Old man smiling road

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 16:19
; Afternoon sea breeze teacher Lindsey went there. Although expensive for the senior teacher breeze cosmic overlord, the entire human population, are considered high-level VIP, and can Lindsey also know, fifty thousand teachers in terms of contribution to the point-to-sea, nor is it a small number! Count before the turn donated his ten thousand contribution points, the sea breeze teacher has donated his forty thousand contribution points! Even the mentoring relationship, this friendship is very deep! If the winds are not really concerned about his teacher, it will not make such a big loss of fiction section. Lindsey feel moved. Teacher personally deeply grateful breeze, the sea breeze cosmic overlord has Xiaohe, did not take it seriously. "Lindsey Yeah, you are my disciples, as a teacher, I say something that should be, Oh, you do not know, like the Polish teachers Ming Lan cosmic overlord, resource support to Poland, it is my good times, teacher Biexian I only hope that you give less resources on the line. "" Teacher joking, teacher gift I can contribute forty thousand points, has helped me a lot, I had a chance to appreciate it. "Lindsey said sincerely road. Sea breeze universe overlord nodded. "Lindsey, you must know, relying on resources, trained people, even then genius, the future is definitely not for the super-strong growth, resource only an auxiliary means." "I know." Lindsey really aware of this that, "Teacher, I prepared two years after the big test of post, and went to the land of the stars of the universe suitable experience." "Oh?" cosmic overlord eyebrows yixian breeze, apparently did not expect so soon with Lindsey own plans. But the next moment, the sea breeze cosmic overlord smiled and said: "That's good, canary in a cage is not the same as the eagle flying in the sky, you do not let me down." "Lindsey, you think I'm support, but the universe ethnic diversity, there are many contradictions, experience, the risk of danger is also high, you are sure to remember what one of the four words Proverbs. "" ah, the teacher's teaching, I have jotted down. " bade farewell to the sea after the teacher, Lindsey returned to his residence. Forty thousand contribution points Lindsey did not put it up and do not store the idea, on the contrary, Lindsey decided it will use them wisely. He had just become a senior universe Venerable, a solid strength but also take some time and need some herbs and immortality to assist. The next whole year, the end of the news about his retreat spread, everyone expected him to break through the Tianshan and boulders bridge. And Lindsey has also been responding, Timberland Men's Boat at least, and often go to some public occasions. But the year, Lindsey most important thing, but it is still a solid strength. He spent nearly twenty thousand contribution points, buy a few for their own herbs and immortality, in ten months time, taking over these herbs and immortality, completely stable living strength. The remaining twenty thousand contribution points, Lindsey is used to pay to Saint-level star field only Arsenal, entrust them reworked Jinmang Sword! Arsenal star field in St. level even in the human population, are prestigious, gathered in the arsenal of many outstanding and talented master of the mixing device, in addition to forging weapons, but also help to upgrade weapons. Jinmang Sword is a treasure peak level magic, this time contribution Lindsey spent twenty thousand points, is to be able to upgrade again Jinmang Sword! Set of programs has been completed, Lindsey read carefully, this points to pay a contribution. Under the program, the upgrade process is complete, though still a treasure Jinmang Sword peak level, but its sharpness, but it will be doubled, and will increase the hardness is twice! Originally, the peak level can become treasure magic, as evidenced by this magic wand has been very good, and on this basis, and then doubled twice the sharpness and hardness, very not easy! If the objectives are achieved, then the grade Jinmang Sword bound to build on! Of course, to make Jinmang Sword upgraded to a heavy treasure-level magic, at this stage is unrealistic, because one of the most common treasures, prices have contributed millions of points to calculate! Pay good contribution to the point, Lindsey closed the virtual network. The next day, Lindsey stood in the rock bridge. Last three decades, and his prior estimates, as the new regional and pristine areas although there are a genius way through through the Tianshan and boulders bridge, but with more difficulty getting to the top of checkpoints increases, some of the strength of the genius, checkpoints progress inevitably slow down. Poland, for example, before the mighty thunder, the last three decades have died down. Not willing corpuscles Poland, but he reached the two-pass Tianshan, two boulders after the bridge, would like to have inch forward, very difficult. Lindsey retreat out, is Canada Goose Men's Manitoba to respond to Poland, to prove their strength. So this time, he became senior universe Venerable before choose to try to challenge. However, the upgrade is not yet complete Jinmang sword, and he wanted to wait until after the upgrade Jinmang sword hand, familiar Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody with the new Jinmang sword, they go through the Tianshan challenge, because in that case, in the face of two keep stakeholders when he can re-select suitable new weapons, rather than the last golden sword. As for the rock bridge, because the test is a strength of the human soul and the will of strength, and weapons does not matter, you can now start trying natural challenge. Thirty years old man saw Lindsey does not appear, but still deeply remember Lindsey. "Lindsey, you finally appeared." Old man smiling road. "Fang, trouble you." Lindsey polite road. Old man surnamed Fang opened the virtual network synchronization monitoring, Lindsey sent directly to the stone bridge on the third paragraph. The scene is still shrouded in fog, scene thirty years ago, and now is still very familiar, Lindsey stood straight. "Lindsey, are you ready?" System voice sounded. Immediately, the screen quickly switch. An attack on the soul of the moment into the Lindsey know the sea, but attacks also come into play fantasy. Lindsey appeared in front of you, is an endless sea of ​​blood! Rolling sea of ​​blood, which continue to emerge one after another red humanoid monster! However, unexpectedly, these human monsters, they are all familiar faces! Kekan, Anthony, Miller, Monroe, Nicholas Harris, Chris, where the cold, Orlando, Ang Shi, Sai Bosi more! Or a positive or negative character, or a good relationship with Lindsey grudges against people who actually have become Gorefiend! If Lindsey is awake, so naturally certainly will soon tell, these monsters are under the influence of his twisted mind of the product, not real. Even, he only needs to stand still and let the monster attacks themselves, the illusion would be self-defeating.
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