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> WWw.qUANbEn,Air Jordan 7 Outlet.CoM seven hundred and twenty fifth chapter elected a barbed head standing in front of the main peak of the five elements door, the wind and waves took a deep breath, he last As He Hentian came here, have not yet Into the gate iHongWee "Stop, you are the disciples of the hills, why come here?" The storms just came in front of the mountain, I heard a loud shout rang, with the large Sheng, the two five elements Disciples fly "I come from Lotus Peak, is to obtain core disciples" wind smiled at his demeanor from the Road, "Thanks to you, what credentials?" a disciple ramp storms an exposed face sort of disdain said " This is a law enforcement elders Yufu "storms out that Yufu, flashed in front of the two disciples" so much offended, Come on ... "When I saw that Yufu storms out, two disciples surprised, looking a whole body take a step back and said to see the look of these two disciples stoop salute storms could not help but chuckled However, for the elders of the power of law enforcement, he had a better understanding Originally storms want to the two brother, who knows which one disciple gallant, actually led the storms, all the way to the the core disciples assessment where "trial jiange" This is a tall attic, inscribed three flamboyant characters, rather see the foundation here is to obtain the core where the disciples, unusual disciples, is not allowed to enter the remember, I'm often Biao, have the opportunity to more attention "often Biao to the previous test jiange one finger stopped said, "Well, often Biao, this is really labor storms nodded slightly and said, he turned and waved goodbye, and storms on the way into test jiange This test jiange the share, arranged around a very the quiet here quite quiet ... experience clear waves Yufu assessment disciples very polite, it seems that is the the Peng Changlao face is not small in this trial jiange, a man named Fang Hai assessment disciples special reception storms and assessment of the situation in these five door, there are a total of one hundred and eight core disciples to storms, which seventy-two each managed these core disciples of a mountain, back and forth in the main peak and the peaks of the respective management, each mountain has a special Chuansong Zhen, especially traveling convenience storms they realized, then distant Ganqing is a core disciple, but it looks from the elders of the status worse many As for this assessment of the program, but it is very simple, it is one hundred and eight core disciples, ranking after eight disciples, all motor disciple is ready to accept qualified disciples Challenge storms do is to challenge any one of the eight disciples, and as long as the war victory,Running Air Max ACG UK Sale, that storms on automatically obtain the the eight disciples original ranking after eight disciples, but not always maneuver , every year there is a the core disciples qualifying contest called Billboard Only then may the front ranking "I do not know that eight motor core disciples, in the end is where?" storms hear later, the reigning smiled and said, "Your patience really is urgent enough, rest assured, since you came here, so a total of eight people the opportunity to challenge them, only you have enough strength, you will our core disciples "Fang Hai laugh smile said all the way led the storms, the party came to a venue in the sea, this is an area similar to the station of life and death, the peripheral has long been well seal" optimistic, this test sword station is you a little later than the bucket venues, while your opponent is coming soon "talking, the party the sea took out a bamboo tube to his mouth to blow up winds and waves could hear Fang Hai playing, if a summon song, but with armored Voice, like encouraging people on the battlefield of horn hear the side of the sea playing sound, and you see someone flying while parked in the next to test sword Desk eight people Eight pairs of eyes, all stare in the body of the storms the attention of these people stare, the storms even though we have seen a lot of fuss, may be something wrong, his soul all forced However, the storms did and not exercise our powers to fight back, just suffer in silence down, no formal war, he did not want to feel free to go to the strength of exposure "to a total of eight people here, storms, you can take a closer look, and exactly who to pick when you opponents? "Fang Hai pointing of eight motor core disciples directed storms smiled and said storms frowned so unexpected from eight people, all of a sudden it really is difficult to pick see storms attention to see in the eight people face, revealing a different light in the storm, to see before them, these eight people since one came on the first storms of a careful view check it out later, eight people are seen storms just ** division of the realm, and have yet to reach the realm of the treasure itself in eight people face emerge, some surprise and disdain eyes disdain natural look down storm strength realm, as surprised assessment is not why he dharmakaya realm, actually here the core disciples in the hearts of this of eight maneuver core disciples, not a worry, joke, if the face of the dharmakaya realm of people, they can not win , that there is a face, stay in the list of core disciples "Well, I'll vote for him" feel the sharp eyes of this eight storms seems to be random one finger, select a tall fat man choose this fat reasons, fell not because of his strength minimum, the storms not the bully the people, but also in the hearts of the storms, has been a strong self-confidence which reason is the fat man's eyes towards storms, but most kind, can even say that is full of fiercely across so far, but the storms still clearly felt in the fat body, has a strong murderous see storms choice either side the sea, or another that seven masters, all stunned and anyone can be seen, the fat man's strength, in this group of people is the highest, the wind and waves to choose this fat, it really is bad ass kicked mind? "Haha, big guy, big guy you kind of really kind of wild laughter, the tall fat man walked out, went to all the rest of those who give him to get out of the road for this fat, another seven master, and even have a little slightly afraid, after all his strength, but too amazing name of the fat called seamounts, just cut to the core disciples on the inside, the challenges to the seamount ranking one hundred and one who masters the results up a burst of fists after the experts who will be beaten down on their knees to throw in the towel this point, be considered to seamounts in eight master set a Wal, who the rest of the master, he's tough expressed fear fear the rest of the master to the forces of the sea and the sky behind, is said to be very strong, it can be really untouchables did not expect the storms one came forward to pick opponents, we chose a barbed head, so that was those remaining masters feel fortunate, not about then to alternate storms take up the worries come out of the sea and the sky, the ground near some thrill, like a huge monster to come Haitian way out of the side could not applaud, seems generally but they were all understanding to the temperament of the sea and the sky, he only is the fury of the case, which would make such a move storm looking to cheer storms Haitian, to see this guy, be higher than unusual a the exposed muscle twine, it is estimated that a force-type character "storms, are you sure?" the jump word in accordance with the practices, parties sea toward storms asked his way fairly harmonious with the wind and waves to talk to the wind and waves naturally reluctant to take the odd risk, actually to challenge the most trifled Haitian "Yes, I'm sure a good" storms saw the look of the Haitian on him this is the election of the opponent like this fight before adding interesting to hear the remarks, and that the rest of the many master grow breath while originally storms have some compassion moment all disappear completely in the hearts of these people, wind and waves is a stubborn people, for such a person naturally no deserve to be good sorry "Well, storms, I remember once you said, sword table in this trial than the bucket, but are not allowed to use the jewels,air jordan uk sale, you listen to understand "Now hear the storms so sure said Fang Hai sigh, which all of a sudden, is hard to go back because The storms is full, Fang Hai indispensable to arrange for him a lest the storms played momentary rise, the jewels are so out, as it will destroy this trial Jiange rules "understand" said the storms nodded, since after a battle with high justice to a great deal of self-confidence of a storm to see storms look like one of quiet, and looked to the sea and the sky, it touches a bit confused, Is this guy really a bit of skill fails? Seven hundred and twenty fifth chapter elected the head of a thorn seven hundred and twenty fifth chose a thorn head <
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