complex mind 

March 22 [Wed], 2006, 10:59
I've get reply letter 17th March from him who is my precious.
When I was child, I was really happy with him.

However I and he went separate own ways in old days.
After that, we couldn't see each other.

So, I could not stand, I strongly want to see him again.
And then, I send one letter last month.
But I lying him. I wrote we will have reunion of elementary school.
To tell the truth, the reunion won't be opened. That plan is nothing. Of course I know.

But if I send usual letter, he won't reply to me.
So I sent it.

Now I could get his phone number.
However I called yesterday, couldn't connect him.
There is much dark mind in my heart.
I would like to have strong hope to talk to him again.

Time passed away, there are about 18 years from our happy day.
I only believe to see him again.
And then dear myself, never forget payment for my lying.


March 03 [Fri], 2006, 14:18
There is a great man, who makes every man feel small.
But the real man is the man who makes every man feel great.

It's a saying of today from my computer in our office.
Isn't it nice ???

I'm jealous !! 

March 03 [Fri], 2006, 10:23
Yesterday I met my friend as sentence below.
And I have visited the Greece cuisine restaurant twice.
What a delicious dish, again !

And then I saw the picture of her husband.
He seems to be working for famous electronic company.
He is an exactly nicer person.
That's just what I thought.


March 02 [Thu], 2006, 10:36
Today, we'll go to a Greece restaurant in Roppongi.
And then I will meet one friend 3 years to the day since.
She is working for the court of justice.
And she married last May. I'm wondering what kind of man is her husband.

She is the kindest woman as if my sister.
So, I strongly wish the man is the greatest in the world.

Be deliriously happy !


March 01 [Wed], 2006, 11:34
Where is my human rights ?
My boss has me pay her utility bills for example water and electricity.
Can you believe that above ?

I cannot deny that I haven't had enough skill about my work yet.
However I'm not her servant.

Fight against Destiny 

February 28 [Tue], 2006, 10:10
My friend said below.
If you couldn't have any chances, despite to meet very nice person, it must mean you have no destiny about himself.

My reason can understand that well.
But she is married last July. Therefore she may feel like that.
Because she knows her experience, so to speak it was her destiny.

Destiny might be ultimate.
If I go against that, it will be a waste of energy.
But I always never know it.
So I will positively go to the end of the world until meet my destiny.

Lingua Italiana 

February 27 [Mon], 2006, 11:15
Buongiorno ! Oggi so molto bene.
Lavorero duro per il mio ufficio.


February 27 [Mon], 2006, 10:39
Next Saturday I & my mom have one plan about my marriage.
We have the schedule to see one man who seems to be my mom's very kind friend.
I might have met him before provably about 7 years ago.
But ... absolutely not remember anything.

I wish he is nice person.
If we won't become precious persons each other, I hope we'll be good friends.


February 24 [Fri], 2006, 10:03
Yesterday, we went to Okinawa cuisine restaurant near Kawasaki station.
We ordered some dishes which included the noodle tasted by squid ink.
Of course, it was just BLACK.
So, our mouths became just BLACK.

When I came back my home, I had never laughed and smiled....
Because my tooth were just BLACK like woman of old era.


February 23 [Thu], 2006, 10:45
Sometimes, my mind will be weeker.
I know, there are many people who is suffering from much terrible incident in the world.
However, why do I feel suffering ?
I'm really happiest in the world. Because I can eat meals, buy clothes, and sleep under the safety roof everyday.
I have mother, father, brother and nice friends.

I'm eager for my strongest heart.
Must I make effort for a happy moment.
Despite for just a moment, if I can get the moment absolutely, can we stand not to do anything ?
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