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August 19 [Mon], 2013, 17:13
What type of Xiao (;)? Cuiping indissolubles. Jiang Fan to Cui Ping Montebello CG55 Parka Canada Goose ears quietly whispered a few words, Cuiping blushed furiously, she thrust her pinched Jiang Fan's arm: your this person is really necrosis! I'm not blow that Xiao! After they returned to the bridge, the emperor's palace, it was already dark, Jiang Fan returned to the house, he lay in bed, thinking about what would happen today bridge. I was thinking of, suddenly heard someone knocking at the door outside, Jiang Fan immediately sat up, who? Fan asked. I was small in the three miss, call you in the past! To voice transmission gate. The day is black, three miss, what can I do for you? Jiang Fan shook his head, he opened the door, the door is the three Miss maidservant North Face Outerwear small in. In three small, miss, what can I do for you? Jiang Fan road. Small Xi shook his head: I don't know! Jiang Fan with the maid small Xi came miss three room, three to see Miss Jiang Fan, she immediately to small Xi way: you do not here, you go! Miss. Small Xi immediately shut out. The house only fan and three miss two, Peter was secretly: I rely on, what is the meaning of this, three is not to be and I miss that? Jiang Fan, you sit down! Three miss smile. Jiang Fan immediately sat on the bench, three miss, what do you want me for? Fan smiles. You asked me to play the North Face Windstopper Clearance harmonica! Three miss smile. I rely on, it is called me to teach her to play the harmonica! I thought it was good! Jiang Fan immediately smiled: "! The harmonica is not only a day to learn, to learn a few months to do! Never mind, every day you come into my room. Teach me to learn harmonica, other things don't do! I'll go tomorrow and talk over the housekeeper! Three miss smile. Oh, that's okay! Jiang Fan immediately mobilize the spell world inside gold se match ball change a harmonica. Three miss, before learning the harmonica, I first introduce you to the harmonica! Jiang Fan took the harmonica to miss three. Oh, this is the harmonica! Such little things, can play a wonderful music! Is really marvelous! Miss three received a harmonica, carefully looked up. You blow a try? Jiang Fan looked at miss three small mouth secretly: this small mouth, flute is really good! Well, I have a try! Three miss with harmonica harmonica, mouth to blow up. The harmonica a hum of voices, oh, how it? Three miss the brows. Oh, this isn't a flute, harmonica should be blown! Jiang Fan grabbed the harp, playing up immediately, he play the big miss Xian Lu "love", the melodious voice floated out of the hut. Jiang Fan, how can you blow my elder sister of "Xian Lu love"! Three miss surprised. Oh, is your sister teach me ah! Jiang Fan laughed. My sister teach you? When you teach? I didn't know that? Three miss surprised. Oh, right away, I just heard the music again, I can harmonica! Jiang Fan laughed. Hum, Jiang Fan, how dare you tease me! I pinch you! Three Miss hand pinched Jiang Fan arm. Three miss, you gently pinch, pinch, if you hurt me, no one can teach you to play the harmonica! Jiang Fan deliberately exposed bitter face se. Well, do not pinch your line, you!
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