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September 03 [Tue], 2013, 17:03
In December 15th, Li Ping; district Party Committee Organization Department issued a document, the open selection of fifteen section level cadres and ten reserve cadres. The open selection, facing the city within the civil service, the formal institution staff as well as the central, provincial state-owned enterprises staff. Besides the ten back fifteen cadres, section level cadres in the public bidding, eight deputy section level cadres, seven full section level cadres. Public bidding qualification selection, that is to say, the North Face Denali Sale people in the world, and also by the need to appoint the specific arrangements for the relevant job. But long after the selection, level is certain, just post also needs to make the arrangements for the next step. Li Nangang began to hear about the public news, it is also not care. But the very next day, when Zou Haoliang told him, when he is eligible to participate in the election of public, was surprised, and then find the documents reading, immediately understood what it was. According to the District Organization Department announced conditions, the campaign is section level cadres, served as vice section or the need for more than middle-level cadres years amounts to rank business, state-owned units at the county level; campaign deputy section level cadres, need to work three years above working experience. Li Nan to Wuyang city work, it was two years, but only one and a half years, had no chance. But now he's municipal Party Committee Organization Department sent to the testing exercise of reserve cadres. The District Organization North Face Jackets 2013 Sale Department of municipal Party Committee Organization Department of cadres in reserve, the relaxation of the conditions, as long as the reserve cadres, municipal Party Committee Organization Department, to participate in the public. In this way, Li Nan is involved in the elective opportunities. This is a let Li Nan some happy. The opportunity came, to try to catch. Besides, whether or not the success, as long as to be able to take part in it, it is also good. So, Li Nan did not hesitate to decide to participate in the election of public. Zou Haoliang to Li Nan to participate in the very confident. He said: Li Zhen Chang, you is the municipal Party Committee Organization Department cadres in reserve, along an Zhen Lai, dry out very good results, I think you will succeed, we will wait for you celebrate. Li Nan laughed: Zou Zhenchang, I think this is a very good exercise opportunity, but can succeed, only the best. Anyway, as long as they can participate in, is success for me. Ha-ha. I believe in you. Zou Haoliang patted Li Nan on the shoulder and said. According to the District Organization Department public bidding announcement, Li Nan fill in the registration form, prepared five one inch photos, and then back to the municipal Party Committee Organization Department to open the certificate of work. Because Li Nan is not Li Ping District cadres, he just went along an Zhen hang it, so he reported in Li Ping District public bidding, it must return the original work unit proof, of course he Men's North Face Apex is also a proof of the reserve cadres. Along an Zhen hangs duty to take exercise, is mainly through telephone situation after contact with Li Yifeng. It's rare to return to the organization department. However, feeling as before not too big change, all the same stable expression, not anxious not impatient. But unlike some units is very loose. Director of General Office of Zhao Hongsheng to see Li Nan, face a surprised smile, stand up and say with smile: Oh, our Li Zhen Chang back. Welcome. Li Nandao: Director Zhao, is this your criticism, I didn't go back to)
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