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September 24 [Mon], 2012, 11:02

above, enjoying the the noon sunshine of exposure, but far from the beach, the passengers are still enjoying sunbathing laughter continued North Face Men's Chloe Fleece Jackets, and here is one of the very nice beach in Spain. Cadiz Spain very famous tourist destination. exposes more problems. to occupy the middle reaches in the league, Cadiz's strength is not weak, last demoted teams in La Liga last season, this season, is aiming to return to La Liga. Any warm-up match before competitors than are more valuable, while Real Betis Real Madrid's semi-final opponent is, the winner will enter the final encounter plus the winner between Sri Lanka and Villarreal . zipper quality of the team, they did not ask if a collective activities. also actively into the squad, I think this is a very good sign. and shook his head, personal training, his team's summer preparing for · performance is always a steady improvement, which can not be denied, and his status is getting better and better. ? Telu Ai asked, to help bring to the team · He will be the main force! City game, they fit very well. the stage? players not already adapt your tactics? very neutral, we just take advantage of, and play to our advantage in technically and ball, but we want to see · In Europe, other teams will not give us much space. think, the best Real Madrid when will come? good indeed. Fans, he felt that you seemed to be very focused in Real Madrid's offensive tactics, with David = Silva, David Villa and Raul, this is not representative of the new season, the team's attacking trident play a pivotal role in it? Ramos, Alonso, Mascherano, people are just as important as offense and defense do not rely on one person, rely on the whole! Real Madrid the biggest difference, which is not said that the scandal of those to be linked with Real Madrid superstar are difficult to come to Real Madrid it? to them into the overall mutual benefit! , he seems very concerned about the problem. the main strength and potential, who is starting to see the state! one thing, everyone will be inert, will feel tired, need motivation and encouragement, so I'll give them pressure, let the team every position are highly competitive, full pressure. benefits also beneficial to the players! Telu Ai heavy nodded, Yang Cheng smiled and shook his head to Torreya. Course no superstar so arrogant, but asks rhetorically: full introduction, it makes our team is full of loopholes. give them trust? old Raul, Guti and Casillas, and Mata, Granero, De la Red, Negredo and Soldado, etc. In addition, I think our future yts teenager Paredes Huo also outstanding rookie, Harvey = Garcia equally impressive! Yang Cheng smiled and immediately connected to one, you win Experts always been how do you view yourself? still, so they have a mature, stable team! referee referee and La Liga is different enforcement standards, he asked me, how different, I will not answer! exercise and familiar, they will adapt to and master. efforts to compete for the league title, because they just favorite it, we also have a chance! Barcelona three consecutive years! Telu Ai said. Yang Cheng nodded, positive attitude that the coach does is tell the real situation of Real Madrid's Aspen newspaper column, Telu Ai also remind all Real Madrid fans, do not nan victory in the game, you blind optimistic, after all, Real Madrid also just learned just a toddler, not like the kind of adults in Barcelona as eighty or mistakes, resulting in Edu wonderful - Biography Dani, leading a ball into the Spanish right back whether it is playing the middle, or play the wing, there are always defensive too edgy, as people difficult to be assured of the problem, so that player Yang Cheng really can not rest assured that he arranged in the middle because he is just like a time bomb, like so let him play winger to play his assault capability advantages, did not expect the problem is still a lot. Ramos young gas Sheng, chasing the referee after scoring Real Betis care about, also received a yellow card, if not Raul stop him, it is estimated that he may be angry retake a yellow card. leadership ability, but not mature enough! Shake Benitez with a wry smile, Yang Cheng angry. Directly in the first 23 minutes, with Salgado Ramos replace him this kid some stunned this is just a warm-up match, but the coach has direct him replace him, and game was 23 minutes, this is a naked expression of dissatisfaction saw him angrily walk off stare Yang Cheng a rejection is not rejection he, directly into the players tunnel cake a little to make it look good? a lesson from Sevilla debut to the present · he too smooth, playing professional league to this number so that joining Real Madrid into the Spanish national team in the World Cup, his entire career so far are too smooth. some pride Ramos