Qintian handed the Seremban king cigarette

September 26 [Wed], 2012, 18:43
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGuys ,can subscribe to as far as possible to subscribe ,can subscribe to a few recommended votes ,with your support ,we will be able to go further !!!!After seeing Zhang Long with strong and forest little who entered the hospital ,a middle-aged man Yao Qintian came back to .
Back to the Yao Qintian immediately looked to Yang Lin ,want to say something ,but not how can I direct opening .In time ,the atmosphere slightly dull .Thought about, Yao Qintian immediately from the pocket of his trousers pulled out a Seremban king cigarette to Yang Lin .
After all, interpersonal ,something is good ,but it is nothing more tobacco bale ,these things at the bottom Men's North Face Gore Tex Jackets,about what ,always casually ,because this is a kind of attitude .In the face of Yao Qintian handed the Seremban king cigarette ,Yang Lin and did not actually connected ,but shook his head .
How? Look down upon this smoke ? Yao Qintian see Yang Lin not ,also not forced ,but directly to their own mouth ,point ,then suddenly took a mouthful .The smoke slowly spit ,Yao Qintian looked at the front ,some lamented that up .
I was with a dragon with his father in the capital in the country when, not the smoke of smoke ,because at that time did not have the smoke . Here north face jackets cheap,Yao Qintian stopped ,once again took a bite, and then continued , but later because of some things ,love of the smoke, so now even become real tyrant ,I also did not change the smoke Mens North Face Realization Jackets,because I still like the smoke feeling ,it contains a kind of charm in it .
.. ... Yao Qintian was saying these things, at the corner of his mouth there is a not much, if any smile ,smile is very light, but that smile is genuine .Yang Lin watched Yao Qintian the burly man ,saying these words, he understood ,he must be reminded of what .
,to tell you about it ,you can . This time, Yao Qintian did not continue ,but the self-deprecating smile .Next, a little after a moment of silence ,Yao Qintian will be in the hands of the Seremban king cigarette after washing ,then continued up .
,although you look like me, but I belong to that not a word like the use of force to solve problems, as for you ,I should have not reached this point ,so I would like to remind you ,wants to be in this social mix is good ,you this character has to change, after all, sometimes not ,fists be equal to everything ! Saying this ,he Qintian face also somewhat at a loss .
At such a time ,so for a time ,so a place ,Yao Qintian he himself did not know why will be rather baffling to Yang Lin said that, and he was the first to see Yang Lin .Perhaps because of his he saw his year ,Yao Qintian in his heart for myself to say those words ,find a reason why .
.. ... At this time, Yao Qintian words also let Yang Lin feel deeply ,because it really is, if it is an ordinary person, fists ,powerful, is really can not solve all ,after all, now the society is a society ruled by law ,also can saying is a privileged social class ,of course, ordinary people ,there is no privilege ,and human rights in certain cases are not protected, not to mention the other .
But it seems this law, there is no use in your own heart ,Yang Lin is thought of ,but he did not appear in the face ,but said : thank you for your reminding ,I think I will pay attention to .
It is strange North Face Closer Triclimate Jacket Womens,I am in your body can see I was in the shadow ,also saw Zhang Long and his father was a shadow ,you boys will soar ? See Yang Lin with an open mind to accept their suggestion ,Yao Qin end laughed ,and said .
Yang Lin heard Yao Qintian saying ,not by laughing ,but he says nothing .This time, Yao Qintian gave Yang Lin a look North Face Womens Hoodie Solid Thicken Outlet,then said : ,you may rest assured ,I promise to keep your life, then you this life I Baoding .
My principle has always been to things ,I will surely do ,have kept their promises never regret . Here ,Yao Qintian paused ,then said : so ,even though Zhang Long is he I take your bag ,I even told him my face ,I will keep you ,you can rest assured ! Yao Qintian at this time ,but did not say a word ,that is ,if it is beyond what I can carry a degree ,then I am not sure keep you life ,and you don .
Yao Qintian is one of the irascible man, but his overall view still not available ,at the same time, he also knows that Yang Lin today how much trouble ,but he still carried down ,not for others, but because he knows this matter, he promised to come down ,it must carry it, know so far .
Even so ,Yao Qintian still can be said to be a hero ,because the ninety-nine point nine percent of the people of the world know to preach ,but when they finally meet this happens ,make the move to will be opposite, is entirely another thing .
In such a case, Yao Qintian is to become the accident ,this also let Yang Lin get his love, even if it is not also a need his help .As Yao Qintian said this speech falls at the same time ,a hanging a certain military area command of the license plate number of the car slowly sail to the hospital door .
In the pass by Yao Qintian side, the red flag sedan car owners head slightly shifted ,but also just glance Qintian Yao ,but did not speak ,but directly to the car into the hospital .
See the red flag car back, Yao Qintian not by a sneer ,said to Yang Lin : red flag car no ,this is Lin Shaona boy sent to the in-laws . Here ,Yao Qintian would take Yang Lin answered ,with a sneer ,direct said: ,you rest assured ,then they can do nothing to me .
Yao said ,Qintian thought, then Yang Lin smiled and said : Okay ,kid ,you are now also in the mouth of wind pointed wave ,so now you or to avoid it ,and to discuss the matter ,I will give you a call .
Yang Lin heard Yao Qintian saying ,nodded ,then do not hesitate to turn away . Is the root of the seedling ,it is do not know can not conquer ,to follow their own mix ? See Yang Lin walking away, Yao Qintian to oneself to say a word ,and then turned into a hospital .
At this time ,either forest little ,or what forces as well as family ,Yang Lin didn ,but at this time ,he was on a play with heart ,want to know ,these guys are ready ,how to play .
Think of here ,Yang Lin not be laughed .Everything happens today although there is too much of a surprise ,but for Yang Lin, this is life of a swap ,if not practice to a moment ,need a world of experience ,he is not in the world for so much time ,but now it seems ,all this ,appear to be very interesting .
But today it again to Yang Lin reminded, sometimes not force decides everything ,in which there is a potential existence .Think of here ,the spirit of Yang Lin some of the trance ,seems to be aware of their practice without which, unfortunately ,no matter how he wants to ,can this point is what .
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