Yunfeng cloud neutron channel length

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 11:20
(Subscription required support) "long road, a man may not be so shameless" Gu Yunfeng's little face had changed at that time, "There is a saying, wealth can not yín, and rank can not move, force can bend, is what is called a real man also, it's what you're doing a real man?? "" Road is not a real man "cloud neutron channel length slightly shook his head," almost a hundred years old, they can be called old husband North Face Gore Clearance "" I remember, cloud neutron Road It was long an influential VIP arena, such as the mother of abducted apprentice thing, that went ahead, unambiguously, is a man of indomitable spirit, who knows, with the old and be cleared, ambition is not, I 'm sure that female bandit If you encounter now, is that nothing will go with you, because you simply can not a man, no, now you do not courage abducted apprentice mother of the "ancient Seeing a look of contempt Yunfeng cloud neutron channel length, said. "As the saying goes, this gun in the regime, it is not that the gun is not hard seasoned Why?? Seasoned with dragon-like now if is a fairy land, that is to say what is not to say what?? Worthwhile scruples others What?? "cloud neutron long road touches not a bit shy, originally Well, valor, especially when they mix these lakes, opening the eyes of those who do not, has long passed away. "Do not mention black dragon" Ancient Yunfeng tone a bit heavy, "what makes you qualified to mention the name of the black dragon?? Dragon's name this counterfeiters from your mouth and say it is the biggest insult to him and you know Ask yourself. if replaced by black dragon and he will do this against their conscience, contrary to what the moral thing?? That's the difference between you and him, dragon clear conscience, so he is less than thirty years of age, the land is already immortal, you , empty live a hundred years, and you live for nine hundred, nine thousand nine hundred hundred, thousand years bastard turtle "" You "cloud neutron channel length is Xiuyou gas. The old head flushed red rose, trembling lip service is speechless. "What I say something wrong?? Are you advocating that people who play it safe, absolutely can live a thousand years old. An almighty, I wish you long live Long live Long live the" ancient Yunfeng utter Bel agile, was saying Bel Air people, but why people do not say bad words. "Air brake Pindao the" cloud neutron channel long-winded eyebrows beard wildly, small eyes flushed red. "What gas gas??" Gu Yunfeng Road looked with disdain rather long, stretched white Sang Sang little hands child, "quickly put fake to me, a fake it, the identification of such masters in your eyes, is simply for you a pair of bean biggest insult to the eye, "" mad at me "cloud neutron Women's North Face Down long road panting. Gu Yunfeng glared, "You do not get what's Speech excited seasoned?? Road is not fooled, not only that, seasoned gave it a certificate of authenticity to prove that the broken knife is a fake," "really put myself seriously children the?? "Ancient Yunfeng up to sneer," the earth will not turn away from you?? appraisal certificate you out, I will not let a black dragon certificate of authenticity?? see it?? "Then, from the children toothpick arms pulled out a child, "said the dragon is Dinghaishenzhen, Yuan nerdy not dare to say not a word child you believe it??" "you" Neutron Road, a long time, some cloud powerlessness of shares Indeed, he was a certificate of authenticity is useless, as long as said Nie dragon knife is a good knife, if not a good knife. Yuan Siyu did not dare to refute, this is really the first time. He felt that his presence is still very weak, people do not take yourself too seriously children, is purely for icing on the cake. "What do you?? Quickly knife also my" Ancient Yunfeng Road, a long stare at a neutron cloud considerable disdain. "You also" cloud neutron road long teeth also knife sheath, and then threw the knife ancient Yunfeng. "Well," the ancient Yunfeng catch knife, could not help it snorted, readily raised his proud, "I hope this knife is the knife that you are looking for," This is really bad on the ancient road long neutron cloud Yunfeng new impressions, before feeling the girl Wen Wen quietly, may also be some yīn Shen, who is wishing, or even a belly full of bad water child person. "Good night, long live" Ancient Yunfeng Road, a long waved toward the neutron cloud, toss sleeves, stature erratic journeyman direction toward the convoy. "Let you down anymore than Hanyue seasoned looking knife knife" cloud neutron channel length also some childish, and are so ancient Yunfeng to the gas. "Ha ha," laughed the ancient Yunfeng to the sound from far away, "that I am not interested in what you're looking knife, the knife world apart from the black dragon, also my best friends Hanyue knife" "Ha Haha "cloud neutron laughed long road, but people will know it's not a funny feeling kind of smirk," Road to find the knife blade called Ming Hung, Hung Ming knife know what?? then But with Xuanyuanjian a level, let alone Hanyue knife, even black dragon Chi are not as "just said Xuanyuanjian Kankan energy and Chi shoulder, now a level with Xuanyuanjian a knife, it is stronger than the Chi , so that the words of experts, listen to even, if the letter is a fool. "That's really good, Chi is Xiaojun, so I