just as clearly did not see

July 20 [Sat], 2013, 9:45
> Although it is known that they are not entirely believe his own words, but it also clearly line blank and do not care about, half the time, he had already raised a good leg wound and a wound on his arm, and now he's fighting restored to about eighty percent or so, maybe he will not need half the time will be able to completely keep a good body hurt. WwW, QunabEN, coM only thing that makes some of his resentment of headaches is Serena, and this half increasingly, Chu line blank and Serena are getting into, Serena has also been mentioned that the music would and Chu line blank ** once, but it does not mean that she was willing to empty rows are willing Chu Chu line blank reason and her close but nothing to comply with their own identity, in fact, in addition to his thoughts on the little girl's curiosity and pity outside, and no other feelings. He was not the kind of control pants for men, for their own ** has a strong ability to control, if not against a particular person, he can keep his sanity awake, will never be controlled by **. Obviously, this girl is not particularly attractive Chu in an empty row that a few people the list, so Chu line blank always able to control their own. ** But in order to conceal his identity, Chu OK empty but to keep your comfort the girl, let her know that their "difficulties." However, the day after all, is not easy to always accompanied Chu air lines, the Lord God will not let him go on so easily. He came to this castle in the twenty days, had long been the trouble of looking for him there. At this time Chu was completely empty row repair his right hand, leg and half of his left arm, fighting has not yet fully recovered. In fact, Chu line blank totally did not expect this trouble so long looking for him, according to his ideas, in about ten days was only two guys find that very lucky, after all, is two kinship Prince, even weak track, but to find him but it also should not be too difficult fishes,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, after all,Cheap Christian Louboutin, he did not deliberately hide their breath and whereabouts, he was also simply can not afford to hide. However, he did not think it was a full time prolonged doubled. In fact, Chu should also thank the empty rows, my Lord, he makes hide their whereabouts, and create a false impression, even really hidden from the two kinship Prince, the success of their search direction oriented to the other side, so that they full then spent ten days time to find Chu Rows of empty real foothold. As two kinship Prince, these two guys is undoubtedly proud, for ordinary people they do not bother to explain that they are superior kinship Prince, even though the tribe wanted to see them, you want to communicate with them all the difficulties, let alone These ordinary people? So when they were pulled over the guard, they had the choice and the choice of Chu empty row is completely different, though also clearly had an empty line showed a proud, but that was after some of the rhetoric in order to do the background, and these two guy directly chose another way. They waved between two guards will kill them is how identity, usually within the family did not dare let them stop a few people, let alone those ordinary things such as ants like? Kill these two guys,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, they do not have any worries, and now they've completely at the peak, while Chu line into an empty day alone in a pack of wolves, the state is certainly much worse than they are, as to say that this Castle? What can decent master? According to their knowledge, Chu line is called the first human space even if you can master this little castle is impossible to have empty rows and Chu same master, that they have nothing to worry about it? So they chose the most direct and most simple and crude way - insist forcing kill stand in front of them all. They soon attracted Zhefan killing of a large number of guards inside the castle and the castle of the "strong", these guys are usually hired to help defend my Lord, and this time the two kinship Prince struck, they naturally To the top of turning back at the forefront. As Chu line blank, he would not have shot him alone right now there is no trace of the two Prince odds, only to escape, this is not necessarily spared out, and the last, if not hit the wolves, he is very Prince may eventually be two to catch up. He must wait for the opportunity, until the two Prince negligent when, suddenly shot, so these two guys definitely difficult to resist his lethal, even in their power of kinship Prince, there is absolutely difficult to resist destruction, to know that he But once in the recipe for the Prince of kinship within a remnant of semi-labeled. And without him, these so-called strong is not two Prince a joint enemy, and soon their hands underground dozen people died, and the rest of those guys who saw two Prince so cruel, fundamental did not dare to touch them, turned and fled. However, two Prince and how they might be offended dignity miss these people? Even if people retreat, has not escaped the two murderous Prince, they start with a very ruthless, not much when it has all the strong killing one empty. And Chu empty rows and Earl Highness and his pro-people have been hiding in the castle did not go out, it seems to pray for the next Earl's eyes, just as clearly did not see an empty line and let these so-called strong men as pigs Prince of dog is two beheaded. The rest is still a lot of soldiers in assuming their responsibilities, have to say, to train these guys ten soldiers genius, able to train a group of ordinary soldiers to such a degree, even if not a big star called the. As long as people will fear, as long as the army, it will collapsing, to know even if it is very cavalry, in the mortality rate of more than 30%, when it began to flee basically, but now already exceeded the rate of deaths and injuries three percent, but still fight to the death of these soldiers are not refundable, with his body to block the advance of two Prince. Even their weapons simply can not bring the slightest harm to the two Prince, but they still did not back half a step, Chu suddenly give birth to an empty row you want to see the soldiers commanding mind. But at the moment is obviously not want these things, so clearly the line empty eyes just staring at two Prince figure, note their every move, while the brain continuous analysis of their next action which may be made to From their actions to find flaws in their tricks to defeat the enemy of a trick, completely beheaded, even if not completely kill a prince, or at least let him hors de combat, you can not set foot in the ensuing battle. PS: to die, cold and noisy dorm, get stuck, ah, on the first 5,000 words it ~ ~ <
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