with feelings of rapid and .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 302nd chapter of Liu Panpan Korean wind ! When Hanfeng was sleeping ,he heard an angry voice ,long-term crisis consciousness let Han wind moment jumped up from the bed ,ready for battle .
However ,inside the room quickly uttered a scream ,not Han Feng ,but that an angry voice in person ,which is a girl ,the scream is comparable to VITAS treble ,but VITAS treble sounds be good to hear or see ,and her voice sounded so it with one .
,what are you doing ? Han Feng saw Liu Panpan covered his eyes ,look down to see to know ,that he only wore a pair of underpants, the upper body is naked ,Han Feng lie down ,with the quilt cover body .
You !You put on clothes ! Liu Panpan turned her back to South Korea said the wind . You ,you can not go out for a while? Han Feng used to discuss the tone .Liu Panpan listened to the Han wind this sentence ,blush worse ,her eyes hands quickly down to ,her face ,out of the Korean Air door .
Please take home ! Touch ! Han wind door is closed by Liu Panpan .Hanfeng looked at the closed door ,helpless smile ,the little girl is really a very innocent Han wind change ,walked out of the room ,he saw Liu Panpan sitting on the couch in the living room ,one face feel depressed .
How? What .Hanfeng asked .You see .Liu Panpan refers to a table with a newspaper said .Han Feng walked up to the table ,picked up the newspaper ,is opposite to his news is the emperor of Japan to marry the news ,newspapers also published a photo of Matsushita Yukiko .
This I already know . Han wind calm down the newspaper said .The tension of the fears have been yesterday in the past ,and Hanfeng ,know what to do next ,he no longer because of this thing about their emotions .
This is Han Feng ,but he was too calm response to look in Liu Panpan eyes are quite unhappy ,in her mind the idea of good advance ,Han Feng in to see this message when, should be the first edge ,and then show was shocked, and then is nervous and worried and sad .
However ,Hanfeng and she conceived of the opposite .This can not let Liu Panpan feel angry . Aren ? Liu Panpan apparently on Han wind calm reaction is angry very . What do you mean ? What do you mean ?Fortunate son will get married !You have no reaction ? Matsushita Yukiko stood up from the sofa ,both hands akimbo ,like the Han said the wind .
You talk to me timberland men's earthkeeperstm 2-eye cupsole boat shoes! Liu Panpan was apparently angry to disrupt the mind Timberland Men's Cupsole 2 Eye shoes,her words have a second ,ranging from Han wind response ,is unable to hold oneself back and said . for you how you should know ! Liu Panpan pointed his finger at the Han Feng said : you know what ?At the time when Sachiko here ,and get up early every morning ,breakfast for you to do ,every time ,and will bring your love to eat vegetables, a night time stayed in the kitchen ,just to give you a good meal .
Cooked food must wait till you come home to eat . Liu Panpan said this, tears in eyes already in the circle . A woman would be for a man so bear hardship without complaint ,can it on your feelings ? Liu Fang meet Hanfeng no response ,heart is cold already half ,a sense of disappointment welled up in her heart .
And she is loving you !She love you more than anyone !Do you know .Liu Panpan cheeks two lines of tears .Liu hoped to see Han wind still no response ,I have complete despair ,this man is worthy of its own to love him ?Liu Panpan fingers with Hanfeng ,tearful said : good !Starting today ,I had nothing to do with you ! She uttered the words, tears are worse ,she turned to put one ,step up, going door run time, her hands were to pull out .
You let me go !Let me go. Liu Panpan struggles to the body said .Just as Liu Panpan was struggling, she felt his body suddenly caught in an embrace .t go !I forbid you to leave ! Han wind behind Liu Panpan to hold ,overbearing incomparable to she said .
Liu Panpan paused ,her mind is a blank .Don know what to do . You said I know . Hanfeng said , thank you !Panpan ,thank you so much for caring me . Han wind tone in the soulful . I sorry you !But ,but you like to help me .
I love one another ,but ,you can not blame me ,I really don repay you ,really ! Hanfeng hold Liu Panpan . Sachiko marry thing yesterday I know ,when I learned that she had to get married Cheap Mens North Face Vest,I made a decision, I will go to Japan for her .
Because ,I love her, and love you so deep . Liu Panpan heard Hanfeng last words, trembling a little, a kind of sweet feeling ,stop the tears welled up again .The tears are more violently ,with feelings of rapid and .
I didn I will find Sachiko ,I am afraid ,I am afraid you would ignore me North Face Targhee Triclimate Womens,but ,you react to my surprise north face sale,I all thought ,but just in case they never thought . Han Feng close my eyes and said .
I do not think you and Sachiko feelings so deep ,I can only say sorry ,is I do not, I should not to tell you the truth ,I should not tell you my decision .Do not be angry ,I would go to Japan to find her ,I will stop her marriage .
Korean Air will Liu Panpan turned ,affectionate toward her and said .Liu Panpan listened to Hanfeng ,was in floods of tears ,at the moment of her face covered with tears ,delicate and touching look at the clothes ,the south wind .
Han Feng hand cuff gently helped Liu Panpan to wipe the tears on her face, edge to edge to her and said: don ,you cry, my heart is broken . Liu Panpan never did drag ,for these words of course not heard ,heard when Hanfeng this sentence ,red face instantly ,immediately lowered his head, not to see Han wind .
PS : sorry ,because the company two days before a sale, fruit cargo unloading goods, cloth field where busy busy busy the whole day ,and on the outside of a night, too tired ,hands and feet ache so ,every day in the bargains at has returned home ,tonight ten thirty, the fruit is endured the pain update this chapter ,I hope you can understand .
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