companion for the dead

October 16 [Wed], 2013, 9:44
Parties to the strong convergence overseas, this time to fight overseas has been turned upside down, and magic Wangwei Bing Yi and did not come up at this time Yijun duo mix, this battle is a look at both sides of the death-defying it. Although I do not know why the opposite Sike war four will unite the king himself, but could see that even if the king is so crushed another strong battle ultimately must be defeated. Even today I fall, will also have to pull you guys! War king shining armor wraps, though hair is messy, can their body that has always domineering never dissipated, but in this battle being getting worse. War king, do you really think we do not prepare for the next four flip it? Here under the cloth but four square, we became stronger, but you are the weaker the Vietnam War! Demon ancestors smiling looking at war king, as he said, four square is constantly enhance their people here, constantly weakening the enemy. Here the king's war fighting never be added, and the demon's ability to recover ancestral other four have to far more than ten times the outside. In this case the outcome has almost no suspense! Ha ha ha ha ...... war with the king in the eyes of a strong fighting spirit, he understands this moment, in front of four is certainly made up his mind to kill himself, fighting the king know that this time all the things certainly scenes leader are behind the guy, but he really planted. Ignorant guy, do you think you did is called today.The Mody? Really stupid people, ah! Born in an era with you is simply my shame! War king sad n network, in fact, has always been among the great era prepared to fight bitterly side though, but the pursuit of supremacy are final. As they are now a group of top-level siege king king king want to take the lives of war thing never happened in the past is over. This time these guys is like a maniac, die endlessly. Ignorance? Our ignorance? You audacious war king, often want to struggle with the day, not knowing that this is just breaks against! Zheng Xiu children spoke of some seemingly clearly knows the words. But her words had just finished, I saw the king against the foot of the sea battle fierce spit a mouthful of saliva, a look of disdain looked at the woman and said: Do you think I really do not North Face Store know what? But all this is this woman possessed you, what do you really think you are something? You're just a tool he uses nothing, and so you do not have a use value, he'll kick you flung open! Not! Can not say, maybe you use value has not lost when you're dead: because you offend one should not offend people! Ouyang do? Ha ha ha ha, so you died, I will let him die, but he does not like you die so happy, I will let him die in pain, I want to torture him to death! Zheng Xiu child crazy shouting, this time notes in the quotations children had already lost wisdom, leaving the legacy of a wave of hatred. It is this hatred also had talent to make this woman an infinite step by step into the world of this destruction. If she had to let go of all of this, although not as good as today's high achievement, but she may be more happier life, not like now living in this hell of hatred. Can then again, the whole family was killed, how to put aside hatred? If Ouyang able to do it? Without further ado, war king today Fuzhu! Man holding ancestral demon demon spear, Guangyao Quartet, a spear turned into a sky light clouds scroll Zhou crushing the world seem to be the same. Shen exterminate the hands of all the Dragon Soul swords has Suwa back, this time black dragon sword has the power to excite the top, even if it is a knife fight the king's body also will certainly finish the long march is to be seriously injured. Neptune's three and out as the three great peaks in general, often scroll among the power of cohesion on the sea, and the whole sea in three killer under constant scrolling up and down as if to turn into a big alive Long same. The notes in the quotations children the most calm, her blue eyes a road flying, one of the evil spirits Jingxian in the day, these evil spirits can not Ouyang encountered those evil spirits, these evil spirits and nothing lethal, but they do but it is constantly undermined they wrap things. Not broken gilded! The war does not break the golden statue of the king of France but jihad war among the undead out of practice, Ouyang never touch the undead war, so this is not never repair a broken golden statue. I see you do not break the golden statue which is not really 'do not break! Shen exterminate young, armed black dragon swords, hands waving among the black dragon virtual shadow sky soar up and down, Shen exterminate feet marching two huge black dragon, crushed empty hands swords hack this world tremble again. Whelp, I will destroy you! Battle rushed to the king saw Shen exterminate palm shoot flying dragon swords, grabbed Shen exterminate the neck, the power of one golden exterminate him toward the sink and ran inside! Dragon Resurrection! Shen exterminate body bang burst open, countless red flesh bones fall into the sea with a small piece of the sea, a lot of people are unknown so suck down Timberland Work Boots air conditioning, this trick is to do the king went out war Shen exterminate ? Really unlikely, even though it did not get Swordsman dragon soul tradition, but his strength is put in there, if war king really a trick shot dead dragon Swordsman, then naturally a trick shot dead another person. Roar ...... sea, a sea green bamboo cane Long separated from the sea, and the wind and, among the blue dragon scroll body has rushed into the sky, this black dragon in the sky after a few wagging tail metamorphosis of the human form, This is the I Shen exterminate. Resurrection but this trick dragon Shen exterminate a life skills, the body shattering moment then escapes, nine dry nine hundred ninety-nine dragon represents Shen exterminate nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine lives, as long as the immortal dragon swords , Shen exterminate almost impossible to kill. Very good trick dragon Resurrection! Watching this scene, even if it is Wei Bing Yi and went screaming up, so life-skills too shocked. Who could have such a stunt Heaven Shen exterminate? Chopped black dragon swords? This is almost impossible ah, dragon swords although not holy vessels, but nearly a dragon soul swords out of the rally included a race will, want to destroy the black dragon black dragon swords must destroy a family will. White Star looked resurrection Shen exterminate eyes could not help but appear a hint of envy Italy, this black dragon clan family more terrible than the hydra, Hydra has nine connected family, and dragon Σ family are almost immortal, exterminate Shen Wan Road is a large, even able to get this sword, which doomed him in this era of being able to have a place. Possession! Zheng Xiu children ice blue eyes staring at the sea, the sea Vai a piece of ice, and ice is like being among the endless evil spirits summoned from the hell out of the rampage was actually formed as a giant monster toward war Wang oppression up. War king hands toward the front a tear, a huge demon turned directly matchless king hands to shreds war, war Wang Zheng Xiu children glaring eyes, this woman is not without ability to close, but not close to her own, she may Resurrection is not dragon ability, once they are caught himself that will certainly be a dead end. Battle Wang Zheng Xiu child constantly wants to pull his side, you want to pull this vicious woman doing a scapegoat, but notes in the quotations children seem to know it all, like, did not give any chance! Dragon opposition! Endless circling flying dragon, a large roar shook the sea ice begins to break, the sea began to follow the black dragon flying up and down, Shen exterminate body dragon in the sky among the swords will often scroll Universal shattered, even a block of stone fell from the sky. Obediently, Shen exterminate even shattered outer big star! Looking at these boulders fell from the sky, people know that this dragon Swordsman air war even outer space directly chop the stars, the stars were sunk exterminate passed separate space fragmentation zone punch people in this world. I am afraid that chopped the sky is so overbearing. This is the king of combat power! I'll let you in there Women's North Face Down Clearance dragon Swordsman clamor! The king was furious battle, which is simply to act recklessly Shen exterminate, demon ancestors and Neptune both dare to close on this guy constantly toward their impact, watch the swaggering look, as if wanted to own close play the same. War king roared, Jihad of the law of war dead among a trick resorted Qinlong hand, saw the yellow light was like a chain connected to the same constant once the ancient heavenly will Countless dragon dragon soul to tie in together, war king roar loudly, fighting Gas break out, this time fighting the king body shaped like the sun shining in general, have been tied to the Dragon Soul is La Rulie day, that would extremely powerful dragon king in touch emitted war even when the brightness directly burned to ashes! Dragon Soul Quartet endless fall, the sky above the roaring dragon companion for the dead as if struck again whine general. We look to see this scene could not help some trembling, after such a farce, Shen exterminate want to re-estimate the strength of not a few decades back is unlikely it. NOL locked in battle Wang Shen exterminate Qinlong hand when, in the hands of three has turned into a killer a scroll enormous Dragon, Dragon three from three different directions while roaring straight into battle while the king gilded. Old monster, quick shot! Neptune know, the outcome in this moment between the! He also refused to take anything seriously weakened at this time, and even his own three and halberd are not, directly to the shattered three and halberds and halberd will seal in three among three Haizu Dragon Soul to call out. The white star is not a demon ancestral joke, when he saw Neptune hard, put away his demon text rifles, in the hands of one party exudes even more giant blue phosphorescent stamp! Wan demon India! See this seal when the children know that this is what the Indian people suck down air, then people have to understand, it seems today that the four is really not going to go put the war king, even ten thousand demons have printed the entire came out today, if the king can run a war, it is really scary ......
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