One time 

May 16 [Fri], 2008, 1:23
One time, I had helped by my favorite musics. I listen to the music is J-POP and Western-style music. Above all, I often listen to J-POP. I have a favorite Japanese singer’s group. This group’s name is “w-inds.” “w-inds.” mean wind. And they look like wind, then they ‘re very cool. I have been loved them since about 6 years ago. This group’s vocal is Keita. Keita is very good singer for me. High he’s singing voice and Low he’s singing voice, he has both voice. Keita has beautiful he’s singing voice and high he’s singing voice.”w-inds.” is three members. Keita, Ryohei, Ryuichi.

When I was junior high school student’s grade 1, I met them on TV. I impressed their song. Harmony and Keita’s singing voice. And I loved them.When I often feel sad, I listen to their musics.Again and again. Over and Over again. Everyday, I listen to their song.Then, My sad mood become happy mood. Their music sounds sunny and cheerful and positive.

Oneday, I falling out with my friend. I am lonely and sad. But, I listen to my favorite song.This is their song. I became relaxed. This song make me positive. I was negative, but I become positive a little.And make me positive thinking. And, I broken hearted in those day. I’m crying all the way. I was shocked. I found trouble. Then, I listen to their music . Always, I listen to their song over and over again. Their song is healing for me. When I’m sad, when I’m glad, when I’m angry, when I’m sleepy. My mind become serene and relax. “w-inds.” is best singer group for me always and in the future. I don’t change in my heart. I love “ w-inds!!!” No “w-inds.”, no life.

However, I listen to a lot of other music. I think that it listens to the tune of which vigour goes out well. It also listens also to the ballade that wants to fall in love and becomes it well. I basically think it is wide because I listen to music in various systems. I listen to the Western-style music as written first.

My favorite music improves me and enriches the idea. It is made to think that the road opens it by positively thinking. I think that it is very wonderful. A lot of memories revive through music, too. I had exchanged mail with a favorite person in the past. The tune is music because it set the ring tone for Care at that time to make him associate it. Occurring jumped out of bed in the morning and I not good was jumping out of bed being surprised to set the same alarm as his ring tone at sleep. It is an alarm though the cellular phone is seen jumping out of bed thinking that it is E-mail from him. A very strange thing it, the heart is seeming to stop one to be surprised for me.

It was supported by the loved singer, and it had held me out. And, it has been supported by various music. I feel that the mind grew up by music.
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