roof directly under the banner of Wu Dao

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: Timberland Men's Fur Lined Boots, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 420th security arrogant passed several days Timberland Men's Fur Lined Boots Cheap,these days the Qin Dynasty had been in the Liu Chang and Nitake hall in two .
In Nitake Hall the Qin Dynasty to continue training to the middle of the night .And in the middle of the night and couldn ,have to go back to Liu Chang where to look ,that little Liu Ying any situation .
But according to White said, from Qin Dynasty had gone, Liu Yingzhen was not in Liu Chang .Look ,this ,is specifically for myself .The Qin Dynasty to the task finished, he took Liu Ying back to the mainland ,to find out have a look ,the guy can have a way of getting rid of the girl in the devils .
And intense training time in the past ,Nitake hall was finally ushered in and Wu Dao appointed day . ,Yamazaki ,are you ready? Zhao Jingjing is arranging his body red road uniforms ,the uniform behind Indian Ren Wu two words ,two golden dragon winding in this two words beside, symbolizing the Ren Wu hall on the spirit of the dragon .
Well, I ,I must put Wu Dao guys beat the crap out of ! The Qin Dynasty who also wears the same clothes ,a red ,it is Wu wear, appear young special spirit .But he still felt ,or sister wore .
After all ,a good sister ,even the big Wu wear, can give up ... ... Tut-tut . Yamasaki ,sister ,this will see that you do ! Fang Xiaohu their brothers ,all ran away from the hospital .
Each leg is in plaster ,each crutch ,full of spirit to the Qin Dynasty in two . Yamasaki ah ,you must strive for gas . Zhao Qingshan also touching his chin beard, smiling into the Qin Dynasty , your master I old but nothing to teach you, if lost ,my face will not put in place .
Dad ,you can rest assured . Before Qin Dynasty to talk, next to the Zhao Jingjing has said , Yamasaki this time training well ,plus he was stronger than the ordinary ,if the playing arena ,should not lose .
Said, Zhao Jingjing is also full of hope to the Qin Dynasty . However ,Yamazaki ,you mustn ,because Wu Dao people ,do not know by what means to deal with you . Zhao Jingjing has warned the apparent ,but not her own ,Qin heart also understand .
Wu Dao people ,are the most inside shouting exalted morality ,is actually what means can be used out of the .Back in South of Jiangsu City College of Guangyuan ,the Qin Dynasty had seen .
Rest assured ,I ,I will go to all lengths of the playing arena ! The Qin Dynasty under the guarantee .Zhao Jingjing also told the two ,and then with Zhao Qingshan ,and with these brothers ,on a bus .
These brothers ,no figure Liu Dahai .Since the last time he gave Zhao Jingjing a backstabbing failed, never seen .The Qin Dynasty estimates ,only the about three million yen debt ,was enough to make Liu Dahai worried for a while .
The buses on the streets of Sapporo in the cross, because in the morning, so not a lot of traffic .Soon ,they came to the road of Zhenwu position .The Zhenwu Road Pavilion ,to Wu hall is four or five times bigger than .
A seven storey building ,roof directly under the banner of Wu Dao ,appear special atmosphere ,nature also is very rich .Look at the building entrance, people are hurrying to and fro. ,students into bulk and access .
Because Wu Dao enrolled for so many people, so they are taught by the hour .Every student ,every day can only learn two hours ,over this time ,will deliver more cost .Even so ,they still business flourishes .
Only a short while ago ,we Ren Wu hall also has such dimensions ... ... Fang Xiaohu looked at the crowd ,could not help feeling . The last thing you don . Zhao Jingjing straightened himself up Wu wear, mouth hung with a confident smile ,said , hall we have ,I will make the name of Nitake to start shooting the entire island .
Then, with his brothers ,to the mansion of go .Stop. But this time ,Hall Road, several security door ,suddenly reached out to stop Zhao Jingjing . Here is the real Wu Dao ,in addition to other participants ,exclusion is not allowed to enter .
A long face a fierce-looking security ,like Captain resembles character ,his arms electric batons ,to Zhao Jingjing they say . We are invited to the tournament and its head ,please .
Zhao Jingjing said that security guard captain . Contest ?With you ?Ah ha ha ha ha ha ! The head of security took several of his men together ,laughing ,tears come out , you wouldn piss on your mirror ,Ren Wu hall ,is also worthy of our Wu Dao you contest ?Ha ha ha ,this is what I have heard ,the funniest joke .
The little gentleman ,is it right? Or you think that Then, he pushed his next to a similarly very happy smile security .Zhao Jingjing suddenly become very ugly face .Obviously ,this contest matter, Wu Dao can not know .
