Because behind heavy luggage

September 27 [Thu], 2012, 16:47
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultYuan painting heart suspicious looks at He Xiaotian and then a cold voice : honest confession Timberland Men's Classic,is it right? Female ,age ? He Xiaotian wiped the perspiration from his way: Oh ,you think too much .
.. ... Help. When He Xiaotian is suddenly being yuan painting heart ripped down .This is not over ,quilt cover ,painted heart slightly angry : today you sleep on the couch ,don go to ah ,hum .
He Xiaotian got up from the ground and then crawled into bed pleaded : my heart baby ,really not as you want, give me the little quilt ,how are you today the air-conditioning was so cold ,I have to catch a cold .
See no effect of He Xiaotian resigned to sleep on the couch ,more terrible is the evening just before he falls asleep also received a message, Lv Muqing let him tomorrow Li Bingshan home to meet her ,said tomorrow to the mountain to see a day out .
Any small city with a sigh ,but dare not to close my eyes ,only to sleep ,and tomorrow at five clock must climb up .In the middle of the night ,He Xiaotian drifted between seem to hear yuan painting in calling him ,but He Xiaotian is already asleep where also climbed up ,turn around and fell asleep again .
Yuan painting heart sat up from the bed ,then hold your knees at lying on the sofa, He Xiaotian ,and my heart is gas is pained ,after a long couldn ,painting ,picked up the quilt and then he slept together ,which can ,painting a heart next to He Xiao day peace of mind at ease much, fell asleep .
Sky in the morning light ,where Xiao-Tian opened my eyes looked at the time ,.Suddenly a Jiling, quickly sat up ,but let this side ,painting it is turned over .He Xiaotian slowly stands up and get dressed, drove toward Li Bingshan house .
And when he came to Li Bingshan home, Lv Muqing is seen carrying a big suitcase stood there waiting for him .He Xiaotian knew that he came late, busy run forward and then helped Lv Muqing luggage in the trunk of the inside ,a face angry Lv Muqing saw him so obedient, the mood is a little better .
Because of the mountain from river city to still have a paragraph of space and time ,not too much, He Xiaotian had to hurry to accelerate horsepower heading up to ,and behind Lv Muqing, map out a careful study .
But now he is at the time, so the cars on the road is not much, but it is just the motorway ,so any small days Run especially smooth ,last for only half an hour on a high speed to a mountain .
Lv Muqing He Xiaotian for the speeding is unhappy ,feel this is her great beauty in the life of make fun of ,and decided to let He Xiaotian come back the big bag .He Xiaotian sniffed ,and then looked at the black mountain fuzzy contour not confident : Hey ,Lu beauty ,are you sure we now go up ? Lv Muqing frowned at his head and said: did not think of ,here with me ten years ago when different ah ,let see .
He Xiaotian exclaims : what ... ... Ten years ago .Uh ,okay . See Lv Muqing that will eat people ,He Xiaotian know each other now is not questioned, so had obediently followed slowly began to climb the mountain .
Fortunately, the two soon found a fairly clear path, Lv Muqing was pleased ,walked also humming a song ,a pair of living a life of ease and leisure .With He Xiaotian in the back is rubbed his big black eyes ,constant discount .
Because behind heavy luggage ,that He Xiaotian did not stop kick tone .When He Xiaotian secretly curse in front of Lv Muqing ,suddenly in front of Lv Muqing as a telepathic general accidentally stepped on empty ,it suddenly fell on the ground .
Behind He Xiaotian secretly smiled ,and then immediately under the lamp will be in front of the LV beauty up ,He Xiaotian had watched Lv Muqing a bit plump figure thought she was a bit heavy ,but did not expect the hand has touched Lv Muqing body suddenly feel like wrong .
Although Lv Muqing is a former model ,height nearly eight meters ,but weight and not much Michael Kors iPhone Cheap,says she is plump most is her chest is to confuse .Lv Muqing lifted the next looks at his bloody wound suddenly exclaimed : Oh ,this is a disaster .
And let He Xiaotian out of his own to bring ointment .He Xiaotian looked at the said : this is not OK cloth ,no scarring ,mouth to breathe on the line . Lv Muqing gave his disgust : bad nausea ah ,hurry back .
He Xiaotian speechless had to be so big bags on the ground and then start looking up ,the results make why Xiao-Tian big embarrassment, he accidentally in inside out Lv Muqing ABC .Lv Muqing ,said: give me back, who let you find that, rogue .
