it is the people, but in the production of regular activities, the child's abnormal fetal position, and then cause bleeding, Yao late autumn determined to make all the protective mother down, she was in the operating room busy for several hours, plus she work more tired this time, and that makes her almost fainted, but as long as a good rest, she will soon be able to recover. Li Zhenhua u point into the delivery room, Akei tired already asleep because his son was a nurse comes over, this is just the birth of his son see how long, but this is his son, ah, he light gently pick up his son and gently said to him: To you this little thing, almost take your mother to kill ah it. Little guy seems to understand his words, immediately burst into tears unhappy caw, Li Zhenhua smiles: Dude, you do not want people to say 'no' word ah. While everyone laughed, a nurse rushed to cajole the child took a while he would cry, to see his son does not like himself, Mr Lee shook his head and had to be sat down Akei side, he gently shook Akei's hand and said: good to take a break, you're too tired. A nurse came in and whispered in the ear of Li Zhenhua: wind Commissioner has come, there are things looking for you. See Akei have slept real, and Li Zhenhua stood up and whispered to the nurse and said: you're in trouble here, and I came here was supposed to be guarding the fishes, I have something on the first out. The nurse said to him: You get busy now, here we do, you will do well. Li Zhenhua gently came out, the wind Yuqing was waiting, and there he was sent to report on the things that people go to England's. He said to the British people have successfully starting, it is estimated there will be news soon pass back, Li Zhenhua, please rest assured. Shanghai to London in a boat, XU Jing and Yin Ping two people suitcase into his cabin, these are two young people who a businessman, dressed in a long robe, his head is a large long braids, coupled with a cap, two people face that was then common enough, and if placed in the crowd, you are definitely not notice them. But if it comes to their skill, it can be is the absolute cream of the crop, whether it is a modern firearm, or some of the traditional pattern of cold weapons, they are nothing is fine, plus empty-handed martial, can make them even more powerful. This is the wind Yuqing's men, they accepted the wind Yuqing's orders to go to England, and their task is to put in the hands of the two boxes drugs returned to British, but the British pound sterling must spend to buy. Their hands and several people, including a group is a couple and two servants, and they are jade jewelry traders, but there are a few people like students studying abroad. Speaking their strength can be said to be very strong up. None of them like soldiers, but they are the most outstanding soldier. While in the UK already have their own intelligence station, but this time the wind Yuqing Li Zhenhua to cause, or fielded a strong lineup, this line must succeed, but still can not come back with the loss of a job. Road trip about a month, although they have a lot between people are familiar with, but in addition XU Jing and Yin spoken calm them alone outside, there has been no contact between them, but they and their side of the other but it is the relationship between travelers are good at. Their task of this trip is to take advantage of the underground dark forces, the trunk of the pharmaceutical wholesale to those Britons, while strengthening intelligence work in the UK. Require them to be able to break into the upper layer to the UK, and now the United Kingdom can be said is the world's oldest and master their intelligence for their future work is a great advantage, so this time the wind Yuqing But the next big capital , are sent in intelligence work of the master. Out of Shanghai into the East China Sea, then that is the South China Sea into the Indian Ocean through the Malacca, after several days of sailing into the Red Sea, through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, but also through Gibraltar into the Atlantic, and then continue to move forward through the English Channel after the arrival of the British capital London. After disembarking, a few of them go their own, they did not even a representation, and soon disappeared in this vast sea of ​​being a foreign country, and soon they will in this world, in the heart of Canada Goose Banff Toronto the boss, the insert one of the sharp dagger. Winter has arrived, Dongying construction has invested a year, in more than a year's time, his right Dongying put a lot of money and manpower, now have an income, but not enough will continue to expand here construction, let him become the world's most famous petrochemical city. Mainly in the winter while training Confederate soldiers, so that they adapt to the favorable opportunity of the northern winter, Li Zhenhua know World War II, the Germans equipped not defeated by the Soviet Red Army guns down, but that the cold winter, Since the beginning only of Hitler that they can attack in the next three months in Moscow, so they are not well prepared for the winter supplies, post-cold war took him to collapse it. Knowing yourself, and Japan, a war in the winter of 1894, and that it can not be prepared for themselves, must not let his soldiers, due to inadequate preparation paid great sacrifices, and then let them first able North Face Nuptse Clearance to adapt, the second is to let them wear a good, cold vain, the northern soldiers are perfectly adapted, and their is no winter clothes, they are naturally resistant to the past, but the soldiers from the south to die, frostbite , frozen disease is entirely possible that this will greatly produce non-battle casualties, but if they do go through a few winters of hard training, then they will much better, and his work can also be found logistical many practical problems, They will always be correct. Late Rise Chapter 179 baby boy (text)
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