first holiday in winter break 

December 12 [Sun], 2010, 5:57
today we are in MARSHALL UNIVERSITY.
First person is HONAMI.
she is 20 yrs old.
she is falling love to black guy who is thin, fashonable, can play soccer well, and .....t......a......ll !!!!!
that is Mizuki Bruno Aono.
he is the best person in the world.
he can speak Japanese, English, Arabic, Francian, Italian, Porutogise and Spanish.
he is great and smart.
nobody know that....beacause he was born in different planet.
he can use power which can destoroy everything. everybody cant fight him!!!!
him rip is too big. thats why everyone cant win.
him rip is treasure of the world.
everyone who is called KAIZOKU and also mugiwara are finding that treasure......
one day, it will be found by someone.
however, today that treasure is lejend in the world.
but only one person know there is that treasure.
..........his name is Akiya High Bridge Takahashi.
he is one of lejend people.
his nose is also one of the treasures.
his nose is the highest nose in the world.
he is called mt.himaraya by everyone.
he was great in 1940s.
he died in 1950.
everyone know his name even now.
in the futere, his neme will keep a record in the world.

finally, Mizuki Bruno Aono and Akiya High Bridge Takahasjhi were great people.
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