cock a doodle doo o!! 

January 25 [Wed], 2006, 4:33
AHAHAHA (*________*)
My friend Steffn told me about his part in a TV-serie and it's soooo great! (*0*)
He is playing a "Visu" LOOOOL, but he specified me himself in the outfit (*-*) Awww~ it sounds sooooo cute!! (squeek) Something with pink and and Hello Kitty <3 and aaah~ >DDD~ so goood (*_*)
Today it was sooooo boring, because I miss Animexx (cries) It doesn't work and I was! HAHA. (;_;)

Irokui-funky-style YEEEEESH (giggles)
Now..I'm going to bed, I think.. I'm so tired, every day (>_<)
I think, I will listen to music...and then I will sleep :D yesh eto.. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE (^_________^)

チョコレート <3 (*_*) 

January 14 [Sat], 2006, 1:10

Hellow! Aw, today I ate Chinese noodles, they are so yummy (*-*)
I was after school with Laeti, Laura and Lausi in the city and it was terrible !(-_-;) I don't know, but I only love it, when I can go with Mi~ya and Shizu or Franzü in the city! Or with other people, who likes Jrock, haha XO
I left them (ehem XD) and went lonely (;_;) to the Mueller! I looked for a CD from Death cab for cutie! They are soooo great! *loves them*
But Mueller-Fuck didn't has got a CD from them *cries* Then I looked for Negative, KoЯn and Jimmy eat world, but I found only Jimmy eat world (*_*)
Mueller sucks!
Oke, I stop (^0^) loves you loves you *sing*

Haeagen-Dazs Baileys is love <3 

January 06 [Fri], 2006, 4:01

NYAPPY! (*_*)
Ahhh~ my life is so boring (;-;) I hate it, because I don't do anything! I'm a fool XO At February 26th I wanted to go to the Imitachion PoPs Uchuu Sentai NOIZ (Did I write it correct?) in Paris! I love NOIZ, they are so funny <3
I would go with my sister Mi~ya and it would be sooo funny (T_T) But I don't know yet, if I can go, 'coz my parents (cries)
I hope, that I can go to NOIZ (*-*)
I hate my hair! I wanted to have the same hairstyle like Uruha-Sama from gazetto! It's so pretty (T-T) I want this wonderful haircolor <3
Today I was in the city with Shizu and Mi~ya (^-^) We looked at the haircolors and awww~ I saw one, which looked like Uruha-Samaaa's (*_*)
And we ate Haeagen-Dazs Baileys, aaaah it is so yummy (*_*) I love it, I'm obsessed <3
Well, I stop here! baibaiii
(my English is sooo terrible, I'm sorry m(_ _)m)

snow~ (*0*) 

December 28 [Wed], 2005, 22:36

It snooooows~ (* *;) It is so pretty <3 I love snow! But I don't want to go outside (laughs)
I'm listening to All I want for Christmas is you! The Version from My Chemical Romance! It' s great (^-^)
Waaah~ I have been looking at the PV I my ai mai from vidooru! Ahhh it's so amazing (;0;) I love Ayano, he looks so great <333 (cry) Why did he leave vidooru?! (T _ T) And the PV is funny, because Jyui is kissing a doll <3 XDDD~ So cute~~
Well, I stop here (^ ^') loves u

my live is..(-O-') <3 

December 28 [Wed], 2005, 5:33

Yayay today I was in the city <3 And I bought this really cute bag (;0;)。
It's so sweet (loves) And I bough a CD from My Chemical Romance (<3):
THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE! I love it I love it I love it (* *) I love My Chemical Romance~。
My christmas was very 。。。uneventfully ('_') I was given 210 Euros and I
bought a lot of clothes and shoues (^-^;) The food was very...yummy!(laughs)

sugoi (*0*)! 

December 11 [Sun], 2005, 5:03

It roxx my soxx haha (*_*;)
maru looks so wonderful <3
My father sucks (o_o') He want implicitly to tidy up (-O-'') It is so nerved. I'm kinda pissed off >O'' mou~ I'm reading fanfictions now.. <3

YO! (`-´)V 

December 11 [Sun], 2005, 4:11

Bwahaha I really enjoyed this day (* *;)
At 9 o'clock I had to go to the confirmationlesson till 3 o'clock p.m. (x _ x) But we go to the Christmas fair! It was really funny <3
Then at 4 o'clock I met Franzi with my Koi Shizu and Mi~ya <3 We go to the city and in the Ultra Comixx (*_*;) I bought the new CURE with bis at the cover!!!! The poster is amazing. I love it (;_;) I love Maru-kun.
I will be glad, if I get a new photocamera! And I get one at christmas! I will take ophotos everywhere! XD~
Oke.. love u (^∇^)

t i r a m i su~ *wave* 

December 10 [Sat], 2005, 5:47

私は日本語で書きます。 それはすばらしいですか? (*-*)
私は本当にこの言語が好きです。しかし、それはとても難しいです! (叫び) (;_;)
Okay, I go to bed , now (^0^) さようなら <3

Whee~ (* *;) 

December 10 [Sat], 2005, 5:02

Hellow~ (*______*;)
Yayay~ I've got a really cute blog +squeek+
I can't speak Japanese and I'm really bad in English (u u')
Buuuu~t I'll write all the same (^-^)
It is so funny <3
Well~ my day was very uneventfully. Today I didn't go to school, because I felt sick (;0;) and then I lay in my bed till 12 o'clock *giggles*
Tomorrow I will meet my Franzi and we will go in the city. I must still buy so many christmaspresents !!! And I've got no money *cry*
Okeee~ I stop here. Baibaiii~ loves u <3 (^0^;)
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