a lot of people horrified color

September 27 [Thu], 2012, 11:09
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 334th chapter a good slap you out of the way ,let me how dull voice ,but a lot of people from this sound heard other flavor ,it is a kind of disdain ,a shadow flash appeared in a few feet ,see the slightly thinner, but so tall and straight body ,a lot of the eyes of all his appreciation of the luster ,this is the real man ,a real man is not going to stand at a critical juncture in the woman behind the .
As we all know, the youth is only a casual repair only, ,a powder in the face of such a huge monster home repair time ,not only did not show any sign of fear ,and ruthless ,severely cut each other face ,although a FRET mixing device division ,but as the wind said, mixing device for more strength ,force may be weaker ,but now ,he was more aggressive than the other ,the arrogant let everyone enjoy .
Master your body down ,just to speak ,but the clouds to fly upwards a gesture to stop ,yes ,this is he and blunts between things, and home Pang unrelated to wind this II ,Lord ,he has always hated .
Master more careful ,which blunts although pride ,but does have the arrogant capital to see the clouds to fly upwards to do this action ,Pang Mengshuang kindly remind tract North Face Backpack,eyes out with a concern ,of course ,his concern is not cloud flies himself, but worry if he appeared unexpectedly ,his great grandfather lost the last chance .
To be able to personally kill a senior mixing device division ,think are good a Yin Xiao mouth ,a pair of presumptive . Do you have the ability to cloud flying no fear ,but once again took two steps forward ,his every step heavy if million jins ,making the ground with swing ,a lot of people horrified color, no one thought he should first exudes domineering style ,matchless ,see here the momentum ,the blunts the expression is solemn ,first feel this person is not so easy ,maybe is one of his rival .
Cloud flies forward step after step two ,pausing ,again toward the wind go to ,at the same time ,a unique aura from his body to radiate ,directly to the blunts to lock ,break through two kind of artistic conception ,make him whole style have undergone changes in turn the world upside down .
Have a death wish blunts seems unwilling to bear the style of oppression, took the lead in hand ,the palm of his hand by a virtual ,mission space vortex is formed ,the space Vortex Spiral trend toward cloud flies still going ahead to throw, swirls into substantial light flash ,on to the cloud of dust near .
In the face of the attack of wind ,cloud flies out smiling mouth ,did not see how he moves ,the vortex to him one will automatically disappear ,as if never appeared . What seeing this, wind hole a sudden shrinkage ,the blow though is their tentative blow ,but it is not so easy to deal with ,not even in the soundless and stirless between each other will to nothing .
But the wind still unafraid ,his eyes with streams ,debut tract Hanmang, black hair was automatic ,momentum in the unrestricted promotion ,ocean like psychic from its body out into road ,hurricane ,makes the side a few yards within the space of the ripples .
Eh? Cloud flying light ,sound ,which blunts the space force control is also very skilled, has reached a peak of Ling-hui early point ,half foot have been utilizing medium ,in the younger generations are also considered to be a leading figure .
happy ,you hit my brother on the face ,today I will discuss all back is a hard drinking ,he saw the body of a ripple of space ,it is the whole body is bizarre like disappear ,and in the wind disappeared at that moment, the clouds to fly upwards towards the upper left side .
Void space to hit ,at the same time ,emitting only golden palm is also from the void out . simple fist with golden palm intersect ,sharp sounds ,the space direct consumption ,at the same time, a figure from the void out ,is the wind ,at the moment of the wind face remains with a surprise attack the enemy with it ,he can be said to have proved effective every time ,unexpected this is a failure .
Cloud flying soul force had reached the fret ,the keen perception ,everything is transparent general attack .Blunts momentum pouring ,the whole body like dragon general rabid sleek ,blow failed he did not break, two palms directly in front of the cloud flies mixed into a shadow ,instantly take hundreds of palm ,each palm with infinite pressure .
Bang bang cloud flies at a boxing North Face Gore-Tex Jacket Womens, boxing each are accurate and blunts the palm intersect and blunts palm out send out to cloud flying confined space force for the clouds to fly upwards ,not the slightest effect .
Blunts getting surprised, because he found his match with you just pure physical strength ,but he sends out the confine of force on a fundamental cannot produce effect ,that is to say ,they are long and in the space of the hands ,not in their own .
All the people are to go after the jump ,as two people a large battlefield ,utilizing the war period ,be no trivial matter. ,often devastating ,as days Hui City ,whole town is peerless master layout is forbidden ,two combat damage to underlying Hui City all day .
Suddenly ,with a mouth ,a golden light from his mouth mase and this turned out to be a piece North Face Shoes,designed specifically for the weapon attacks ,this light speed is too fast ,the distance between two people and close to the edge ,almost a into the cloud flies between eyebrows ,seeing this, wind the face is exposed to succeed smile ,he used to use this trick to kill a real Ling-hui medium strong, the weapon to carry all before one ,once into the human mind Hui eyebrow ,immediately broken to each other all the defense ,think this also easily won the hand ,but the next moment ,he smiles on solidification the .
Afterimage a little exclamation ,because he found in front of the original gas solid figure has gradually become unreal ,and out of his mouth tool also scored a hard surface ,leaving a deep small hole .
The clouds to fly upwards is what person, someone in the know of their own flesh of violent cases still choose their own close to wrestle, obviously have other intentions, it blunts made opens his mouth moves when, can dodge to leave cloud flies to him ,for the space of a control and a promenade to escape the great matchless Kids North Face Denali,dodge tool also just be an easy job to do .
You have enough of it ,that I had a cold . no emotional voice sounded behind me from wind ,wind tunnel is not good, the body suddenly rushed forward ,but the strange discovery that should have in their own behind figure is again in his front .
Then ,he sees a glowing light palm appeared on her cheek ,blunts tried to escape to the palm of the hand ,the speed is too fast, fast to even he has no chance of response . a good slap ,this is the heart of all people first idea Men's North Face Down,yeah ,they can be sure ,they never heard so loud ,so breathtaking ,excite people in the face .
The clouds to fly upwards in the hotel they had played a slap in the face ,but the face and than ,but with a world of difference ,the face is more than clear ,just like thunder ,the palm and cheek intersect ,spatial fluctuation, actually directly wipe out little spark ,here there is no valley ,but echo on .
Silence ,silence of the hitherto unknown ,everyone craned his neck to see the fan out of the shadows, look very natural on the cheeks ,oddly, was so in a slap in the face ,cheeks was not overstaffed ,simply red only, this makes people very puzzling ,do not know the clouds to fly upwards by force to cause or that blunts the skin is too thick .
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