Neverending letter 8

December 31 [Thu], 2009, 2:16
Dear Ted:

Hello. I've just heard that the meeting was very informative and effective one. I'm glad to hear that. We will really aprreciate for your cooperation.

By the way, I want to give us some feedbacks for the meeting. We would like to read through and think it over. That way, we will be able to have much better meeting next time.

Yours sincerely,


Neverending letter 7

December 30 [Wed], 2009, 0:49
Dear Teddy King:

Hello Mr. King. This is Yoko Kikuchi. I am terribly sorry for not e-mailing you soon.

We will get there, as Takeshi said before, on 30th. 4 people are going, they are Kouichi Tanaka, Ryo Kudo, Michiaki Fukami, and me. Technically, we will get there day before that day, 29th, and be supposed to stay in a hotel downtown.

If you have any questions, please ask me free. My phone number is 897-9989. I believe that the meeting will be great one for us.


Yoko Kikuchi

Neverending letter 6

December 30 [Wed], 2009, 0:42
Dear Takeshi:

Hi Takeshi.

By the way, has Yoko already e-mailed me? For now, I haven't got e-mails. I'm afraid because 30th is approaching now. Please confirm and tell me if she has or not.



Neverending letter 5

December 30 [Wed], 2009, 0:26
Dear Ted:

That is allright. 30th is available. We will let you know the details later on.

Also, what we need is a projector, a screen, and an extension cord. We will bring a laptop and some handouts.

By the way, I want to introduce a person going there. Her name is Yoko Kikuchi, in sales department, woking with me for more than 5 years. Her e-mail address is
she is supposed to e-mail you shortly.



*extension cord・・・延長コード

Neverending letter 4

December 26 [Sat], 2009, 3:01
Dear Takeshi:

I'm sorry for being late. Actually, I hadn't heard that one of your colleagues are coming here. However, we will welcome him or her if they come.

This month... I would be free on 24th, 25th, and 30th. 30th would be the best for me. However, other options above or even other date which is not above also would be possible. How is 30th? It works?

Besides, could you please tell me what we need to prepare for the meeting? We want to know that in order to get them in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Neverending letter 3

December 25 [Fri], 2009, 1:39
Dear Ted:

As you said, it's snowing all the day these days. However,at least I'm still alive:)

By the way, as you may know, it was dicided that one of my co-workers is going to the firm in there this month to discuss over the international sales in the north America. So, when will be the best for you,sir? We will fix our schedule in accordance with it.

1. Please tell me your best date for the conference.
2. Besides, please give me some other options of the date as well. (For the time when the first one didn't work)



* You need one space before/after ( or ).
* You also need one space after 1. 2. or 3.....and more.

Neverending letter 2

December 23 [Wed], 2009, 2:30
Dear Takeshi:

Good mornig. I am really glad to hear from you. I am Teddy King, the manager in sales department and HR deparment in Vancouver branch. Please call me Ted. I heard a lot about you, sir. I am also glad to have a new wonderful partner.

My cell is 321-4567. So please just register it. Today, I watched the News said that it's snowing amazingly in Japan. Please take care.

Best regards,

Teddy King

Neverending letter 1

December 23 [Wed], 2009, 2:14
To whom it may concerns,

Hi. I am Takeshi Nikaido from ABC company. First, I'd like to introduce myself a little. I am a person who is involved with Sales department in Osaka branch. I've just succeeded Yuya. Thus, I will have relation with you and often contact you.

I want to have a great relationship with you. So, anytime please feel free to contact me at 123-456 if you have any questions. I will e-mail or call you ASAP if I get a contact from you. I really look forward to seeing you someday.



2. Applying for a position

October 13 [Tue], 2009, 0:37
To whom it may concern,

As my enclosed resume shows, I am a recent graduate of ****** University with a major in international culture. My experience includes an internship with Inland ******* Society, which is NPO offering foods, clothes, and stuff for the needy. I believe that my experience there will help work for your company.
I would like to adjust a schedule with you to disscuss the possibility.
I await your reply.

Sincerely yours,

*** ********

1. Information about a training

September 08 [Tue], 2009, 22:18
Dear Mr. Smith:

I am the Sales representative at **** exterior works. My co-worker, a engineer, and Iwill be having a training in order that employees there can construct properly.

We will be arriving there, Vancouver on 13th and the meeting will kick in at 6:30PM.For the tight schedule, we will not be able to postpone it. Please keep it on your mind.As you know, our products are required to be constructed properly to function well.That is a reason why we have a coming training.

If you have any questions, pease feel free to ask me anytime but the morning. Our e-mai system has a problem in the morning somehow. I am sorry for inconvinience.

Best regards,

Sales Representative


It's sort of boring to write this kind of stuff. So, I will add something more about today.


My mother and I were taught by common English teacher, Kyle, who is from Seatle. We wanted to invite him to Izakaya, which is near our house and tastes so good.Today. I emailed him and asked if he will be free on Sunday or not. He e-mailed me back so quickly. It said ''Sounds great''
COOL huh? We must enjoy the night. He is kind of shy. So, I'm afraid that he might not be going to talk.
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