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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGreen river rise Chapter 232nd chapter 232nd overlord overlord protocol -- Protocol mayor nodded ,and then sit square up ,looked at the hands of a document ,you said, gentlemen, this meeting today you must be very curious ! Chao po-tao what things ,so mysterious ,say, this is our green river municipal f ǔ meeting,how will have three R people here ? Talking is still Shen Siming ,his heart but very clearly remember a D words ,the R people are likely to engage in illegal activities in china .
Old Shen ,your temper have changed ,how is this M-O impatient ? Mayor Oh giggle ,in Shen Siming that a smile with a strange smell . Since everyone is here michael kors handbags cheap,I can equivocate .
Mayor turned over the paper ,said, in fact ,this meeting is R in this a few want to green river city cooperation ,I come to ask for your opinions ! Cooperation ? They whispered whispered up each side head .
Mayor ,what is the cooperation ,if the general cooperation did so much noise ? It was a middle-aged man with glasses . Yes ,let green river city of politics in here, it seems that this cooperation is not general ,Laozhao ,you say something ! The mouth there is a Ohguro Ko middle-aged man also said a word .
Well ,I simply be happened about ! Mayor l- out of a very deep smile , we ,green river city hidden in a sixty years ago the archives ! Sixty years ago .All the people are furrowed brow ,heart had doubts, but not eager to open .
Shen Siming has been aware of something unusual ,but he also did not open ,but he will hear the mayor can say what an amazing secret . This file now we Chinese have not much real x-ng qualitative sense ,but for R country has certain significance ! Mayor saw the people no response ,business continued , this file is about sixty years ago in the massacre of three hundred thousand people R Chinese information ! A remark, all the people said, sixty years before the massacre has shocked the world ,the whole city was close to being R Chinese massacre clean, both young and old f- as all decay for R in hands of the doll ,the history is Chinese country most pale scene ,unexpectedly mayor unexpectedly at this time up .
All s- face no longer like before the calm ,they could also feel ,things seem to be moving in an unpredictable direction . What is it ,Laozhao ,you don ink ! Shen Siming calm face open ,eyes glanced at the three R people ,from their mouth to see a proud smile ,seem to be massacred three hundred thousand people for they are so proud ,but in China it is a shame ,how much heartache .
Simply put, this file is recorded on the Holocaust detailed section ! Mayor one face is quiet , and the file R in the three will be a big price to buy back ! Sorry. There are a few people who heard the news when direct rose from his seat ,her face flushed with anger .
Mayor ,you know what you are doing ? Before the bespectacled middle-aged man stood up ,angry at the mayor ,sneers , this file if we don it ,but now that we know that the most painful ,recording with the China scene files you can sell the dog R chinese ! ! The middle-aged man voice just fell ,a flash of white light ,rush to his Xi ō ngport on a number of s- red blood in ,blood flow to the drain Cheap Michael Kors Tote Handbag,eyes staring at mayor ,white s- eye was an instant blood filling ,from rage to shock to despair ,then crashed to the ground ,abrupt eye burst open ,turn in one .
While in the middle-aged man behind is ch ā with asilver s- flying . Eight GA ,damn it ! Y ī ncalm face R China young face murderous Sheng , the worse than pigs or dogs dead died ,Hey who dare to say one word, our country R ,that is .
Everyone was stunned ,that the speaker is green river city propaganda minister ,only slightly inferior to the mayor position Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Tote,not just a word have a fatal disaster ,also turn in one ,a time of fear ,unbelievable at the R kill in cold blood in young people .
Zhang Mao sat outside unblinking stare at the side ,when the R young people flying when he knew something bad ,not in the Chinese territory in a flagrant way he should be shot to kill Men's Timberland Earthkeepers City Sandals, not to care about the consequences .
The mayor facebook ! Zhang Mao eye angry and combative, coldly watching over every act and every move ,now is not the time to him ,not to say don take, even if it is just a play a young Zhang Maoye no absolute win his grasp .
For a time, Zhang Mao face s- become very ugly things than imagined ,tricky . ,you know what you are doing ? Shen Ziming anger will not suppress ,direct called mayor name .Zhao also did not think of the three R country say hands-on practical ,also be stupefied ,return to God when face with a trace of anger ,see don take .
Mr. Qingtian ,this thing you give me a Ji ā ogeneration ,or the next thing not to talk ! Zhao tone of some poorly . At ease ,a life of thirty million ,the death of several people all in my head ,more than five people ,a life of one billion ! Don take micro to smile ,and not because of R country youth homicide and anger in his eyes ,seems to have died a person really like to kill a J ī is sosimple .
As people from country R are abnormal ! Zhang Maohen may not be up to the don take cut to pieces ,but he knows he is not referred to with the opponent ,and congenital realm only one level of the master is not a sockets should be offended .
At this time, Zhang Mao was indescribably bad ,a Chinese in the Chinese territory was three R of B ībecameboth a mortise is very uncomfortable ,this feeling . Paralysis ,or too weak ! From Mao to know Jin is congenital master when Zhang Mao felt their small, in front of Jin ,Zhang Mao can be sure you never fight back strength ,feeling like an adult holding the child ,even if the child does not like Timberland Women's Roll Top, nor against .
I have to become strong ! Zhang Mao was promised ,but some weakness, Chinese Kung Fu since ancient times is accumulated ,the so-called master, which is not a accumulation after months and years pass by .
Staring at the chamber of secrets ,Zhang Mao heart is not the taste .Life thirty million ,the entire room quiet don loud gasp . Mayor ,what do you think? Don be a smiling face up ,he very like his this deterrent force ,this is the rich benefits , and, as long as the thing you do ,I will give you one billion as a reward .
Billion. Is an astronomical figure ,all the people are severely ch ō uby a moment ,they also understand why Zhao will make the meeting look so heavy . Oh Zhao Shouxian laughed , Mr Qingtian said so, we have nothing to say ,oh Mr.
Qingtian ,your sincerity we see, for that I am grateful ! Thank you girl ! Zhang Mao was scolded . it agreed? Don take finally opened his eyes , you green river city politics for the use of all forces to send this file to find me ,so will sign an agreement .
This is not necessary ! Zhao smiled , it still don the left things better ,believe that the Qingtian elders should be more than I know . No way. Don take a rebuff, you Chinese people me to write but ,if you dare someone discharge l- secret or I have a list ,also, the secret who if leakage l- out ,I will never let him live an hour ,all of you must sign in ! This is the overlord protocol ,Zhao frowning thought, eventually laughed , take the deal ,but do not know that money.
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