carved with numerous

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 15:50
To the public; Jin, Men's North Face Waterproof Clearance Sale wine. Pei Wutian, ye Bai also can not help but smile, four order has been called tucked away, where you can easily see? This person has done such great things, once exposed. Is the crowning calamity, is because of the strong. Also cannot resist against, eighteen cases of the door leaf so white, no thought, some day in the future, who is the mystery man can now that the use of the golden dagger of order four. But, this is not his thing, who to a fierce beast of alchemy, has nothing to do with him. So then this thing down, but some curious look and asked the wine Gong Pei Wutian: Yes, I haven't congratulated Pei predecessors, get what they want to get something! Drug cases water evil days of the grave, there are more valuable things than blood purple Jindan and three days of the sword Jue? Pei Wutian Wenyan, could not help but smile, said: "you want to ask me to get what. Ha ha, to tell you anyway, I came to the goal, not a drop of purple Jindan, nor three days the sword Jue, but bleed purple Jindan elixir. Do you know what is the drug cases water evil day life is the most precious thing? It is the three Dan medicines and the green order intermediate sword Jue, no, not! Here, he shook his head, slightly complacent: those short-sighted people. Only to see the two things, but don't know drug cases water evil days life is the most precious, the most attention, but also the most proud, maximum value. Are not these two things, bleeding purple Jindan but he created the elixir, delegate to fish, as delegate North Face Gore Sale to the pale, bleeding purple Jindan again precious, only three grain, disposable no, but with this folk prescription, can everfount to produce new blood Zijin Dan, although the material is precious, refining difficulties, but ultimately have hope of success, it is a tomb, the most precious things, this is he, than the sword Jue, a particle into Dan, it can be more precious! Then, Pei Wutian hand lift, a roll of Men's North Face Fleece three inches long, dark gold, carved with numerous ancient. Reel complicated patterns, he appears in the palm. He looked at the volume of Denmark, smile way: This is a be above, money can not buy, drug cases water evil day life, never heard of, who haven't seen it, so it's precious, more is not to measure, the fool, only know rob ready-made, but do not know too many people staring at them, but who do not get much benefit. And I. Early know rob but three large door, so don't want to grab the two things. The goal in this volume he above, did not expect, actually I got, it was an accident. Leaves white also can not help but exclaim, indeed, a drop of purple Jindan although rare, but ultimately only one, didn't run out, green Jiejian tactic is really attractive, but only as a transition method to use, also can find better. Only this bleeding purple elixir pharmaceuticals, is unchangeable, always have infinite value, into whose hands, is a rare treasure, before this, everyone stared at the two things to remember, no drug cases water evil days there is a roll of Denmark, white is a kind of leaf, did not expect, wine. Pei Wutian had thought of these, and really put it out. The wine. Pei Wutian watched the leaves white surprised.
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