or a rogue and betrayed them

August 01 [Thu], 2013, 9:55
The evil it does not how angry, mecamylamine this heartless xìng grid that they have used to it, if he can do anything if so, it does not need its own assisted it. Moreover, mecamylamine this long for people who live in the Dragon, simply never know what kind of water damage. Because rain clouds above the height of Dragon never rained, they simply do not know the horrors of rain. Xiao Ting beside it very like looking mecamylamine Han Han asleep, at the side will not care no micro, Independence Day saw with envy, though Independence Day is blind and can not see anything. "Heavens, you say you are afraid of food by cháo right now, I'd have a way." Fan Yang suddenly spoke, though Fan Yang arrived to the barracks, but in the hearts of a pedestrian mecamylamine, Yang Fan has come to the point where God's point, Yang Fan dish made absolute second world, in addition to people who did not cook the other way be compared with him. So he can sit in the same car with mecamylamine. Jiaming also firmly nodded and said: "female rogue community to you to develop, how you did, what went wrong hand?" Xiao Ting blush, squeamish, said : "hate, people are your woman Well, do not touch the line you?" "Which, then, ah, far more than anything you want to touch the line" Then came the night of the array of voice, resounding cry that fascinated people. Left-right shake the entire tent is moving, jumping up and down, either intentionally mecamylamine find the most solid tent to yourself, I'm afraid has been cannibalize it. Fleet exercise seventh day, came from northern recent Este a small country town called warmth, Gu think this is a small country with sheep as animal. And this country is a feminist country, women, the men and the Lord. Man has no place in this town, it touches a woman very powerful . And this city is special sè livestock and peripheral products, such as wool, cattle nǎi course mutton soup. But here is the most famous and marketing the whole continent, swept thousands of girls, the most desirable thing mecamylamine is a fruit pancake. Other places simply can not eat this authentic pancake fruit, as is the side that is not better than elsewhere, flour, cornmeal, millet noodles, mung bean noodles chaotic together by a certain percentage, the most attention is to use clean boiled sheep bones soup Come and face. Although mecamylamine did not eat their own, but have heard of people selling snacks said that mecamylamine has been longing for things. Came to the city when warmth is in the afternoon, the team just outside the city not far from the camp , mecamylamine immediately pulled Xiao Ting ran toward the town, because no proper business to be done, team sites also need to add some water and vegetables, animal also need to eat something, so this time I am afraid to stop for some time. Not just run two steps emptiness was immediately stopped: "Inconsistency, where to run it you want to do anything to go?" Inconsistency look closely, archer brigade people have come together, and they must know they want to eat fruit pancake idea. Measure the severity of a moment, decided to compile a reason to make their minimum charge: "We have to play the field Xiao Ting, do you want to come along?" Xiao Ting is a blush, shy to the extreme, because mecamylamine did not say go and Xiaoting Ming what to do, so do not know Xiao Ting mecamylamine is take her to eat snacks, but also that mecamylamine really play with their own field yet. Lo Lieh yín swing looked mecamylamine, said: " ; Come on, do not think we do not know what you're going to eat warmth city, we want to leave the door children are not. Treat fine you today, so that We eat far. "Inconsistency is a burst of embarrassed , and said: "ah, the highest three of us are fighting personnel must have a leave, or a rogue and betrayed them how to do?" Lo Lieh immediately showing his temperament aristocratic descent, said: "That makes France left empty, we eat something. Anyway, France is empty and is not a vegetarian. "" The Gate ~ ~ ~ ~ children are not ah, trying to throw me, unless you kill me. "Xiao Ting said softly:" ; It left me Come on, you play you, come back to me with some of the line. "emptiness and Lo Lieh immediately nodded, and said:" This approach is good, really is the most gentle girl, "Inconsistency write up a two slut said: "You do not want to face, ah, actually want a girl to keep so many rogue, you count as men, are lost rogue word in the face and I am very angry, throw you keep inside the camp today, and if what happened, you all right ritual suicide. "emptiness blurted:" Do not Do not Do not, and I Lo Lieh mora, who lost who keep the camp okay. "or the law empty smart ,North Face Windstopper, know mora to decide. But France air immediately regretted, had a game winning or losing, the results emptiness directly lose,Sale North Face, then go back on air law, decided three wins out of two. The result was lost. France reneged empty, decided five wins out of three, the result is even lost ten times, the last law they did not face an empty say anything. France empty tears watching a pedestrian to leave the camp, temporary go really Qiandingwanzhu: "You must give me back after hundreds of pancakes with fruit, and I want ten foreign broth pot roast whole I want twenty, right there Haggis, I have to. There's also, I also want to eat some of the sheep brain, I heard that eating this very brain of. says I'm not allowed to eat a little more to be able to grow hair. "Inconsistency his head without looking back to move forward, go back for fear of emptiness. To know something for these people to eat, but the most important thing is, by its local delicacy, local snacks, are that they can not let go of things. Let the law follow them eat delicious abandon empty, that's a lot of determination must be before they can. In fact, there is a master of the barracks, they really clear that Yang Fan. Although Yang Fan never moved martial arts, but he was able to release Sanmeizhenhuo alone, the Fan Yang for the repair are above them. Genus xìng class upgrade than repair it, but much more difficult to upgrade. Moreover Sanmeizhenhuo alone that they can not get these people's things. They can at least conclude that the repair is absolutely Yang Fan soul in three or more, otherwise impossible to release Sanmeizhenhuo. But although the repair Yang Fan is not low, but after all, just know soon, they do not know will not help them guarding Yang Fan. If Naoqi things come to those hooligans, Fan Yang perhaps simply do not take it personally, just concentrate on doing his dishes, it may be in trouble. Evil has been steadily on the morale of the troops touches to add some heretical ideas MLM model to promote a just go with them on their money, and there are beautiful to see. And can exercise their own way, physical fitness, eat, adversity tries . Also kept outgoing gossip, mecamylamine and Xiao Ting being broke up, Xiao Ting and most like a strong man. So only then rogue who remain in a stable military. France empty'd have nothing to do, bored talk to Yang Fan chat. At this time Yang Fan is sharpening, Fan Yang a total of two choppers, each to have sharp, Chuimao broken hair, blood nonstick front. France went empty and asked: "Yang Fan, you travel with us recently how are you feeling? "Yon Fan blade with your fingers pick pick, said:" I feel okay, you people quite interesting, and ye have been very happy. But I do not understand why you want to select a soldier, a soldier any good, might as well do it robber. "France air immediately explained:" This is what you are saying, ah, when the robber how it can match the soldier we when But zhèngfǔ soldiers under the jurisdiction of robbers, provoke trouble will be someone to help, zhèngfǔ not pursue the matter, which, like a robber, as long as it is necessary to provoke trouble dodging into the mountains. Moreover, our soldiers can have their pay hair, which is the robber can compare what I tell you,Women's North Face Jackets 2013, do the robber is the highest state army, us army slogan is, grab food to grab a woman without tooth decay. "
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