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September 22 [Sun], 2013, 18:35
When a start;, Asif? "Also from time to time toward the Xiao cold cast to help the eye, but after be Woodson staring eyes, he dare not, honestly I ah. To Xiao cold transformation, Wu Desen's mouth finally peeped out a smile, but he did not know, even this little smile, is Xiao cold to secretly in the eyes. After a while, Asif? Labor played Canada Goose Store a full-fledged, Wu Desen just turned, standing beside Xiao Han. The coach! Xiao Han wanted to stand up, Women's North Face Pink Ribbon but Mike Woodson hold down the shoulders stop. Want to understand? Wu Desen was very cold tone, but Xiao cold bottom heart, not panic, but precisely because of this, he was deliberately packed with profound respect and humility. Not yet. Xiao Han suzhebozi, look up some poor. Don't give me the affectation! Woodson could not help laughing, but soon, he was asked: appearance, Xiao, you on your own, what are you most proud of? Are the envy of the physical quality? Or are accurate than most people shooting? Are not. Xiao Han escape one's lips, but which is a specific point, he still didn't have the nerve to say. Woodson smiled, Chinese are not used to push their shy, that he has learned, he let go of the press to Xiao cold shoulder hand, whispered: I know you which point to enjoy the most? I don't know. Xiao Han honestly replied. The mind! Wu Desen gives and Xiao cold mind consistent that answer: you are a have ambition, ambitious children, also should know how to play, but you have not thought about, in your occupation career, achievement in this league, only these are not enough. It is also less? The Xiao cold not understand tao. Perseverance, determination to persevere. Woodson road. But I have the perseverance. Xiao Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Han thought, but still not bashful praise one's own work or goods. I said, perseverance, not to stick to play hard. Woodson even on the situation not to pay attention to, eyes staring at the Xiao cold eyes: I refer to the control force of its own, regardless of any time, first of all do not indulge yourself, don't let yourself be dominated by any * * and temptation, including the desire to win, to show self desire, and so on all. Xiao Han slowly some understood, Woodson mean he too much focus on the self today, that have been and realistic game is a little out of touch, of course, implication, Woodson or criticize him dizzy, do not know their true status. This time, Xiao Han into a real meditation, Woodson's words, and just let him begin to appear reflection of psychological problems, and on this basis, also let him understand. The nature of the game, what is? Don't say that a person silently calculated? I'm afraid not. This time, Xiao Han remembered a similar no matter. Once he was in the last program, including a clip from the Celtics game video, belong to the kind of game can play, instant voice. In the video, Doug? Rivers repeatedly told a substitute player, required players to have what idea say out loud, must communicate with language, now read
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