The Blizzard of subsequent blog post discussion About the Diablo 3 PVP

June 27 [Thu], 2013, 15:18

For our community, and like the Diablo 3 such a game, you can not hurry to come up with some very perfect fool in the past. But I always feel that this game has some of the flavor of crashing withstand excessive expectations "Then lost the game but still have to continue to make the game development completed Cheap LED bulb prior sale Diablo 3 Gold. Anyway, if developers feel that PVP is not yet complete, it would continue to do it, at least than throwing something terrible stuff out strong.

I can completely understand people how disappointed was delayed when it was discovered that the new content should be introduced, even before the preview was overthrown when. But I hope you can see how much we wish to Diablo 3 made the best game, give you the best updates. But the fact is that the team and mode of death can not meet our expectations for the game.

And the Diablo 3 made the best game the only way is to ensure that each new function, every update is in line with expectations. If we arbitrarily come up with some common content or rush things work out, may temporarily satisfy the curiosity of some players, but in the long run is a very bad decision. Therefore, we would like to emphasize again that PVP will not be casually released, we are still trying to improve it.

Why not first put out to attract the players attention and we feel involved in the test server.

First of all, you will not all of the new features in the PTR or any other form of test to see. But this does not mean that PVP will not appear in the PTR server. Game developers process is in the public before the test, we will first conduct internal testing to see if it achieved the expected goals, if not, this content must be redone. Only when the internal test results in line with our expectations, this content will be released for public testing, to see if it truly is completed.

Unfortunately, team death mode and not through internal testing, so had to be redone. This means Diablo 3 PVP feature finished it? Of course not, this means that PVP will appear in a brand-new look. This is the PVP blog would like to convey to all the

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