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July 16 [Tue], 2013, 16:32
Say the Lakers losing Howard, I believe all the same, the Lakers must be intended with Howard as the cornerstone building, only because Bryant's presence, strong presence (refer to Wade), Howard can't stand can vibram jaya lr sale only run away. Without Howard the Lakers destined to be like Kelly Slater, the gradually embarked on the road to reconstruction. But who are the cornerstone building, 2014, James? Anthony? This is a puzzle. Bryant is a key, like Wade, Kobe Bryant, right to cede part, together with another coach, the Lakers will not be such a mess of the season. Most depressing is the Nash, the old man, this kid took a champion vibram bikila sale gone, but now pronounce and integrity in one's later years are not insured! The Lakers rebuilt road, where is it?
Ron Artest also called Tsz WPI, Tsu WPI is his Chinese name, meaning "charity · world · peace", but we Chinese fans had been used to call him Ron Artest, right, "the beast" Ron Artest. Meet Ron Artest is, of course, from the infamous "Palace of Auburn Hills fight" begins, we not only know that Walker has a small forward Ron Artest, also knows his gang war is very powerful. Later, he rockets, Yao Mai formed the rocket "big three", we're more familiar with Tai.
The soldiers made camp water, 4 years despite the Lakers Ron Artest left a lot of good memories, but he eventually understood, leaving that day will come. As the years honed and settling, Ron Artest's fiery temper has long worn, Colt already not when a gang war. Therefore, when I discover that I've become the team after the amnesty, was very calm.
There is also a concern, the rockets bench depth, for rockets lineup is not very familiar with, just a little worried ... Howard after the rockets sure to make millions. Morey is always the smartest one, after dayao, rocket stories, like that of a Woods, higher line is cute now all of a sudden. The outcome was that the excessive exploitation and utilization of Yao Ming, leading to dayao prematurely ended the career of (of course, a relationship with their physical fitness), know dayao hosts a number of the Chinese people's dream was finally shattered. Of course as an ordinary fan, hope that the rocket can use Howard!
Of course, if Jennings can't find a suitable live eventually, he could choose a man like Gordon 's, and male luxian signed a contract for day labourers, next year. I just don't know, is there any team willing to give Jennings offers an annual salary of around us $ 12 million contract.

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