found the Ming Hung knife, I'll give it to black dragon as a gift" Ancient Yunfeng excited voice getting smaller and smaller, obviously go far. "Oh, on her evil when the" cloud neutron channel length becomes sè excitedly at the time, and how so unwise, put their children looking for a tool name that came out? ? Gu Yunfeng can now not only know, Nie dragon, Yuan Siyu certainly know, if ancient Yunfeng better said, Ming Hung knife really born, but she certainly grab your own, but the dragon and Nie Yuan Siyu is different, this two people are a knife, if you see Ming Hung knife, the heart begat greed, that his old bones even fight, but they also robbed. "Ha ha ha" Ancient Yunfeng voice farther and farther, "Thank long road information matter, as long as the Ming Hung knife out, the aunt nǎinǎi will lay hold of the" "There is no I in what you thing." Yuan Siyu cold voice pass out. "My goodness," says the neutron channel long lament loudly. "Road to be finished. Brothers, I am sorry for you, you gave me my little mission smashed it to do" "not that Ming Hung knife it?? Let me say first, I did not tell you to grab that the broken knife "Nie black dragon on the release of a statement, holding the Chi Qin Xiaojun, dare to think of anything else? ? It is almost like faithless. "Ha ha ha ha" cloud neutron long road endless lament it just yet, at the moment it began to laugh, "the dragon still okay, good Yeah, or say black dragon kind it??" "But if you like my apprentice I'm sure her little desire to meet "Nie black dragon, then on the latter half of children drifting came. "Ga" cloud neutron long road music it just yet, at the moment that smile on his face froze in the old. "Ha ha ha ha," laughed the ancient Yunfeng, "long road Yeah, you'll regret it go, I regret to see how you did not use it, this is a bad conscience for punishment Yeah, no, not punishment, is retribution "" Old Niubizi, okay, not someone bully you what?? Regardless nǎinǎi help you, not that a broken knife it?? run for his aging mother, one of the top two "Yuan Siyu Gu Yunfeng proud to see not specifically to do with her children pair. Moreover, Nie dragon also offend her, and gave her happy Nie dragon clogging is dry thing, the most important is that she also has a knife, but Nie black dragon sent. "Siyu really timely ah, the world, such a good little fairy friends," says long road began moving neutrons, which Yuan Siyu put before that legendary Touch of Zen. "Hum" Ancient Yunfeng was not much say. Let Nie Yuan Siyu nasty black dragon, is her most happy to see. Gu Yunfeng is fast, few interest of effort to catch up with the team, and then figure jumped, jumped up four children carts. A Aishen, got into the cab. "Black dragon. How about??" Ancient Yunfeng one into the car, he saw a man sitting outside Nie dragon child on the sofa, quickly Xianbao like men will Hanyue knife to him, "You see how my knife ?? "" okay "Nie dragon took the sword, out of half of the children, gently sweep, they put a knife back into the sheath, slightly nodded his head," still make "will be returned to the ancient knife Yunfeng. "You saw what??" Gu Yunfeng also some are not happy, people you see, you do not look carefully, so perfunctory people ah? ? "Sure, of course, I'll give you a Certificate of Authenticity, which put Hanyue knife is genuine, in terms of quality child Zhanlu stronger than some, you can let Yuan sister went to wash your underwear." Nie dragon is very pertinent given evaluated. "Hate" ancient Yunfeng Xiuren dripping a white man, mouth pursed children Lao Gao, "You're bullying" lip service and action, but it is not far from the little rogue meaning, but rather shy rogue sat beside children. "In the end who is bullying ah?? You can not rely on me so close??" Nie take a look at the ancient Yunfeng a black dragon, some displeasure, said that he knew, Siyu Gu Yunfeng unlike Yuan, Yuan Siyu has called no skin, and how can you say no use, but the ancient Yunfeng different, as long as her pulling a face, she will be able sensible. "Oh," Gu Yunfeng little face on the somewhat embarrassing, involuntary body on toward the next child Nueliao Nue, and Nie black dragon opened a little distance, "I sit here, okay?? '" Keke cough "Nie dragon coughed involuntary body there children go out into the ancient Yunfeng Nuele Nue, and then I turned around, surprised to see some of the ancient Yunfeng one," I'm not letting you do not rely so close it?? '" hee hee "Ancient Yunfeng thought Nie dragon play games with her too, at the time hehe smile, leaning sideways children and Nuele Nue, any connection he opened some distance, which sat on the sofa next to edges on it," so okay?? "She just waiting man then squeeze over it, that time itself can be is no escape, only to let him bully friends. "Ah, almost" Nie dragon looked on, then moved to the couch on the other edges, "just this distance Yeah, I called again near indecent assault" "Well," the ancient Yunfeng mouth with child at the time toot up, obviously, Nie dragon play this little trick children so she had some not happy, it seems like people are a flower, you have to plug in this pile of smelly cow dung, could not help toward the corner of children lying in the compartment wolf dog beckoned, "Wolf, come" to their ancient wolf dog Yunfeng take the name, it North Face Gore is called Wolf, Ye Hao recognize her dog, and everyone's dogs to distinguish. Deliberately puppy