Warcraft hatching to know

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 11:24
() This is not no island Arthur and Karen each other as one, both sides saw each other in the eyes of surprise, yes, this is really amazing, is not such a deserted desert island, why is there an excavated pit it? Can be determined, this is definitely not a natural formation of potholes, if not man-made, that is the high IQ of Warcraft committed, but in this desert island, what would exist Warcraft it? It is unscientific ah, obviously the island's environment is not suitable for any living organisms, Is there ground biomass eat stones survive it? "How to do? Want to have a look at it?" Karen Arthur looked a little nervous, in this strange desert island, suddenly appeared such a pothole, have concerns about being a girl is normal hearts, while the same , and Arthur's heart is also considering the issue of these potholes. "Go look at it, since we have nothing now other options are not you?" Arthur shrugged his shoulders, after repeated consideration, Arthur decided to look into this pit where the situation, after all, placed in him and Timberland Women's Sandals Kay Lynn two options in front of it, the first is to remain in place, and the second is to find out, is not alone in situ dry Arthur xìng grid, so naturally he was to go see the situation. "Ah." See Arthur so cool, Kerin also gradually put down the hearts of panic, no matter what, there are potholes, as long as there is Arthur, then what is there to fear? In this way, the former Karen Arthur in the post, they gradually went softly potholes near to, check it carefully about it, from the surface do not see anything unusual, just a dark round hole only, seems to want to find the answer, then he had got to go in and see. Lit a torch thrown into the cave, Arthur found torch still burning, evidently no problem, fairly fresh air in the cave, so you can go in now. "Here, I am afraid that is not man-made." Torch after entering potholes being, Arthur found that, there are no artificial cut-off marks, the walls of the cave is very rough, but there are many Zhaohen exists, then In this way, then this should be a cave of Warcraft. World of Warcraft? If there Warcraft, then it would have to be careful of. Walking in front of Arthur's sword out of the waist, while Karen Arthur also seems to understand the meaning of the magic hands of cohesion, are ready at any time to prepare hair shè magic. "Nothing?" Let Arthur by surprise, this cave is not very deep, and soon he and Karen came to the deepest, but even here, and Arthur and Karen still nothing, is it a abandoned cave? Living inside World of Warcraft already dead or gone? "Really nothing yet." See the deepest cave is empty, Carin had tense mood gradually down, but instead there is a little bit lost, originally thought what can be found here, but what are no. "It really is," Arthur is also very disappointed, but there is no other way, since nothing, then it would leave it. But in Arthur turned to leave the cave and Kerin, when torches swept cave over the edge of a sudden anti shè faint light, where there is something? Arthur was very puzzled looked at Karen, but Karen is confused on this, well, since the saw, then have a look at what is good. Approached a look, boy, turned out to be a reflective original height of about half a meter or so eggs, the surface is very smooth, anti-shè a little fire to absolutely no problem, but the problem is the key here why an egg Does that mean that this is the original Warcraft living in caves leaving eggs do? So big, then this body of Warcraft certainly not small, right? That it is also how to live in this not particularly huge potholes in it? Do not stuck on it? "What is this egg it?" Leaned in front of watching eggs, Arthur found that the eggs actually accompanied by a hint of red sè pattern, but the egg placed in some long time here, some do not see clear that the specific pattern looks like. "I do not know yet." Kerin although informed, but such a big Warcraft eggs, and even she is also the first time I saw, Canada Goose Kensington Parka and this pattern is also not familiar with her, he still had read so loss many books, at the crucial moment even irrelevant at this moment of their lack of knowledge Kerin feel very ashamed. "First moved out to see optimistic." Search again found a cave, Arthur Gross failed to find the roots of Warcraft, and finally only one picked up the eggs, one hand holding a torch, walked steadily toward the outside the cave , no way, hard to find such a trophy, we can not leave empty-handed, right. "This in the end is what Warcraft eggs do." Potholes outside Arthur looked carefully in front of Warcraft eggs, egg he found it very interesting, very Guanghua touched on the surface, but the pattern on the shell, but it is sè already lost a lot, which in the end is how is it? Could it be that this pattern is painted? Or also said that the presence of the egg time so long ago? "This is not a dead egg, there is also the existence of life." Really worthy of a bright line magician, Kerin quickly check it out from a hint of egg breath of life. "Live? Then we can put the egg to hatch?" Arthur shines, if this is what a strong World of Warcraft, then this one may make of it, you know, this could hatch World of Warcraft eggs are very valuable, if they can hatch out a strong partner of Warcraft when it is not also very interesting thing? "I'm afraid not, after all, we do not know what is inside the egg While World of Warcraft, Warcraft hatching to know the different methods are not the same then." Karen shook his head there, she is not a trainer, an incubator for Warcraft do not know much, but she also knows that different incubation conditions of Warcraft is not the same, and an egg in front of this thing, she did not know how to hatch. "Would not it be said that this egg is useless?" Arthur's face a little disappointed, I do not know what eggs are hatching out, it is useless chant. "Can not say useless, if they can take home, then perhaps you can hatch out, but this wild Warcraft eggs, even if there is a dedicated trainer hatching, the success rate will not exceed thirty percent. "Karen shook his head, but then she told Womens North Face Gore Tex Arthur one more pit father's message. "That is really useless, do not we give it filled Tiandu Zi." Thirty percent success rate, which is really poor and low probability, then this way, then the egg is completely worthless Mody. "You're going to do?" See Arthur a Tiandu Zi, even came up with firewood and pans, which in the end how he's going? Carin looking very confused. "Anyway, no use, and then try with the ordinary egg Warcraft What is the difference between a good egg."
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