Hunter RHS Ladies' Gardening Tall Wellington Boots

August 09 [Thu], 2012, 11:45
Now that the Autumn is here and the leaves on the trees are turning that gorgeous shade of red we can be sure to get the cooler weather and those wet and windy days. Yellow Hunter Original WellingtonsI don't mind the rain, indeed I am one of the few people I know who doesn't own an umbrella, I have never liked them and quite like the idea of getting through life without ever having one (a bit like when I worked in McDonalds as a university student for 3 years and managed to never ever get any stars on my badge! I was quite proud of that and it wasn't because I was rubbish at it either! )#). Anyway, so no umbrella. Rain isn't really that bad but one of my pet hates is that when its wet and I'm walking the kids to school and nursery the bottom of my jeans get soaked and I feel them dragging in the dirt and that really annoys me and puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day! Silly isn't it? Well this year I vowed that this wasn't going to happen so I went out and bought myself a gorgeous pair of Hunter Original Short Gloss boots in black. Now when it rains I tuck in my jeans and pop on my Hunter boots and away we go, no more wet jeans and no more me in a bad mood! I only wish I'd have thought of it sooner. appealing

The thing is, since I've been wearing my Hunters to walk the kids to school and nursery I've been asked by loads of other mums where I got them from and am quite pleased when I get complimented on my boots as I actually feel really cool when I wear them. I love wearing them with skirts too as I'm aiming for that 'country' look this winter (I have lots of floral-type skirts and cardigans and am going to work the look for as long as I can). I got the idea when I saw a picture of Colleen Rooney wearing some Hunter and Jimmy Choo boots at a festival and I think the whole 'sensible boots and pretty clothes' look is very feminine and cool.

I know Hunter boots have been around for a very long time and that the Queen also has a pair but I didn't realise how diverse they were in terms of the amount of different types they produce.Carnaby Lizard Pattern Ladies' Rubber Wellies I now know that my mums husband has some Hunters for the shooting season, he showed them to me the other day when he saw me in my Hunters. He loves his boots, he said he has only had 3 pairs in the past 30 years and he's very proud of that. His were great big strong boots with steel studs on the bottom and he said the neoprene lining always kept him warm and that it was just like having central heating in his feet (which is a must when you're out in the freezing cold weather looking for pheasants! )#). Apparently he bought my mum a pair of the Hunters with the flower pattern on, they've teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society to produce some lovely floral design womens boots. My mum loves them and wears them to do her gardening and when she takes the dog out for a walk and she has also been known to wear them into town to do her shopping as she's so proud of them!
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