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June 07 [Fri], 2013, 10:18
Is our general reticence provided by LUU. Well, according to Mo visual is a beauty, little mo himself inside, but now the two of us, interested friends can join in, we chat, discuss the ideal of life. Strictly speaking, this is Yang Kaixue to the first attack skills, before this, Yang liquid all of his attacks rely only on Nishida Uchi and its reaction. But it couldn't take their full potential, can have different martial arts, martial arts is the fundamental martial combat, martial arts can play the role of vitality. I just a trial, although successful, but should be the maximum effect is still not the martial arts, martial arts in the battle, is instantly released, which would be like Yang Kaigang that agglomerated slowly, slowly feeling? But after all, just come, still cannot accomplish skill comes., this need time and the accumulation of experience. Take a deep breath, Yang shook his fist, thinking of a fist hit the scene just now, be full of excitement. Xiaoshiren only contains the set of martial arts practice way, and did not tell the Yang in his name, so much as a name for it. Frowning thought for a moment, Yang decided to call it the heat explosion. Thirty-six meridians Qi crashing burst open, this is a sudden kill recruit,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, let a person very easily suffer a great deal. Such a move, Yang Kaiyi Qi can only support three times, I finished, a vitality will consume clean. For others it dare not play,air jordan store, but Yang Yang liquid inside the pubic region have so much spare, nature is no need to worry about this problem. This also means that Yang Kaineng quickly skilled burning sun burst,Satchels Coach, efficiency in practice martial arts than others fast countless times. The hot sun burst should be a set level the best martial arts, his luck is good, get the fist of martial arts. If you got the sword even before the martial arts, the Yang might upset. He has no arms around, even if the hand how? Clean up the mood, yang to use this day will start as soon as possible to escape the heat of explosion, enhance their fighting capacity. A day later, burning sun burst into practice, a line of five people together again. In addition to Nie Yong some become dejected and despondent, the other four are more satisfied with their acquired skills. Yang Kai himself would not have said, although hard for several days, but finally got a prefecture-level elegant sunshine pop, another did not check the xiaoshiren. Several other people in the end is what kind of skills you also did not say, but see air should harvest not small. But only the Nie Yong, swearing, is quite unhappy, he said, he got the martial arts was a whip his martial arts, it is to let a person very depressed. Du Yishuang squinting beside Yang Kai smile, whispered: "bad people, deserve!" Yang deep thought ran nods. Blue butterfly is good at the beginning of say a few words of comfort, let Nie Yong can eliminate many. Five people on the road again, walk, Blue first butterfly suddenly looked back at Yang Kai-dao: "you a few days ago to pick up Yang Yanshi?" "Lost." Yang Kai responds. "Hum, not tears." Nie Yongjian Yang Kai wasted effort, heart suddenly much. Yang Kai ignored him. He knows where >
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