the common people with the crime

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 12:10
Myth 25_; swim the copycat copycat myth tour full free reading the 285th chapter from the book: _ target (less) crazy, I think I should be able to understand what you mean. [Baidu search book member login book the knife to want, then Zhang Ziling, then to the whole day crazy said. See two people toward him, the knife head thought for a moment, seem to use words in brewing, then Canada Goose Solaris looked up and said: do you mean to say that the will to power and patricide Prince got his pledge, that we are working for him trust, so that we can keep our life, on? All crazy to think, then nodded. The knife was so broad, though not completely is the day crazy trying North Face Windstopper Clearance to say, but the body has no difference. See all crazy nod, the knife to Zhang Ziling, as for Zhang Ziling in the advisory opinion, want to combine their ideas are consistent, is it right?. But Zhang Ziling apparently ideas with all crazy little access, see the knife towards themselves, although the feeling of doubt, feel the knife seems to want to say what, but still did not ask, just like nodded with. See two people have this idea, or are holding this idea, the knife is very disdain laughed: I can say that your idea is too naive, too naive? If this is the prince's trust, so what? If the prince himself not cling to one's Parka Canada Goose view with you, who would believe that you would not believe the prince? If he is more a little hard, directly put you as a thief, said the gift you steal, you are from the Yellow River also wash not clear! Exactly. The knife said not without reason. If this is the prince really so black, all the crazy and the knife so implement, don't have a death wish equivalent, or die? A prince, two fart people, if each sticks to his argument, others will know who to believe? Although there have always been the law idea and the common people with the crime, but this is only a slogan, a difficult to achieve the ideal. Want others to doubt a prince, not to say they have the guts, even have the guts, they doubt? You know, standing on the opposite of the prince, but all crazy and the knife two a fart people, two person voice of the fart. The two of them is what, in the prince's eyes, even in those officials eyes, is only the two shit. Shit, even even as! In reality, this is reality. Both in the myth, or in reality, these things are true will exist. All crazy and Zhang Ziling say is right, the prince token can explain that they are working to help the prince, and the prince is to assassinate Qin Zhao wang. But the Prince did not recognize the words, and who can stand? Press a root not who testified, all crazy and the knife is death, and death due to assassinate king! But the word is said yes, but all crazy and Zhang Ziling after listening, but laughed, like do not worry that the knife said will happen. What are you laughing at? Didn't I say is not true? The knife with anger, but because of their laughter, but seems to be some doubt their own ideas. This is not he does not stick to their point of view, but when all crazy and Zhang Ziling laugh, he suddenly found himself said, have!
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