Get annoyed 

January 10 [Thu], 2008, 18:31
Today I was absent from work because of my fever of 38.6..
It 's so annoying.
I have a sore throut,and runny nose..

Anyway,national center test for university is coming soon.
Entrance test takers are so nervous and teed off at this time.
As for boyfriend,he 'll also take it.
I hope he can do his best..

If he succeed in getting sufficient score for his preferred university in the exam,
he can live near me...

I hope it'll come true!

First diary 

January 06 [Sun], 2008, 19:14
This is my first diary here!!

I wanna write my diary in English to keep practicing writing and make my story in my life hard to understand lol

This diary would be just what I think everyday..

Today,I came back to Tokyo from Aomori where is my hometown.

I've stayed there for a week.
I felt family home really cozy.After having stayed,I was relutant to get back..

Just now, I feel lonliness!!

During this term,I could meet my boyfriend.He lives in Aomori.
I mean, we are in long distance love.
we can meet almost once a month.
But I'm easy to feel lonliess ,so is he.

Fortunately,we have willcom,therefore we can talk everyday.
But we can't see each face on talking on the phone,can' we?

Therefore sometimes I can't see how he feels,why he says so,what he thinks.
we can't understand each true feelings, then pervert each.
It could provoke a bickering...

I'm eager to think the day that we can live much closer come ASAP every time it happens..

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