whelp wolf on errands after toe cut out. Above it and some dried blood. Ah, the wolf is a dogleg on the toe out of a seemingly more degraded toes, this stuff is basically no effect, and even the grass in the woods running time, but also become cumbersome, generally Whose dog long Wolf toe, basically cut off, of course, some people suspected cut too bloody, the Department will use string or tail off. As long as the cord or cauda equina roots tied wolf toe, not how long it will be because of wolf blood barrier and toe necrosis, but only a little attached to the skin. Cut with scissors on the line. "Aoao wailing" Wolf hear the call of the owner, was called up on the excitement, fart fart Britain children's children went to the main person before, you squat down, wolf toe be cut off, there is no impact to its action. "Give me a roll child, play nice, and I will give you meat to eat together" Ancient Yunfeng with a tone of command and Wolf said. "Aoao wailing" Wolf wants smart, not only the owner can understand the words, but also to see the owner mood seems very cool. So he Aoao cried, rolling on the floor up, the funny and honest look, nothing like a wolf ancestry, but some actors like circus bear offspring. "Giggle giggle" ancient Yunfeng watching Wolf children rolling on the floor, put that funny look when she was amused, "Well, there are tours" Then, do not know how, and hands together on more red call call bacon. Then gently threw Wolf. "Aoao wailing" Wolf immediately Aoao cried, the bacon caught just three two, put the piece of meat to the children devoured, and then they looked pitiful his own master. I hope the owner can give yourself a chance to show. "You dance to his aging mother, his aging mother give you an alchemy eat" ancient Yunfeng arms out from a round yo alchemy. In front of Wolf shook, the temptation Road. "Aoao wailing" Wolf at the time excited, it's animal instinct tells it, the owner of the sinking ball in the hands of children, the benefits of its brilliant, just eat, you can reborn. Wolf did not know what to dance, but the word children from jumping in to guess about the meaning, then, after two small things Tuier the ground, jumped up in this compartment, sometimes a straight errands, sometimes a errands and bend, sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes jumping on the two jumped, sometimes took two steps, that way just like tango, very personable. "Ha ha ha ha ha," laughed the ancient Yunfeng, on a kind of meaning can not be restrained, and this puppy whelp, it is too funny, and she had not seen small to large dogs so funny. "Good dog, even allow you to become a circus clown training" Nie black dragon whelp puppies looked in there doing burlesque, it was on the black face sè. "My dog" Ancient Yunfeng did not say much, just spit out words children, declared himself the ownership of the dog. "Right, right, your dog," Nie dragon did not say anything, just looked away to the window, looking out at the scene sè trance. "Wolf, a good kind of" Ancient Yunfeng Nie dragon a look, mouth child on the ghost of a smile, and then threw the hands of inner alchemy Wolf. "Aoao wailing" Wolf shouted with excitement, mouth caught alchemy, alchemy and swallowed directly put in. "To master a song, Fengyun alchemy is yours, but Fengyun nedan birds fly, oh, maybe you eat, the president of a pair of children wings Oh," Yuan Siyu arms out and from an inner alchemy come in Wolf's eyes flashed twice Akira, said. "Aoao wailing" Wolf shaking his tail, looked at the hands of the master alchemy began confused, as the animals, they have the instinct of good fortune, for example, humans often have to take wild poisoning phenomenon, it is because human beings subjective consciousness is too strong, has been completely overwhelm the animal's instincts as, but animals, because of their limited intelligence, rì behavior more often rely on instinct, so basically the phenomenon of food poisoning does not occur, even if there is twelve cases of food poisoning phenomenon, it is because food is scarce, even if they have to bite the bullet and eat poisonous, so something to eat, what not to eat, humans need to Shennong dauntless jīng bothered to identify, while animals born know. "How?? Want to eat??" Gu Yunfeng's brow wrinkled up, I found myself some are not happy, and this puppy whelp also dare yourself to bargain? ? "Aoao wailing" Wolf see the owner face downcast sè, frightened at the time, lying on the floor, two front paws over his eyes, small body shivering, make an extreme fear look. "Interesting, you want to train a dog flying God??" Nie dragon ancient Yunfeng this thing do feel quite amateur, dogs and wings, which can be considered how children? ? No well-developed chest, much longer wings can not fly it. "My Dog" ancient Yunfeng Duzhuoxiaozui children, or just for those three words children. "Dog bites bad one" Nie dragon fiercely bared teeth, do not say anything, just like the ancient Yunfeng said, this dog is others, with their own can not half-dime, "just train the flying god dog, you do not have a car, riding your dog to go home just flying god, now I told you in advance bye "ps: Seeking recommendations, seeking collection (to be continued ... If you like this work we welcome you to the starting point (qidian.) recommended votes cast, monthly, your support is my greatest motivation.)
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