Choice of hiking shoes and outdoor socks

October 10 [Wed], 2012, 12:45
Choice of hiking boots and outdoor socks - different options depending on the purpose
Walking destination, select hiking and outdoor socks is different. General outing that day back, wear ordinary sports christian louboutin outlet can.
Walk into the wild, especially mountain road, do not wear new shoes. Feet with new shoes, not running, easy to wear new shoes foot fatigue and injuries.
Walking in the mountains, various circumstances will encounter, mountain walking should choose a strong outdoor shoes, thick soles to the bottom of a large deep patterns, can play a very good anti-slip effect; soles with hard rubber made on gravel and uneven pavement can effectively protect the feet; uppers and hard, you can play the role of support ankle; wear these shoes, the water is not easy to immerse shoes. Such shoes known as climbing shoes. Hiking shoes uppers usually use leather or 1000D nylon fabric, leather itself is waterproof breathable nylon surface plus a waterproof breathable membrane may also play the same role.
Wear hiking shoes to feel the toes whether it can be activities, if not activities shoes too small toe front end should be left to one centimeter gap. Must stop and look, between the heel and the heel slide easily bruised foot, this shoe is inappropriate.
Department of mountaineering laces not too loose or too tight, that will make your feet premature fatigue and vulnerable. Shoelaces too long to be cut, so as not to trip over their own or foreign body hook. Use flat ribbon laces, do not use the round rope laces, fasten shoelace rope is not easy, easy release. March found to the laces loosen, immediately tied, in order to avoid danger.
Outdoor socks size should be moderate, too big, too small do not want it. The feet are walking in the most red bottom shoes sale diligent, hard to be kind to your feet. Outdoor socks points such as cotton, wool, man-made fiber and mixed-mode.
Cotton socks: perspiration, perspiration, tactile, suitable for outing. In a multi-day march, wearing this sock feet most prone to blisters.
Wool socks: warm, cold weather wear very comfortable, but heavier.
Chemical fiber socks: perspiration odor, should always wash.
Chemical fiber cashmere socks: warm, light weight, comfortable, cold weather, field sports preferred.
Mixed socks: absorbent, wicking, tactile, suitable for multi-day march.
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