He Xiaotian touched the nose of dark passage ,it is the legendary menstrual hand .Finally Lv Muqing the tiny wound dressing well, He Xiaotian made another part-time ,that will hold the delicate beauty .
Finally two people arrived at the mountaintop before the sunrise .This time even the body as srong as a horse tired do not want to talk ,he always can not understand Michael Kors iPhone Cases Cheap, why does Lv Muqing want to choose such a highway mountain to watch the sunrise locations as their own .
Sit down at a fast on the rocks of Lv Muqing watched from afar the slowly rising sun excited began to dance with joy ,where small days went : Hey ,you freak ,careful to pig out and bite you .
Consciousness still morning, Lu Muqing busy than mouth ,turns out oneself bring snacks and then watching the red sun side happy snacks .He Xiaotian doesn how many times the sunrise seen ,feel quite boring ,a stay in the tree soon felt a chill in the air .
As the morning out too quickly, He Xiaotian wore a sleeveless T blood unlined upper garment ,at the beginning has been sitting in the car do not feel ,but now exhausted after such a mountain ,was suddenly feel myself chilly straight run the air conditioner .
The side with the coat of LV Muqing turned and looked at how small natural then asked: why don wear a coat ,in order to show me his strong, also not well . He Xiaotian pursed her own hair black lips ,after a long before: beauty ,I hear people say that you care about those children out of school for many years is it right? ,and those homeless wanderer ? Lv Muqing fried blink and smile: what are you trying to say ? He Xiaotian sniffed and said: can you show your style ,take your coat lend me Phi a Phi ? Lv Muqing hurried his jacket zipped then never replied : you do not belong to my love object ,so you stop dreaming ,if cold can go mountain to carry my wild boar ,you just said that the wild boar to bite me ,to play your strong man .
Protect me ,so that you will be with a sense of accomplishment . He Xiaotian hit a big sneeze ,and then look for a Ling slowly came to Lv Muqing .Lv Muqing sees He Xiaotian bad eyes was frightened and said: He Xiaotian ,what are you going to do, you come over again I call .
He Xiaotian looked around the barren mountain wild forest laughs: Oh ,you call it, even breaking the throat and no one you, ha ha ha ha . And He Xiaotian made the last .This was still small mountain rang immediately successive scream, scared many birds and animals are flapping wing walking away .
For a long time He Xiaotian wearing Lv Muqing clothes and then wrapped in Lv Muqing in that watch the sunrise .Feeling He Xiaotian uploads of masculinity ,originally angry Lv Muqing necessarily somewhat like feeling ,time secretly scold his pass .
He Xiaotian finally pick up, I feel good : ,we play a game ? Was angry with that Lv Muqing did a good airway : what do you want to do? He Xiaotian smiled and said : as we play what idiom ,who pick up, who at beyond the valley highway shouted yes ,or else can ,but must be someone give you out, he said not to calculate .
Lv Muqing and shook his head : really poor taste of the game ,I don . He Xiaotian bad smiled and turned to Lv Muqing .Lv Muqing said : you hate the lady-killer ,is really shameless, dirty ,not just people .
He Xiaotian smiled and said : you say so that no one can hear ,and I can refute idiom ,but if you win, then you can shout out ,then I will be in the ground behind the word yes ,what he said is right .
, how, in consider ? A few minutes later ,Lv Muqing squinting his eyes smiled: good ,you this offer is good ,just wait until you take that, ha ha . He Xiaotian saw each other only a few centimeters from his face cannot help pinching her nose ,the result was a fat beat Lv Muqing .
He Xiaotian touched his sore arm and said: I just feel ,well, now we hark back to the subject Michael Kors Classic Bag Cheap,start, the girl preferred ,you go first . Lv Muqing nodded and puckering of beautiful eyebrow carefully thought for a moment and then smiled and said : just wait until you make a fool of me, I want to say is, yegonghaolong Kids Timberland Boots,hehe ,come on Oh ,I give you the number of countdown oh .
See a face Lv Muqing proud ,He Xiaotian touched the chin ,Lv Muqing in the countdown to two when ,suddenly blurt out: lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy .Ha ha ,that was a close call, now it is your turn, come on I have to count the countdown .
Originally it to victory by Lv Muqing heard He Xiaotian answer out ,suddenly scratch hair thought .But grew more and more impatient .When and where a small number of days to ,Lv Muqing quickly interrupted: no, the girl should be extended for ten seconds .
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