This security say so ,apparently by Cyclobalanopsis wellhead instigation, deliberately let Nitake Hall embarrassing . You talking ,so how ! Fang Xiaohu angrily trying to reason with him ,and the guard at him, laughing huan .
Ha ha ha .A lame man ,also dare run contest ,ha ha ha ,that Ren Wu hall is really no one ! The security guards laugh ,straight leg . Ha ha ha ,very funny . The Qin Dynasty reached out to stop to argue the tigers .
He fished out a cigarette ,snap lit ,and then placed in the mouth . Ha ha ha ,funny ,even to a lame !You Ren Wu hall people have died down ,it will contest ?Lie to children under three years of age ! Security captain laugh straight wipe tears, look at these wearing red clothes in front of the person ,full of irony .
Well ,look down on the lame . The Qin Dynasty also smiled ,he stepped forward ,suddenly fly one foot pedal ,directly in the security captain shank . Ah ! This security captain laughter suddenly cease abruptly ,turned into a scream .
The Qin Dynasty that a force can not light ,but beside those security ,clearly heard the sound of breaking bones .Obviously ,their captain ,fracture of lower leg off .The security guard was defeated ,cradling her calf ,fell to the ground .
While the Qin Dynasty is not over ,he bent down ,directly from the security captain belt out electric batons ,on the palm of the hand and patted ,said . Good, very strong . Then UGG Tess Outlet,he took up the electric batons ,according to security captain another haven broken legs ,hard to draw up .
Click ! A clear sound, no doubt, this guy so another leg break away .This security captain even scream didn send out ,an eye-rolling ,direct fainted . Ah !Small pill ! Next to the security are terrified, they have seen where a hand so ruthless person !The home leg discount is not enough ,the two were deposed .
Well, now you him off ,I see how you laugh . The Qin Dynasty lips still hanging smile, throw away the electric batons ,clap your hands . As a security guard ,should not be so arrogant .
You !You ! The security of a be struck dumb ,stared at the man with a murderous look . What is this ? But this time ,the Toriji Ro guy ,bald head out .This guy was going to see Ren Wu hall lively .
And Ren Wu hall was humiliating enough, he will go out ,and then taking these humiliated people go .As a result, Nitake hall style is to lose .The results ,it was out of Aooka Masako .
That fellow named Yamazaki Kato ,and scatterbrainedly blunt out ,still on their security captain leg !In Wu Dao door, when so many students face ,it is equal to direct to their Wu Dao a mouth !How can !So ,this guy Toriji Ro is directly washed out, against the Qin Dynasty is a roar .
You guys have a death wish ! Said, and his old body ,immediately rushed in .Qin Zhaoyi bent ,directly from the ground up that away electric batons ,dodge escaped Toriji Ro struck a blow ,then press the switch electric batons ,as Toriji Ro soft abdomen ,just a toy .
Couture la ! This seemingly low power electric batons ... ... Tadami Torijiro body directly emit blue sparks ,and the whole people turned eyes, fell to the ground is foaming at the mouth ,a twitch .
Lying down ,it so hard . The Qin Dynasty swished the electric batons ,said , such a big man ,actually direct power over ! Yamasaki ,careful ! While at this time, the security we all rushed up ,there is a guy North Face Shoes Mens,in the hands of the electric rod toward the lumbar ribs to .
Next to Zhao Jingjing to see the real, want to help ,the distance is too far .While the Qin Dynasty had noticed this guy, he moves faster than the security ,the other electric batons has not handed over ,his fellow has point into each other arms .
Couture la ! A froth at the mouth of the ground . Master, apprentice ,today Wu Dao people polite . Qin he snatched the man electric batons ,then left to right to play ,in this Zhenwu road at the entrance to glen ,several security are knocked to the ground .
He knows us a few days to martial arts ,specifically looking for to the people ,let us warm up !Master, apprentice ,I Yamazaki hand itched ,let me to warm up ! Then, the fist ,the last security knocked to the ground .
A total of eight security north face outlet,the Qin Dynasty a person to all . This guy Kung Fu progress really fast ... ... Fang Xiaohu looked beside is terrified ,only to feel the little fellow ,now seemingly more powerful than him some .
Yamasaki is just use electric batons . Zhao Qingshan felt the moustache ,told his apprentice, he just crash ,basic skill is not solid .I these two days, but is also in exercise his ability to respond .
As long as he reflects the fast enough ,even though the basic skills is not enough, can beat his opponent by surprise . Yesterday, working late, now just awake, update update ,the old
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