Having Been Knocked Out Of The 1994 Nfc Championship Game

November 24 [Sun], 2013, 6:13

Troy Aikman, suffering the damaging effects of a horrible concussion, asked the same questions over and over again.He was hospitalized, having been knocked out of the 1994 NFC championship game.It wasn't the only concussion the former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Famer would sustain.It just might have been the worst.Despite a greater level of scientific research being devoted to concussions, Aikman said if he had a son, he wouldn't push him into the game.

.Today, he is healthy and says he has none of the symptoms that he knows so many others are living with."I do not have a son; if I had a son, I wouldn't necessarily discourage him from playing football, but I don't know that I would encourage him to play either," he told SN.

.He added: "I don't know what the data show, but I haven't sensed there's been a reduction in head injuries.With that in mind, that's concerning.As long as we're having contact and as long as there are collisions, there's going to be head injuries."What the long-term consequences are of that, we're beginning to learn and that definitely will have an impact on the game as we know it".

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