with the injection of three

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 18:44
Bi Yunjun was startled at first, but after a check, know father is asleep, is let go of heart. And then gazed at my father face was old and aged for a long time, sigh: father of smoke has been guilty, the guilty until today Yat body...... And now, Yi son so sincere treat me, touched the softest guilt dad heart, so let him so sad...... Oh, now go to sleep, for father, is also a good thing...... Gentle wife aside lightly nodded, also looked at the sleeping to Pik Wan Jun, sigh, lightly way: Yi son, is a good child...... Bi Yunjun nodded, and then took a deep breath, eyes, look to the side of the three hundred and eighty thousand two notes. Then, his eyes flashing up, gradually, a sort of unspeakable. Now, this may be a time machine, I Bi home today, once again, climb up, even beyond the chance! Wife taro in one Zheng, then look at already slightly with a excited husband, but did not speak. Three hundred and eighty thousand two, if in the peacetime, plays the role is not small, but also not too big, but now, this role, is too big!...... Tomorrow and surplus son day in that Mo mansion, is heard the Canada Goose Montebello CG55 Parka demon, for just one thing the Mohist, this just come, not what, monster tide, aura!...... However, there is still a lot of unknown truth, be circulate North Face Apex erroneous reports were frightened, to sell their assets, land, ready to leave, Jianning fu,...... Can say, now, Jianning Fu, land, is the most downturn!...... Before I even had, but was unable to buy them...... But now, with the injection of three hundred and eighty thousand two, I can buy many gold lots of land!...... Until this time rumors a Pik Wan Jun excited trembling all over. Now many local land for sale, but the Pik Wan Jun look very far, natural know the so-called, monster tide is but the product circulate erroneous reports, he did not believe. Began, he had a keen sense of the business opportunities to...... The remaining few but home, unable to participate in the race. But now, with this three hundred and eighty thousand two...... He is able to buy in peacetime, maybe even three million eight hundred thousand two or even more money can not buy things! But when heard about this period is over, these, that is rolling in wealth! Bi home from be successful in one's official career, also can be imagined! However, looking at the North Face Outerwear Outlet side of the wife he excited face, but a bit worried. Although she accidentally breaks her husband's fantasy, but also had a gentle reminder: but...... I Bi home forces, now have such a piece of food?...... Or, to digest the?...... Bi Yunjun smell speech is confident smile, said: you are afraid to wait until after the rumor, people envy my answer? Wife smell speech, nodded. Ha ha, rest assured, these, I have in mind!...... I know, although I Bi Jia Yi son because of reason, have strong capital...... It was after all only capital only, and not the real have become strong. How can I in this period of time, to do some crazy for...
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