Poetry in various forms to tell the human everlasting love, but it is still the Indus to sustenance emotions

December 29 [Sat], 2012, 12:21
アグブーツI was standing in the hazy autumn, watching the towering plane trees by the roadside and I think that part of the ups and downs due to monsoon and love. The love with plane trees fluttered in the wind, flowing along the plane trees filled love song down slowly scattered memories of the Indus foliage, like that chase the clouds of birds become secular mockery constantly rushes dream.

In the face of long and the vicissitudes of the love we need so filled with warm Italian plane trees, only allowed leafy tree love tree syngenetic with the dead. About here is the the parasol tree of love story.

According to legend, in the small town side the the a Kewutongshu, trunk dark brown and overgrown with bark of Gegedada, like a stricken face of the vicissitudes of the elderly. In fact this Kewutongshu there are thousands of years old. The stout trunk they are not surrounded by tree roots deep in the ground. Canopy like fireworks blasting green, surrounded by a string of a string Indus spend together, with a hint of pink in the shallow purple, bright yellow, indistinct aroma in the efforts to reach the depths of condensation who look to have an inexplicable excitement. Breeze blowing, the leaves flip up and down, lively Smart, perfumed.

One day, a little girl parasol tree, the greed of a deep floral. The little girl is attracted to the wind wafting fragrance. Plane trees surprised, she reappeared. Plane trees thousands of years, countless experience, and let this little girl in front of plane trees was impressed, because they have repeatedly met sycamores witnessed her spectacular and tragic love.

Sycamores unexpected, the parents of the little girl is actually not far from their home, and the Indus stout branches on the swing for girls. モンクレールLittle girl every day and the Indus dependencies together, sitting on a swing reciting the Indus verses and stories. Slowly, the little girl grew up, come out of the slim Indus spend delicate, elegant and generous temperament. Sycamores have to worry for the girls, she will be what kind of love ending it?

A quiet life with the girl of eighteen, was a sudden appearance of the boy broke his handsome emaciated face whitish. The boy saw a thick plane trees at first surprised to see parasol tree girl shines. Girls, such as the guardian angel of the plane trees as elegant and refined, elegant temperament let the boy forgot to breathe, boys and girls Heart Xiangxi day, similar to the plane-tree, talking all the topics about the Indus.

They by "Motherhood verse:" something planting pine and cypress, around the kinds Indus. The ulterior motives phase coverage leaf phase traffic double birds, since named Mandarin ducks his head and opposite Ming, reached just before dawn every night. "it comes of Liu Lanzhi and Making up defying the feudal ethics, the pursuit of pure love, love faithful tragic experience. This piece of wonderful, magical picture pinned's hopes of their pure love and desire. At this time, the plane trees trembling own foliage. They ultimately can not escape the magic of love, and the branches of the plane trees shook.

"Silent alone on the West, the month like a hook, lonely Indus Shen Yuan lock Kiyoaki." They lamented Li Yu bleak, lonely bitter cold reduced to a prisoner by the monarch. But they may have been aware of this love behind. The couple was forced separation, they miss each other, and the woman outside the suffering, waiting for a lifetime. モンクレールダウンTheir words touched the plane trees, plane trees, silent shake off under own body, leaves, such as Lei Yu spilled.

Boys and girls by Qingzhao "Sheng Sheng Man", about the life of Qingzhao, fall in love with her husband, gluey, because North Korea reorganization Acacia suffered the pain, eventually take her sorrow, mournful thoughts of her husband bitter lonely life. Sycamores this human love so poignant sense of excitement Tiling, falling all the leaves.

Since then, the boy several times in the plane-tree, for his beloved girl playing his Country Teachers, humming a song he had written for girls. Boys and girls in the two vows: "I want to with you friend, long life and never decline. Mountains have rivers have dried up, thunderstorms, snow in summer, of Heaven is king is never dare!" Made under the parasol tree vows, Haikudanlan faithful unchanged. To show that the mountains have their own life and death, enduring love.

But their outcome can not escape a twist of fate, a happy time is always short. The boy died, because childhood infirm, and ultimately defeat the disease. The girl was heartbroken, holding the boy came to the plane-tree, hanged himself in the plane trees put on their dream wedding. The plane trees looked all are powerless, Zhiyuan heaven tease. Then, the sad family for boys and girls organized a special wedding, and the two men were buried in the plane-tree.

Romantic Love With vague legends, such as fallen leaves drift time in the history of the coast. Over the past few years, the roadside grows the two Xiangyixiangwei tree, one called wu, one called Tong, Wu Hsiung, Tong female, two trees tightly hold together, with long same old, same born with the dead. Perhaps, Indus metaphor faithful love between men and women, this origin.

Gray Indus, yo antiquity Indus last night westerly anxious, Danyue hazy, dream frequency scared, where tall buildings geese soon? "Han Mei Sheng" Seven rounds the gantry of Tong ...... root half dead half argument after another to the Indus half dead metaphor widowed. For example, Bai's poetry "the Indus the half dead Qingshuang after, head white mandarin ducks lost with flying." "Half dead Indus old and sick body, heavy spring an idea a lot of trouble," the poem. Therefore, poetry is often expressed by the Indus the unfailing love between men and women.

But let me ask the autumn dash, a gold desolate love, hanging on in the Indus shoot. Stroll Tasui a Road, grief between hustle and silence, to walk through the plane-tree, a plume of love poetry soul wetted how many dream Acacia tired world of water, the roots?