UGG Cove Boots, definitely not conducive to a 20-year-old player improve, because you want to continue to progress, we should clearly see their own shortcomings, if you just blindly feel their excellent class. That is how progress? improve? a talent! Yang Cheng faint. Ramos's talent is unquestionable, regardless of physical fitness, speed, character, or pitch, high morale, are worthy of praise, but if you do not get rid of frizz and some personality problems, he always do not expect among the top ranks. Salgado experienced after playing Real Madrid defense has been reinforced, Yang Cheng also by the adjustment to stabilize the situation, the team began played some of the offensive 43 minutes Alonso, Xavi = forward runs had the ball, the ball crossing the ball to the left side of the bottom line, David = Silva plug homeopathic kick over the top pass, the ball hanging to the restricted area after the point, David Beckham from the right plug in restricted Youlei, chest, stopping homeopathic foot volley, the goalkeeper saved the ball flying, Raul keep up the left foot Tongshe scoring! which Raul preparing for when the new season at home to enter the first goal, the excitement of the Real Madrid captain rushed to the corner flag, cheering facing live lens around the Real Madrid team-mate told up celebrate the second half both sides Easy side battles, Yang Cheng breath replaced the four people, Negredo replaced Villa with Tiago = Silva replaced Cannavaro sprained an ankle, then Mata replaced Silva replaced Alonso with Guti. breath substitutions, Real Madrid after a period of time of confusion, but the first 60 minutes cheap timberland, Betis Assumpcao frontier closed area, kicked the long-range ground-breaking, once again ripped through the Real Madrid goal, Casillas this very hard to detect the long-range kick sudden can just lose the ball less than three minutes, David Beckham on the right time to get rid of the kicker pass England midfielder told the club to renew negotiations After that, the state is getting better and better, and this kick pass very firm and precise, accurate found Negredo in the restricted area, which is like a dry pull onions general leaping header hit the ball smashing into the Betis goal, scored the first goal of the warm-up match personal! Road, the ball once pulled again equalized after Real Madrid win the Beckham, cross knocked to the frontier closed area, the Raul retracement anti ran pulled out of the defensive player Cheap Womens North Face Denali, Guti kick Zhisai, Negredo to keep up with foot volley into the three goals of the individual warm-up match, 32 overtake! then, Yang Cheng with Sergio Aguero replace labor Seoul play, the latter and Mata in the continuous breakthrough with the time left, defensive player blocked Chuledixian point before Beckham's corner kick assists Thuram into the the first tablets into French defender joining Real Madrid The ball 42 Real Madrid won the first warm-up match local victory, also enter Carranza Cup final! but in a later game, Cadiz upset 33 penalty beat Villarreal in the latter the two main players breath hurt in the game, the last shootout loss to the home team, missed the final. to let Yang Cheng regretted Villarreal, Real Madrid, then missed a very good warm-up opportunity missed. 2 days later, Real Madrid 1:0 beat Cadiz, got the first warm-up match trophy of the new season, is also the club after an absence of 25 years Carranza Cup so after Carranza Cup, the team returned to the Madrid, took part in the season's final warm-up match held at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the Bernabeu Cup, this time the warm-up opponents Ibo Anderlecht 3-game winning streak in the Belgian league, ranked first Real Madrid performed very well in the first half, by virtue of Villa scored twice, leading Beckham and Harvey = Alonso dedication assists, but in the second half, the two sides have carried a large area of ​​change people, Yang Cheng is breath put 10 players, in addition to Cannavaro, to replace all the other large area of ​​substitutions, but you can see that the overall formation of Real Madrid and not much confusion, just offensive encounter Anderlecht containment, and in the 75th minute, Anderlecht into a ball final, Real Madrid 2:1 home victory over Anderlecht won the Bernabeu Cup victory but Real Madrid's two warm-up tournament victory, can not cover up the scenery of Barcelona in two rounds, with a total score of 4:0 achievements victory over Espanyol defeated the latter scored Spanish Super Cup, has made the beginning of the new season's first official Cup World Sports Daily Logout a headline in the next day's headlines, definitely give Barcelona eventually lost the championship! this quarrel soon spread to the country of Spain, and even extending to the Champions League draw! 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