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October 19 [Sat], 2013, 16:38
Source: amazon.com via Jo on Pinterest If you’re a big fan of vampire books and you think you’ve read about all possible types of vampires in all possible situations and nothing can surprise you anymore, think again. Erica Manfred’s “Interview with a Jewish Vampire” brings a lot of refreshing elements to the genre, thus becoming a truly unique, original vampire novel no fantasy/ romance lover should miss. Have you ever read about an ex-Rabbi turned vampire, or about a plus size, 41-year-old heroine who’s ready to have the time of her life? Of course not, because it’s not every day that you come across such a fun, captivating parody that can make you laugh out loud from beginning to end. Rhoda Ginsburg is a zaftig divorced journalist who is having some self-esteem issues because of her weight and her failed marriage. Never the one to give up, she is determined to meet her true love through JDate, an online dating website. This is how she meets Sheldon, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire who, instead of making her run for her life, convinces her to take him an interview and tells her everything about how he was turned. Not sure if she wants to flirt with him or become a famous journalist by writing his biography, Rhoda takes her chance and this is how a sweet, sexy romance blossoms between the two unlikely partners.  Things get complicated when Rhoda finds out that her mother, Fanny, is dying and asks Sheldon to turn her and her friends into vampires. Sheldon accepts, but instead of seeing this as a chance to live as strong and healthy women again, the old ladies become rogues and start killing young people. Rhoda and Sheldon have to team up to bring the rogues down, even though アナスイ 財布 one of them used to be her beloved mother. “Interview with a Jewish Vampire” is so well written, inventive and funny that it will be impossible to put down. The characters are absolutely amazing! They are well developed, believable and witty. I loved that Sheldon treated Rhoda as a true gentleman, caring for her and making her feel so much better about her own body. I believe there’s a strong message to this book: why shouldn’t plump, middle-aged women have a bit of fun with a hot vampire, just like all young girls in most vampire novels? I think it’s just fair. So, if you want to read a fun, refreshing vampire book, don’t hesitate to grab your own copy of “Interview with a Jewish Vampire” here: I don't normally read vampire books but this sounds like a good book and I am actually wanting to read this one! I could have a good read fest with this on a good train ride downtown. Fire up the Kindle, and suddenly I have a crave for a bagel and a schmear ! Hold the lox !Well, I guess if anyone can turn vampire then certainly an ex-vampire can. This book sounds so much fun! I have to admit I haven't read any novels featuring Jewish vampires before, nor middle-ages heroines. This is going to be new... This review made me smile, I love this book already:) A witty vampire romance with dark moments and a completely off the wall approach, love it! Oh i totally agree, A romance brewing between two very unlikely individuals: one a' Jewish Vampire' and the other a middle aged oversized lady.This story line is very innovative and I would like to know how the author takes the story forward. I love the idea of a funny vampire book. I had enough of these serious vampire stories which are all kind of the same. This book really sounds like a unique idea and a funny and fresh alternative. Please provide details アナスイ 雑貨 below to help Gather review this content. If it is found to be inappropriate and in violation of the Gather Terms of Service, action will be taken. Please select the part アナスイ ポーチ of the post you are reporting. Please select why you are reporting this content. Please enter a description. What part of this post are you reporting? (check all that apply) Provide details for why you are reporting this content. (256 characters max)
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