About new UI display picture in develops log

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 16:00

Some observant players found in the develops log released this morning: the article about multiplayer game improvement, there is a file named “regain hope” task between those showed picture. In fact, this task has been renamed to “light to hope” before game released. What players saw is not game screenshot, but the Buy LED lamp interface analog panel used when design. Subsequently, blizzard replaced the picture in the article.

Blizzard Spokesman: Vaeflare

The aim to publish these pictures is to show the new interface elements will be added to 1. 08 patch. Such as “nearby players” and “ private chat”. But in fact what you saw is only an analog interface for front-end system, not the actual game screenshot(So there will be some intended elements).

When we plan to change the interface, we often put these elements into our analog interface panel, and this panel is already exists before the game’s release. Some of those elements has been modified after release. And about the situation you said, actually the fourth act task “regain hope” has been renamed to “light to hope” before game release. Also, for those stubborn people, you can see the background displayed is not the supreme day of the fourth act, but the scene of the first act.

We apologize for any unnecessary confusion caused by any analog images. We hope you will like the information they convey: We are working hard to bring some exciting improvement for Diablo 3, such as plot, Diablo 3 Gold, Diablo 3 items and so on.

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